Thursday, 25 December 2008

It's Christmas again

This year X'mas I spent it working and watching paint dry (my uncle decided to re-paint the house on x'mas day) but I have no complaints coz I've sort of celebrated it earlier with my friends & colleagues.

It's really my favourite occasion of the year.

My mini tree @ work:

My X'mas presents =)

A little red devil gift from my neighbour colleague (one of my favourite present)

Ok I admit it, I love Christmas coz of the presents. ha ha !

Sunday, 21 December 2008

United conquer the World

LDU Quito 0 - Manchester United 1

United set the seal on an historic year by becoming the first British side to win the Club World Cup to end 2008 as the best team on the planet.

Rooney won the gold cup for the best player of the tournament (comes with a Toyota), Ronaldo the silver cup.

Not a very good match as Vidic was sent off but a good goal =)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The result


a draw............

:( :( :(

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Spurs v Manchester United

Spurs is one of my other favourite teams in the EPL but MU's gotta win.

I really do not like to see Liverpool up there...

C'mon lads !! I've bet RM50 with my boss who is the no 1. Spurs fan....

Win it ! WIN WIN WIN !

Friday, 12 December 2008


Me & Colleague was chatting animatedly about CSI latest season. I am still watching Season 8 with 3 more episodes to go and she decided to give me the spoiler by telling me that Warrick DIED !!!

OMG !! WHY ???!!

Why they killed off Warrick's character ? I love him....his smoldering eyes................and that BODY.....................

Look at that. Both are my favourite. Warrick & Nick.

First they killed off Sara's character. Now Warrick. What is happening to my LV CSI team? *sobs*

Anyway....we were quite into it....chatting about some episodes...the miniature doll killer....etc etc......

Me: Was it that stupid fat guy that killed him? That strip club owner...I knew it....
C: No, it was a tall thin guy.....hahahhaha......suspicious leh....
Me: Who is it ?! ( i demanded)
C: You watch it tonite and you will know......



Someone's calling my direct extension....

Me: Hello ?
Customer: Hi. Is this Sunway CSI ???

Bloody hell????
I did not reply (stunned)

Customer: Hello? CSI ??
Me: laughing. No, this is not Sunway CSI.

Colleague was giving me funny looks.......

Customer: Oh sorry. I meant SNI......
Me: Laughing...

Colleague: What the F....??!
She was staring at the engineers place looking for the culprit....
(We thought it was our engineers playing a trick on me, they like to do these kind of stuffs....)

Customer: Sorry Sorry, I must be watching too much CSI. I am actually looking for SNI.
Me: It's okay, I was juz toking abt Warrick when u called....
Customer: HA HA HA... i must have scared u...
Me: I was going to answer: Yes, this is Corinne Willows. Where is the 419 ???



Everyone around us had a good was good to release our stress....

Thursday, 11 December 2008


For Selangor ONLY.

But KL folks are so jealous that they start calling us as early as 9am, apologising to disturb us on our holiday but they need the clarifications URGENTLY so my team are forced to work.

To think I had such a fun time laughing at all my frens working in KL last evening

Now it's karma.

I made the mistake of changing my status on MSN:

Almost immediately, the person I taunt the most last evening msg-ed me:

I wish to turn off my mobile but I need the PO.


Nevermind, work lah......

*Switch to Positive thinking mode*

It's only a day. Imagine the thrill of my team if we get this early X'mas present next week.

A bad day by the jokers

I do not know if you want to be subjected to their singing but this is one of the better efforts...after a few warm ups and drinks =)

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I'm almost afraid to sleep because of all the laughter I went thru today...they say if u laugh too much b4 sleeping, you will get nightmares.....

Perhaps it was because I'm in a more relaxed mode after the submission of my final tender for the 2008 year? (i pray it's the final tender that i hv to go thru - no more please !!)

But seriously, all the responses to my questions.....

I'm sorry I can't reveal what my questions were but the best response I got was:

"Is it the GAY" ??!


To Aaron & Jason

Missing matches weekly...

One goes to Indo every week..

One goes on a cycling tour every week...

And you call urself a FAN ??!

*tsk tsk tsk*

Did you know, the both of u msg me at exactly the same time on Sunday to ask me the score?

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Some time to myself

I'm very happy today. I've finally finished all my outstanding workload and now I have the time to blog about my past 2 weeks events.

A funny thing happened today during lunch. Halfway eating, the radio started playing Jason Mraz's I'm Yours......

Colleague A: Oi Corinne, ur phone's ringing! Pick up lah. Damn noisy...!!

Huh??! I look at my phone. It is lying very still on the table and no sound was coming out from it ???

Me: You work on tender until mad already ar? Where got ring?? (waving my phone in front of him)

B: HA HA HA ! Her ringtone is some girl singing. The song is coming out from the radio. HA HA HA !

A: Oh yeah. Shit... You lah, when we call you, we have to listen to that song.....

Me: (laughing along) Ya ya. I keep getting missed calls from my mom coz she thinks she is calling a radio station.

I do not know why when people call me, they are subjected to Jason Mraz's song. I did not subscribe to those caller ringtones thingy. Anyway I called Maxis and corrected it. Heard we have to pay for those songs. I hope they didn't charge me.

And speaking of Jason Mraz, we had a karaoke session last Monday. Take a listen:


Lord knows what they're singing??! Please forgive the blurred images as I was shaking with laughter.

After that, they did improve their singing, not a bad effort from the Westlife of my company. Here's a bad day coz everyone was having a bad day at work:

Hmm...I am having some problems uploading videos. I'll upload in the next post. I do hope my earlier video turns up.

Last long weekend, I had lots of alcohol (sake & tequila) and nice Jap/Korean/Western food. Although I couldn't really eat much (stomach indigestion problems) but I still enjoyed myself.

Now i'm having problems uploading photos. Is it my browser or my laptop?

Monday, 1 December 2008


My favourite month of the year is back. How time flies.

I'm happy with the derby result last night but what did Ronaldo think he was doing?

Anyway I want to crawl into a hole to hibernate because its been a bz bz 2 weeks. More meetings and events to come this week and I do not have time to blog about it.

Overall it's been a hectic week, I missed a rainbow by seconds (my collegues told me there was a rainbow juz a few minutes before it dissapeared).

But i can't take it slow. Everything is urgent. Everyone wants that quote yesterday. Suppliers are all in holiday mood and takes ages to reply to our request while we get chased by customers. My phone has been ringing non-stop since last Monday. My battery can't even last a day.


Sunday, 23 November 2008


2moro's gonna be a long day for me. 4 appointments. I should blog what's on my mind right now b4 the work stress starts kicking in.

I am currently taking a few hours break from my movie marathon. Went to pick up Season 4 from Jennwah earlier (all the way to Puchong - i know...i'm so addicted). The story's getting interesting. I couldn't stop laughing when Orson came up with the magic bbq fork joke and told Bree "Let's go freak Mrs Mcluskey next". FYI, Bree is pretending to be pregnant and accidently got "stabbed" with a BBQ fork and guests were all freaking out. That's why Orson had to come up with the magic fork thingy.

Anyway, what I wanna write about is about rainbows. Are there anyone out there who doesn't like rainbows? C'mon ! It's so beautiful & sort of magical. I was driving last evening and was thinking, when was the last time I saw a rainbow? I think it's a few years back. I remember when I was a little kid and I saw this rainbow so I tried to run to the end of it hoping to see that white unicorn. Well, I watched a cartoon that shows a white unicorn at the end of a rainbow! Of course I couldn't get to the end of the rainbow because halfway running towards it, I met with a stray dog who chased me back all the way to the house. Stupid doggie! Spoilt my unicorn quest!

I dun't know why but I would like to see a rainbow now. I mean of course not now, it's like 8pm and it will be really eerie if I can see a rainbow at the dark sky. I would like to see a rainbow soon so that I can drive to the end of it and get my hands on that pot of gold =)

Nah, actually i wanna see a rainbow so that I know I still can take it slow and not let life's stress get to me. Sometimes I really need to stop, relax and look out at the sky once in a while. There's so many people dying from stress nowadays. We need to stop this. It's getting out of hand.

But frankly, that pot of gold will be handy. LOL

Desperate Housewives 3

Susan Myer is my favourite.

She is so funny and entertaining. I especially like the part when she set her future mom-in-law on fire and when she was in the middle of the forest and tries to put on lavender and honey face mask so that she can look good for Myke and her guide was warning her that she was in the middle of the forest and she is putting on bear food on her face.

The bear food part reminded me of a conversation I had on MSN..... *keke*

God, I've never had such a good laugh at a series b4.

Onto season 4... *thx jennwah* =)

Thursday, 20 November 2008


Everyone loves Fridays. I'm half half.

I love Fridays coz it means the weekend and I get to stay up late and do whatever I want.

But I also hate Fridays. You know why? Because in my company, every Friday there's a Sales Review meeting from 08.30 to lunchtime. They prepare breakfast for you in preparation for the tough drill-down of your funnels.

So you see, I have mixed feelings about Fridays. Yes, it means happy hours after work and the joy of not waking up early for the next two days but it also means a tough 4 hours in a small room with difficult questions thrown to you.

Why this ? Why that? Did you..? What happened to....? Arrghh !

We can't purposely make an appointment in the morning either, because they will only delay the meeting to 5 or 6pm which is even worse because then we will miss our happy hour time.

And let's face it, how many sick leave can we take every Friday? It just looks bad & so fake.

So instead of feeling bad about the review and complaining about what a drag it is, let's be positive and think of it as......umm... (I can't think of anything good about it).

Oh whatever, I dun't care. Like it or not, I have to face it. I'm going to immersed myself with Desperate Housewives tonight and laugh all I want because I will not be able to laugh tommorow morning.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Your Woman - White Town

I first listened to this song when I was in college - brings back a lot of memories of watching RAGE at the wee hours of the morning.

Recently, Mix FM played this song again with a nice remix. I can't find it anywhere.

Anyone got that version ?

I really like some part of the lyrics esp. the cruel part LOL. I'm evil....

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Snakes again!

I've forgotten about this dream that I had on Wednesday until I was tidying my books and saw Harry Potter.

I dreamt of not one but 3 snakes and woke up screaming as usual. I've checked the dream dictionary. It says :

The snake may also refer to a person around you who is callous, ruthless, and can't be trusted. As a positive symbol, snakes represent transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive changes

Hmm...I can identify 2 person around me now that is callous & ruthless and definately cannot be trusted. I wonder who's the 3rd one?

But hey, it means positive changes too! Good. Just what I need.

Life's experiences

I do not have the time to blog. No, actually i should re-phrase. I do not have the mood to blog about the past week events.

So many things have happened since the week started. Bad stuffs.

First of all I was diagnosed with a cyst in my ovary. After 3 stressful days, my doc managed to convince me that its not life threatening and there's ways to cure it. I even went for a breast scan and I was so scared that after they did one breast, I told the doc I do not want to scan the other. LOL. Now I look back and think how silly I must have looked.

Becoming a little bit happier and calm, I went to work the next day and found out that a few of my projects are on hold because of the economic crisis overseas. Damn. There goes my quota....

Later in the evening, my heart was shattered.

At this point, I look at my life and keep asking.





After much self-questioning and tears and of course sessions with my dear friends, i realise there's no point to keep questioning. So wat if it's sad? Everyone's got their own sad point in life. Does this mean that we have to walk around everyday with a sour look?

We have to look at life from another angle.

Cyst? Everyone has cysts in their bodies.

Work? Find new customers. Strategise and work towards a better next year.

Love? I was sad. But now I'm angry. Soon, I will forget and look back and laugh at myself.

Tommorow will be the start of a better week. I'm convinced of it (esp. after MU's fantastic win last nite)

It's looking bright already =)

Man Utd 5 - Stoke 0

Brilliant. Fantastic. From Ronnie's first goal to the was all brilliant.

I am so glad i shared this with my MU buddies. SPEECHLESS !!

Cristiano Ronaldo (3)

Michael Carrick (45)

Dimitar Berbatov (49)

Danny Welbeck (84)

Cristiano Ronaldo (89)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Mr Temper

I noticed that Mr Temper likes to unleash his anger on me whenever he is stressed.

What to do. I am the "junior" and who better to be on the receiving end than me.

It spoilt my entire morning but after some retail therapy, my mood lifted and I am able to think clearly.

It is not worth let my mood be shaken by unworthy people.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Manchester United 4 - Hull 3

Beautiful play by MU on the first half and beginning of second half.

I truly do not like Ronaldo but I still admire his skill.

I'm dissapointed Rooney didn't score but it's because they didn't pass the ball to him. It's very competitive in the team nowadays.

Berbatov's assist are damn good. I hope he will score more in the EPL =)

Tevez came on at the late stages of the 2nd half. I wish he could play more but then, 4 strikers in the team mess things up.

Well, let's leave it to Sir Alex. He knows best =)

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Wireless surfing

I finally have wireless @ home.

It all started last weekend when I saw 2 black cats crossing the road. I know I'm superstitious but bad things always happen when I see black cats. The next day at about 4am I heard a funny sound.


Ignoring it, I tried to sleep back but the images of those cats kept fleeting through my mind. I immediately got up and saw that my Acer laptop is drowning in a pool of water leaked by my lousy air cond. Of course it is spoilt now although I tried to bluff myself that not much water went in.

Anyway, now i have to use my office laptop and after a few days of frustration trying to connect to Streamyx using different modems and configuration and talking with lousy technicians at the 1300 88 1515 number, I decided enough is enough. I'm going to get myself a new modem with wireless router and ask my engineers at work to configure it for me so that all I have to do is "PLUG and PLAY"

Voila! I now have wireless.

No horrible cables all around my room.

I can surf anywhere in my house.

Downstairs, upstairs, outside, kitchen, toilet etc etc.

YaY =)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


I hate people who send sarcastic emails.

Why can't be a little direct?


Monday, 20 October 2008

Girls v Guys

At Redbox Karaoke - the Curve, my gf wants to use the toilet in the room. She push and push the door.

T: Eh, is someone inside? Cannot open lah.

M: (counting the no of ppl) Everyone is here!

(the guys were busy singing Bohemian Raphsody)

M & K got up to help T push. C even try to kick open the door.

T: Yerr... so scary! got ghost izzit?

Me: Really ar??! *shocked* (goosebumps on my arms)

K: Let's call the waiter.

The guys FINALLY realise the commotion, stop singing for 2 second and shouted:


Sunday, 19 October 2008

Chill out at Solaris Mont Kiara

It was Saturday night again and my ex-college friends and me decided to find a nice place just to chill out. Somewhere that has nice food and not too noisy. We decided on Solaris since nobody wants to drive all the way to KL & we heard that Asian Heritage Row is full of Mat Rempits. It's not safe for 4 girls lah.

It was 8pm when we reach there and Sophia, who has researched all the restaurants beforehand decided for all of us to eat @ Saffron. It serves Mediterranean food.

This place is really quiet. Actually all the restaurants there are really quiet. Not too crowded. Perfect. That's what we like. We can catch up and laugh loudly and nobody will care. The food here is okay. Kiran and me ordered the chicken fajita, Sue ordered salmon and Sop ordered some prawn thingy. The portions were either small or we were too hungry that we decided to go Dessert Bar for our desserts. Something which i do not normally do as I dunt fancy desserts.

At dessert bar, Sue ordered the some fruity + ice cream basket thing, Sop ordered rum & raisin, Kiran ordered some berry thingy and i ordered pancakes + fruits+ ice cream while we all flick through Sop's photos from Hanoi & Philipines.

After dessert, we decided to visit one of the bars. All of them were not crowded with the exception of "Romance of Three Kingdom". Well, we couldn't see inside so it's difficult to see if it's really crowded but the music is loud and with a name like that, it like very ah beng lah. Probably full of girls with mini short skirts and guys with gold chains all over. We skipped that and further in front, saw a nice table with 4 comfy sofas. It's called Garage. We chatted about everything from our old college friends, who is doing what and our current office gossip. Now that we are managers (ahem) we have to deal with the pain of smart-alecks fresh graduates. They probably think we are a bitch just like when we first started work and thought how our managers were bitches. It's a cycle. No wonder nowadays we are more prone to flu with all the curses aimed at us. LOL !

Manchester United 4 - WBA 0

The Roo boy's on form again =)

Before the match I sms my friend asking for the odds. He told me MU is giving 2 balls.
Umm, okay let's wait till HT, probably the odds will go down.

At HT with the score at 0 - 0, I again sms my friend. He told me now MU is giving 1.5 balls.
WHAT ??! How to bet la with that kind of odds.

I didn't expect what happen next.

Within minutes, the roo boy scored and what a fantastic goal it was.

10 minutes later, Ronaldo scored. He doesn't look too happy after scoring, maybe he was thinking he should score first and Rooney stole his glory? Or perhaps he was just having some personal issues but he does not look happy.

Berbatov's goal was a classic Nistelrooy goal. He was standing there at the right place at the right time. I do wish he would run more instead of strolling around the field.

By the time Nani scored, I was already feeling for my loss of $$$ but oh wells, it's fated. If it's yours, it's yours.

Perhaps if I have put on a bet, the score would remain 0 - 0 ?

A truly good 2nd half display.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Flu Bug

It's coming closer.

First the person behind me got it.

Now it has spread to his neighbour and the person sitting beside & in front of me.

I am surrounded !!

And I just found out that my Vit C supplies has finished! NOOOOO ! I dowan the flu !!

I must remember to buy Redoxon tommorow.

Monday, 13 October 2008

My Parking Hassle

From today onwards, I have to park outside of the Menara and walk abit coz a new Senior Manager joined and I have to give up the basement parking for her. At first I was pissed off as:

no 1: It's quite far to walk
no 2: If the car park is full, you have to park at the shopping mall which is further to walk
no 3: If it rains, I will have to get wet and probably reach my client's place with a wet look
no 4: It's not possible to work late anymore as it is quite dangerous to walk to the outside parking after 7pm
no 5: It's very inconvenient because I go in and out of office all the time and the fee per entry is rm2.

Now that my anger has died down and I am calmer, let's look at the positive side:

no 1: No need to pay RM90 monthly, can save about RM50 to buy new shoes
no 2: Walking that extra distance is still better than working in other areas of PJ, at least I do not have to go through the federal highway jam every morning & evening
no 3: The extra exercise will help me to burn some fats
no 4: If there's no parking, I can park opposite the housing area and save another RM2
no 5: Got excuse not to work late =)

Life goes on.

Monday, 6 October 2008


I saw this relli cute spitz wen i was out jogging earlier. It gave me the inspiration to jog a few more rounds juz to see her. She would hv been the perfect gf for my dog =)

She looks something like this :

Real fluffy. When she saw me looking at her, she look at me too. Then wen I jog away, she came out further to look at me. On my third round, the owner took her out and I get to pet her =)

So cute lah. Like a little bear.

Here's how a baby spitz look like.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Blackburn 0 - Manchester United 2

Nice to see the Brown & Rooney on the scoresheet. Looks like United's on form again but now there's the international break.

But it's okay, they're climbing up.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Cookie's teasers

I'm tired of dealing with liars & hypocrites.

Actually, come to think of it, I'm tired of dealing with people generally.

You never know.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

My Achievement @ GYM

I did it ! Went for combat and pump classes today ! Yeah yeah, for those who frequent the gym may say this is nothing but for those who know me well, this is an achievement rite ??? I am those who would rather drive when the distance is only a "5 minutes walk" and whose hobby is sleeping.

I am so proud of myself =)

Tone arms ! Tone arms ! LOL

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Thanking The LORD

Someone is trying to give me HELL.

The Car Incident

After lunch, me & colleagues saw this Iswara's tyre which was punctured. We were all laughing thinking how the poor GIRL (yes, we assumed it's a girl) will let her tyres be like that.

Come 2++, I went to my car to drive to an event. After reversing my car, i heard a "clunking" sound issued by one of my tyres. OH NOOOOO !!! With a sinking feeling, I went out to check and sure enough, my front right tyre is punctured. Wat the..... ??! KARMA for laughing at people ??! I called my colleagues and they help me to change to my spare tyre. They're so helpful coz I parked at B3 and it was so freaking hot. After installing the spare, we found out that it is FLAT too!! HA HA. I got cursed by them coz I am those typical GIRL who do not know a thing about cars and whatever.

Somehow, we manage to drive to the nearest workshop, thank GOD Sunway has many workshops nearby. My colleague bargained the price for me and they changed 2 of my tyres.

I got lectured about not checking this and that abt my car by the MALE species.

C: How come ur car got 5 rims ?

Me: what is 5 rims ?

C: Slaps forehead.

Me: You mean those sports rims ar ?

C: No, i mean A4 paper rims....!

Me: he he. I ex do for me last time.

C: Got check ur black oil one or not ? When was ur last service?

Me: Err...u check the sticker there..

C: Your sticker is old and can't see ur next service mileage date.

Me: Yes ar ? Err....??! I also dunno ler....

C: I wanna knock ur head d. Tommorow bring u service ur car !

Me: POKAI lah, now change 2 tyres, tommorow wanna service car ?

C: You wanna break down in federal highway without us here to help u ?

Me: okok....

C: Ur brakes pad need to be changed too! And maybe ur absorber !

Me: (i dunno wat the heck is an absorber but keep quiet la, colleague already gimme the look) OK, u bring me la.

C: BTW, why r u sitting here ? People change ur tyres u dowan to see one ar ?

(I was relaxing at the a/c room)

Me: What's there to see ?

C: See lah, what they doing....If not they simply do for u or change old tyres !

Me: So hot la out there.

C: You ar. BLUR CASE ! bla bla bla (he was toking some car things)

The Gym Incident

Nothing should deter me from my determination to have toned arms so I went to the gym and workout. Bloody dunno what i was doing, I accidently lock my locker with the keys inside! Oh GOD!! HELP ! I was only in my towel with my face flushed and body all sweaty after sauna. HELP ! HOW?! Dun't tell me I have to walk to my car in a white towel and bare footed ?? Come to think of it, walk to my car also no use, my car keys are also inside the locker !!

HOW ?! HOW ?! Should I walk to the reception (which is a floor below and u have to pass those people working out) and ask them for some help ?!

Luckily those washroom aunties came (i think they saw me panicking, my hair was in a mess and face all red lah - look like a mad woman i tell u) and I told them my "situation" They told me not to worry, they encounter this all the time and ask me to wait. After 2 minutes, aunty came back with this huge "break-the-lock" equipment (OK I DO NOT KNOW THE NAME - I AM A GIRL!!) and I got all my stuffs back in seconds =)


By the time I got to my car, I was feeling really down. What a day! To top it all, on my way home, a traffic police was right beside me and I didn't have my seat belt on! Sigh! I was thinking, there goes another rm100 but maybe he was also not in the mood, he didn't stop or give me any summons. A miracle !

Despite all the things that happened, I am feeling much better now after a nice shower and friends who gave me chocolates and friends who cheer me up with quirky stories. So what if I lose my money? I am still alive and there are people out there that care for me. I am indeed lucky and I wanna specially dedicate this post to the LORD for sending angels down to help & guide me =)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Body Combat

Sometimes I am relli so full of it. I planned to go for body combat and body pump classes today. Like so motivated. After half an hour of combat, I am nearly dying. My sides start to ache and feel like going to faint d.

But it's a good class. I like it =)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

My MSN profile pic

I changed my profile pic and this is what happens:

WW: Why ur profile pic so "hao"?

PC: aiyo ur pic!! better change lah....later wolf come after u !

Huez: somebody look very lcly !

This is the best from my cousin currently working in HK:


why make up so much


Wedding dinner ma


dinner only ma


trying to be attractive isit




sure la...want to capture some guys




so seductive


ah po sure marah u




dress and make up like dancer


oh she marah me that day d


say my dress so short


i wearing tube dress


hahahahah, u know then good


lucky she din hide the keys and dunt let u out

Where got "lcly" ??!

Selangor's Public Holiday

I'm so happy whenever this happens. I know, I'm a sicko. LOL

Lets see...

Later I will watch my new tvb series - "catch me now" at about say 11pm. I'll watch maybe 3 episodes. That will end at about 2am. Then I will continue my Shopaholic in Manhattan book till 3am.

I will wake up tommorow at 9am to buy nasi lemak (have to wake up that early coz the aunty's nasi lemak finishes by 9.30) Then I will come back and sleep again till 12pm. After that I will maybe go to the gym for 2 hours. Then back home to have a nice rest and play some games after the rest. I hope it rains tommorow afternoon. What a bliss that will be =)

Happy working to liljames, Huez, Miki, Wilz, CH etc etc

*evil laugh* muahahahahahahahaha

Monday, 15 September 2008

MU's loss

ya ya, MU lost to Liverpool last nite. The first 10 minutes was very promising...berbatov looks good....after that......&^%%$$$$

im taking so much crap fr poo fans, esp those that dissapear wenever their team lose....

Theodore says: *smiles*

CookiE® says: ya ya
CookiE® says: let's hv it
CookiE® says: cmon, wat hv u got 2 say ?

Theodore says: haha
Theodore says: it's tempting but nah... i'm not like that

CookiE® says: lol
CookiE® says: ive had crap since the whistle blew
CookiE® says: fr chelsea and arsenal fans too
CookiE® says: so wats one more

Theodore says: haha
Theodore says: i'm nice

CookiE® says: ya ya
CookiE® says: where's the MU is a one man team, without ronaldo theyre nothing

Theodore says: so i guess you know how liverpool fans feel now

CookiE® says: No i do not know how they feel...coz theyre alwiz bragging abt their history

Theodore says: to be fair, it's berbatov's debut and he set up a goal

CookiE® says: but u shld see the way those poo fans act over here
CookiE® says: theyre like
CookiE® says: poo won the title !
CookiE® says: wenever they win a game
CookiE® says: and wen they dunt win
CookiE® says: they sulk
CookiE® says: and we cant taunt them

Theodore says: cant blame them
Theodore says: it's been a long time
Theodore says: if you were in our shoes, you'd feel the same way

CookiE® says: ohmygoodness
CookiE® says: well then dunt go around screaming the titles of the 80s

Theodore says: lol

CookiE® says: or the who wont the euro cup most
CookiE® says: etc etc
CookiE® says: its bloody annoying ok

Theodore says: ala... same same la MU fans

CookiE® says: wat same
CookiE® says: i started supporting MU during the 90s
CookiE® says:s o who bloody cares wat poo did in the 80s

Theodore says: i get a lot of crap from my MU friends
Theodore says:even if i dont taunt them

CookiE® says: for me, if they lose
CookiE® says: they played bloody bad
CookiE® says: but poo fans dunt admit it
CookiE® says: they just find excuses
CookiE® says: referee la
CookiE® says: homeground la
CookiE® says: etc etc
CookiE® says: MU played relli bad in the 2nd half
CookiE® says: im not surprise they lost

Theodore says:haha... who said, my uncle is a hardcore MU fan also...
Theodore says:hehe, he said the liv second goal offside
Theodore says:lol

CookiE® says: well u dunno the poo fans here
CookiE® says: they dissapear wen their team lose

Theodore says: that's why la
Theodore says: i make it a point not to rub it in

CookiE® says: yeah
CookiE® says: i mean
CookiE® says: if u dissapear after ur team lose
CookiE® says: and only bak wen ur team wins
CookiE® says: wats the point?!

Theodore says:so what do MU fans do when they lose?
Theodore says:they dont go home?

CookiE® says: lol
CookiE® says: nah
CookiE® says: for me
CookiE® says: i admit they played a bad game
CookiE® says: and face all the taunts
CookiE® says: its juz like
CookiE® says: wen poo lose
CookiE® says: i cant taunt them back
CookiE® says: coz theyre so bz
CookiE® says:o r in a bad mood
CookiE® says: sick

Theodore says: haha

Saturday, 13 September 2008

The dentist

I know I said I wont go to the dentist but u see, I woke up last nite at 3am to the thunderstorm and felt like a lump on my gums. Seeing that I am awake, I got up and googled what this thing is about and the image results made me wish I didn't do that.

This morning, I quickly went see the dentist.

You know why I am scared of dentist? They put u in the middle of the room on that “chair” with all the long and sharp equipments beside there. For gods sake. They should put some fresh flowers or pictures to distract people's attention lah! Maybe a TV. Nooo, all u get to stare at is the light and the empty ceiling on top of u. So intimidating!

She checked my teeth (normal procedure) and told me I have 2 small holes at the side of my big teeth. Yeah whatever. So what’s the gum swelling or lump's about ? She explained a lot of things. Said that my teeth have lots of dirt and bacteria residing there which will causes the gums swelling and if I dunt cure it, my teeth will all fall out. Great !

So what do I have to do ? Her advice is to do a "scaling" where she will polish and clean them.

Me: Do what ? Scaling? What's that?

Doc: We use this thing (she show me a long thing) and clean out all ur tartars. They are all the dirts which have hardened. This is what causes ur gum pain. If you are not careful, it may be filled with PUS and we have to do a small surgery where we punch a small tiny hole into the lump and drained the pus out.

When she was talking about draining the pus out, I immediately thought of Seamus Finnigan during the Herbology class, where they have to drained out the bobutuber pus. Its kinda funny.

Me: So if i clean the teeth, the bacteria will not have a place to reside in and die ?

Doc: Yes. You will then have healthy teeths. If you dunt cure it, it may result in this (showing me a picture which says gingivitis & pointing to a teeth).

Me: Is it painful ?

Doc: Not at all. (all docs say that - Liars!)

Me: How much is it?

Doc: RM80

Me: How long does it take ? (I look at my watch to pretend that I am on a tight schedule – actually I am still thinking whether I shld do it. Scared lah woi)

Doc: 20 mins.

Me: OK, please just do it NOW before I change my mind.

The procedure was quite okay. No pain (except the part where I had the swells) and now I have clean teeth (tartar free and stain free).

I’m quite happy. Plus, my gums is slowly becoming normal. The swell has gone down =)

I have to go back to do the "filling" for my 2 small holes. Maybe in 6 months time.

Thursday, 11 September 2008


My gums are swollen and its hurting like %$#@ ! Cannot eat and drink properly also ! %$#@ !

But I am still gonna live happily =P

And I'm not going to the dentist........ !

A story

Got this in my mailbox this morning and I'd like to share with you in view of the 2 incidents that has happened this week:

A blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet. He held up a sign which said: 'I am blind, please help.' There were only a few coins in the hat

A man was walking by. He took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat. He then took the sign, turned it around, and wrote some words.

He put the sign back so that everyone who walked by would see the new words.

Soon the hat began to fill up. A lot more people were giving money to the blind boy. That afternoon the man who had changed the sign came to see how things were. The boy recognized his footsteps and asked, 'Were you the one who changed my sign this morning? What did you write?'

The man said, 'I only wrote the truth. I said what you said but in a different way.'

What he had written was: 'Today is a beautiful day and I cannot see it.'

Do you think the first sign and the second sign were saying the same thing?

Of course both signs told people the boy was blind. But the first sign simply said the boy was blind. The second sign told people they were so lucky that they were not blind. Should we be surprised that the second sign was more effective?

Moral of the Story: Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative. Think differently and positively.

Invite others towards good with wisdom. Live life with no excuse and love with no regrets. When life gives you a 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile. Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear. Keep the faith and drop the fear.

Great men say, 'Life has to be an incessant process of repair and reconstruction, of discarding evil and developing goodness.... In the journey of life, if you want to travel without fear, you must have the ticket of a good conscience.'


I juz found out that one of my uni fren passed away.

What in the world is happening ?

I think I'll go in2 a shock mood soon.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Let the brawl begins...........


Rafa Benitez has stunned England fans by admitting Steven Gerrard could face Manchester United on Saturday. The Liverpool boss caused a storm when he sent the Liverpool skipper for a minor groin operation before England’s World Cup qualifiers against Andorra and Croatia. He claimed the op was vital and would also keep Gerrard out of the clash with their biggest rivals. Now Benitez has sparked a bitter club v country row by admitting Gerrard could line up at Anfield. He said: “Gerrard is still progressing, so you never know. The key is the fitness of the player — it makes a massive difference if he has confidence.” Hitman Fernando Torres could also play after suffering a hamstring injury 10 days ago. Benitez added: “It is better to avoid saying whether Gerrard and Fernando Torres can be available. It’s difficult to say.”
Phil Thomas, The Sun

Some team getting desperate already. Wanna play their top 2 players and risk getting them injured again. Bring them on also no use. Our ferdinand-vidic-evra-neville/brown is ever ready =)

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


This morning, I was happily chatting with my colleague about next week's public holiday in Selangor and how we must be careful not to make any appointments with our KL clients when another colleague shouted "HELP" behind us.

At first we thought she dropped something but when people start running over, we realise that something strange is going on. Another colleague had a seizure. Someone gave her something to bite on and nobody knew what to do as this is the first time something like this happened in the company. Thank god for our HR, who have some knowledge on how to deal with this situation. She was sent to the hospital. Actually she became conscious after about 5 - 10 mins but was still required to go in case something serious happens later. When she came back, we asked her about it and it seems she has no history of epilepsy and this is the first time it's happening. Apparently she had a head injury last week and doctors said that this might be one of the causes plus high stress. Something to do with the nerves or chemicals in the brain. From now onwards, she has to take medication because when u get it once, u will get it again.

It's just so frightening. A normal healthy person can collapse just like that. Reminds me of my friend's father who passed away earlier this year. Juz out of a sudden he felt something wrong with his body and when he reach the hospital, he is pronouce brain-dead.

Nobody can explain the causes of this kind of thing. Some say stress. Even if you are not a smoker or drinker, it doesn't mean you won't get these kind of strange sickness. It's just fated I guess.

So everyone please try to live your life stress-free (abit difficult I know) & do whatever you want NOW because you will never know.

Monday, 8 September 2008

The return to the gym

Today I feel so motivated to go to the gym after work since I haven't been there for a very long time.

I decided to go slow and join the yoga class at 1840. I had to bring my lappie home tonight because I am on standby for a customer who may need some info. The stupid brick is so heavy and I have some thoughts to leave it in the car and let it get stolen =p

But of course, I am not those type of person, so I dragged it to the gym locker. They have some special CCTV lockers for you to keep ur lappie but nevermind lah, mine is not a MAC. Nobody will wanna steal a brick like that. I juz stuffed it together with my clothes at the women's locker room.

After changing, I have some time to kill and I saw these 2 girls doing some cardio thingy on a machine. It is an equipment where you sit there and just row ur arms in circles. It looks easy so I tried it. After what seems like an eternity, I look at the monitor and it told me that I have only been working out for 1.5 minute ?! What ?! My arms are beginning to tire and I dun't feel comfortable with some muscular guy stretching next to me so I stop after 3 mins.

Still with time to spare, I saw this girl exercising so enthusiatically on this "stepper" thingy. I think I can do that. It looks easy too ! After 1 minute.....


My legs are sooo tired!
Why is the girl beside me running? I'm only like...walking. How does she do it? Where does she get the energy from? I think she doesn't work. She must be one of those rich people who doesn't have to wake up at 7am to work. That must be it. Or else she must be a robot in disguise. Nobody can run like that for so long, after a long day at work.

After the 2nd minute, sod it ! Wtf. It is so difficult okay. I just wanna walk but the speed seems to increase with every step or move or whatever. I am just not made for this thing.

Anyway, it's time for the yoga class ! YaY ! Finally something that I can do.

It's good to stretch all the muscles in my body particulary my thighs and arms. However after half hour, the teacher decided that it's time for us to do the head stand. I can't do the head stand ! no no ! So i stand there and watch. Well, maybe one day I will be able to. Not today.

Overall, I spent like 35 minutes working out and I feel hungry already. I decided to quit the sauna and go home. To go to my car, I have to walk past all these fast food restaurants. The aroma of KFC was so enticing! I manage to resist the temptation. There's food at home and I am still on this "saving" thingy after all.

At the carpark, a girl told me that the autopay is not working. Damn it. I drove another 2 floors up and parked my car to go down to pay. Dunno why, I suddenly fear for the brick getting stolen. Yeah I dun't like that thing but it doesn't belong to me. I kept a watch on my car while slotting my 1 ringgit in.

Well there you go. My day at the gym is so interesting right ? I think I'll go again on Wednesday =)

Btw, i drop the brick when i was carrying it out of the car. My arms were tired lah!

I hope it still works though...... if it doesn't, I'll juz pretend it crashed tommorow morning. Maybe I will get a T-series this time..... *keke*

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Welcome Berbatov

A bit late for this post but welcome to Dimitar Berbatov, our new no 9 =)

Let's see what he can do at Anfield next week.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Lotus Top Gun Training

Went for the IBM Lotus Top Gun training at Novotel last month. It was a one-week-product-training thingy and we were made to work from 8.30am to 6pm daily. The photo below was taken during one of the early days of the week. Still happy and looking forward to spending a week out of the boring office routine.

After the 2nd day, all pretense were abandoned. We spent some classes of the classes doing this:

This is our saviour. Without this, we would never have survive the 8 hours:

But overall, it was a good experience. We all got our certificates and gifts and everyone went back happy & are more knowledgeable about the yellow symbol.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I bought new shoes

Since I have already lost RM150.00 this morning, what is RM40 more right ?

The shoes were on sale ! 50% discount ! It's so worth it, I just must buy it.

I promise this will be my last pair of shoes =)

Reminder: I should never set any appointments at Sunway Pyramid anymore.

Car battery died

Before the day even started, I have already lost RM150 to change my car battery. So much for my cutting back plan. Next time I better shut my mouth about savings and all that. It's like you can't say it out a taboo....!

Why is it that there is no signal that ur car battery is gonna die soon? It's juz so sudden. Turn on the ignition and cannot start. Grrrr !

That workshop fellow didn't have those maintenance-free type either, so now I have to fill in the battery water every month. Hope I remember.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Shopaholic no more

Reading the shopaholic book has made me realise that there is a person out there that is so much worse than me and that is a huge relief because for the past few months, I’ve done nothing but spend and spend and spend. Some of the things I don’t really need. I do not know why I buy them.

An example is my gym membership. That’s so sad. I’ve only been there less than 7 times since June. I must start going again next Monday if not I will be wasting my rm99 per month. Of course, this is not call wasting money because I do need to slim down.

Anyway in the book, the girl’s father told her to either CUT BACK or MAKE MORE MONEY. Since I’ve just started my current job few months ago, making more money is not really an option now as I do not want to hop again. Maybe next year?

So my other option is to CUT BACK. That will be my new resolution for this month. This will be a good option as I do need to save for my trips next year. I’ve booked for a Macau/HK trip next July and hopefully I will be heading to Europe in October (trip has been postponed from this year) I’m excited for both trips because for HK, I finally get to eat those delicious curry fish ball and chee cheong fun (there....those that the tvb actors alwiz eat). As for Europe, it has alwiz been my dream to visit Manchester. I just have to go there OKAY!

Anyway, back to the cutting back part. So here’s a list of what I am going to cut back on:

1) Starbucks - There is really no need to drink coffee at Starbucks when there's free coffee at office all the time.

2) Bags – Do I really need so many types of different colors and sizes of bags?


3) Clothes - My wardrobe is on the verge of bursting. I should stop. I wear the same and my most favourite clothes all the time anyway…..

4) Accessories – I don’t even wear them when I am not in the mood.

5) Make up – I have too many mascaras and lipsticks and god knows what else.

What else. Hmm…I’ll add when I think of more.

Perhaps I should sell my current books and clothes and all those bags. Hmmm….make more money. That’s a way...

OH ! I left out SHOES ! Right.

6) Shoes - No more new shoes until my old ones are all torn and the heels broke or matches everything anyway...(consoling myself)


Do you think I should stop going to cinemas too ? Coz I guess I should get cheap dvds to watch at home. But then those dvds cost like rm8. Going to cinema only adds an extra rm2. Maybe more, if you add in popcorns, snacks and drinks. But then, some dvds are really bad quality type. I'll think about this. Deception starts this week. My Ewan Mcgregor...sobs....

This cutting back thing will start tommorow =P

Since it only starts tommorow, I will go out now and buy my last Starbucks for umm this month? (C'mon, one Starbucks per month is fine - sometimes, we need to reward ourselves for being so disciplined, right? ) *keke*

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Juz got back from dinner with Sue, who will be going to Hanoi this Saturday for 9 days (so jealous) for business & leisure. I am so happy coz she lend the shopaholic series to me:

Tonite I will start on this :

Mcdonald's Drive-Thru

There I was, driving through the SS15 Mcdonalds to pack something back to office.
After placing my order, I drove to pay.

This "pondan" asked me:

P: You nak set atau burger saje? (with a very angry tone)
Me: Set

He then made the clicking tongue noise and gave me a very annoying look that said "YOU ARE STUPID"

That's it lah. He sure gonna KENA from me. I have enough crap from customers to be shown a black face when I am in turn a customer.

So i asked him.

"What's your problem?"

He kept quiet and continued to calculate my change and hand it back to me abit aggresively, all the while giving me the bitchy look.

So i told HIM.

"Kalau ada period, MC lah"

He turned red. Before I drove off to get my order, I gave him my most evil and bitchiest look.

Nope, I am never going to take crap from black faced stupid waiters who can't hear an order properly. If you have the tendency to show your anger, then you are not fit to be in the customer service line. How many times have a customer scolded me in the past but I still have to keep my temper to the minimum and smile?