Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My hobby - Reading

There I was, about to pick up Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows to read for the 10th time when Libra boy asked me:

Boy: I thought you read that already.
Me: I wanna read again.
Boy: WHY?
Me: I like.

Boy: Wanna ask you something...what satisfaction do you get when you read the book again? I mean, you have already read it before, you know the ending....

Me: There's sometimes books that I will not get tired of reading. There's "morals" to be learned and the story is nice. I've always like magical stuffs and friendships...

Boy: What "moral" do you learn from HARRY POTTER???

I give up explaining myself.

I like to read. No, like is too mild. I love to read. I have been reading since I was 7. I started with the Enid Blyton stories. I love her Secret 7 series.

There's a sense of "belonging" when I read Secret 7. I would love to be in their "gang". Don't get me wrong. I was definately not lonely when I was a kid. I have friends whom I will chat to on the phone for ages till my granny came and threaten to beat me up with the clothes hanger if I do not put down the phone.

It's hard to explain really. There's just some stories that I can read over and over again. And there's also authors whose books I follow religiously. Each new book that came out, I will wait for the paperback to be released. Books are expensive in Malaysia which is bad. They always wanna encourage kids to read but they're selling novels @ 35.90. I don't know about you, but I can finish a novel in 2 days.

You can imagine the amount of books I have. I am very lucky Libra boy does not make noise about my hobby and in fact he encourages it and tries to understand my need to read.

He said next time in our house, I will have special extra large bookshelves to keep my books. I'm very happy he said that. Nobody understands why I like to read and they're always grumbling about the amount of books I have. Of course, being an untidy person does not help as my room is full with books thrown all around the corners of the floor where I can easily reach and grab the ones I wanna read again.

But of course, I do not understand why I like to read novels and not those damn school textbooks. I turn one page and it's enough to put me to sleep.

Monday, 2 November 2009

The Grass Is Always Greener...


How many of us can relate to this statement? Most of us. If you think back.

Human are all the time not satisfied with what they owned. They strive to achieve more and better things when what they have is already good enough.

When we look at other people, we sometimes wish to be in their shoes. Better life. Better bf/husband/gf/wife. Better financial status. Better family. Better friends. And the list goes on.

No matter how many of those motivational quotes we read that tells us we need to be satisfied with what we have currently, human tends to do the exact opposite at one point or other.

Why am I so interested in this subject? I have no idea. I have a lot of free time these few weeks. I am now wishing I am back to work.

It's funny. When I am working, I wish I do not have to work. You see? The grass thing again.

I have so many free time that I begin to look at what's happening to other people and what we talk about daily.

There's the single guy who wishes to have a gf so that he won't be so bored during weekends/holidays and have someone who loves him. There's the attached guy who wishes to be single so that he can hang out whenever and wherever he want. There's the single woman who wants to get married and have babies. There's those married ones who wishes they are not married. Well, you get the idea.

But I do not agree that the grass is always greener on the other side. We look at other people and we think we wanna be like them, so successful and have a loving family. Who knows what happens behind the scenes? For all we know, they might be successful but they are lonely or have some kind of ill-threatening disease?

As much as I hate to admit it, I do sometimes think that way. That's why I am blogging this post to remind me that I have to be satisfied with what I have now.