Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My hobby - Reading

There I was, about to pick up Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows to read for the 10th time when Libra boy asked me:

Boy: I thought you read that already.
Me: I wanna read again.
Boy: WHY?
Me: I like.

Boy: Wanna ask you something...what satisfaction do you get when you read the book again? I mean, you have already read it before, you know the ending....

Me: There's sometimes books that I will not get tired of reading. There's "morals" to be learned and the story is nice. I've always like magical stuffs and friendships...

Boy: What "moral" do you learn from HARRY POTTER???

I give up explaining myself.

I like to read. No, like is too mild. I love to read. I have been reading since I was 7. I started with the Enid Blyton stories. I love her Secret 7 series.

There's a sense of "belonging" when I read Secret 7. I would love to be in their "gang". Don't get me wrong. I was definately not lonely when I was a kid. I have friends whom I will chat to on the phone for ages till my granny came and threaten to beat me up with the clothes hanger if I do not put down the phone.

It's hard to explain really. There's just some stories that I can read over and over again. And there's also authors whose books I follow religiously. Each new book that came out, I will wait for the paperback to be released. Books are expensive in Malaysia which is bad. They always wanna encourage kids to read but they're selling novels @ 35.90. I don't know about you, but I can finish a novel in 2 days.

You can imagine the amount of books I have. I am very lucky Libra boy does not make noise about my hobby and in fact he encourages it and tries to understand my need to read.

He said next time in our house, I will have special extra large bookshelves to keep my books. I'm very happy he said that. Nobody understands why I like to read and they're always grumbling about the amount of books I have. Of course, being an untidy person does not help as my room is full with books thrown all around the corners of the floor where I can easily reach and grab the ones I wanna read again.

But of course, I do not understand why I like to read novels and not those damn school textbooks. I turn one page and it's enough to put me to sleep.

Monday, 2 November 2009

The Grass Is Always Greener...


How many of us can relate to this statement? Most of us. If you think back.

Human are all the time not satisfied with what they owned. They strive to achieve more and better things when what they have is already good enough.

When we look at other people, we sometimes wish to be in their shoes. Better life. Better bf/husband/gf/wife. Better financial status. Better family. Better friends. And the list goes on.

No matter how many of those motivational quotes we read that tells us we need to be satisfied with what we have currently, human tends to do the exact opposite at one point or other.

Why am I so interested in this subject? I have no idea. I have a lot of free time these few weeks. I am now wishing I am back to work.

It's funny. When I am working, I wish I do not have to work. You see? The grass thing again.

I have so many free time that I begin to look at what's happening to other people and what we talk about daily.

There's the single guy who wishes to have a gf so that he won't be so bored during weekends/holidays and have someone who loves him. There's the attached guy who wishes to be single so that he can hang out whenever and wherever he want. There's the single woman who wants to get married and have babies. There's those married ones who wishes they are not married. Well, you get the idea.

But I do not agree that the grass is always greener on the other side. We look at other people and we think we wanna be like them, so successful and have a loving family. Who knows what happens behind the scenes? For all we know, they might be successful but they are lonely or have some kind of ill-threatening disease?

As much as I hate to admit it, I do sometimes think that way. That's why I am blogging this post to remind me that I have to be satisfied with what I have now.

Friday, 16 October 2009

I did it again!

This time I have 2 slippers in Libra Boy's car.

Without looking, I juz slip my pair of feet comfortably in2 the two slippers. Luckily this time we were visiting his new house in Cheras and the only other people there were his long time childhood friend and the err.. "developer"?

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

One month break

I am currently on a one month break from work. Yes, I have resigned from my current job. My last day was supposed to be on the 23rd October 2009 but as usual for sales people, the company will release us earlier, depending on how threatened they feel and so I was officially released yesterday.

So yeah, plenty of people are wondering why I resigned. It's really all for the usual reasons. Better offer etc etc but the main reason is I am unhappy with the new management. Everything screams "unfairness". I guess it is my bad luck.

Plus, I really can't stand to hear another of those "Back at XXXX, we used to bla bla bla" lines.

HELLO! You are not at XXXX anymore. Move on! I do not care whether you were the top salesperson at XXXX or whatever, you are now at a new company.

Seriously, that line annoy people lah. When you join a new company, would you say things like:

"Oh, back at XYZ company, I used to have total freedom and I was the top sales. I bring in 300k GP sales EVERY MONTH and everyone was so envious of my team."

When you say things like that, it shows your level of maturity. Yes you may have been very successful but is it necessary to boast about your past success? Why not do your job quietly and show people what you are capable of? If you are good, you are good. There is no need to constantly remind people of your past success. People are not stupid and they can "SEE".

I guess the word "fail" does not exist in your vocabulary and that's very optimistic. BUT life is unpredictable. It may not be because of your skills that you fail to shine. It could be due to plenty of external factors. Biasness, economy crisis, bad management, bad timing... etc etc....And when you fail, people will always remember your " BACK AT XXXX, I USED TO GENERATE 300k USD sales per month".It will be kinda embarassing. Don't you think so?

I do not hold any grudges but I will always remember. I'm a typical woman :)

Monday, 31 August 2009

The very late post for August

Read on to find out................

I've been meaning to blog about the events on my birthday but I have writer's block....LOL...nah.....i have just been very lazy and since it's the long weekend this week, I finally have some time to myself to do whatever outstanding things that are well....."outstanding". Not that there are plenty of them but hmmm............

Ok I'm drifting away....let's drift back to the events beginning from 1st August.....

My new boss told me that he wants me to take up a new role and I was not happy about it. The role is in-bound and I have to return the company's notebook and use a desktop. That's fine. Good riddance to the "BRICK". It's the job scope that's bugging me. There's pro and cons with the job and I do not want to go into detail about it because I really do not want to waste more space blogging about work. All I have to say is that after few weeks on my new role, I am still skeptical.

So anyway, since I have to return the company's notebook, I need a new one. I can't imagine life without internet and I was thinking of getting a mini notebook.

Libra boy knew about this and he told me he will buy one as my birthday present. Very timely eh?

We went to the Curve on the 7th August hoping to catch Harry Potter. Yeah I know, I can't imagine why I have not seen the movie yet! Because of the friday traffic, we missed the movie but had a good dinner at TGIF.

On the way to the parking, I saw that there's a book sale at Cine Leisure. We went to have a look after our dinner. However, on the way there we passed an IT mall and saw the Lenovo S10-2 on display. Libra boy immediately asked the staff to set it up and I am now the proud owner of my new mini *yaY*

I'm very pleased with the notebook.

Actually "pleased" is not the right word. I am absolutely happy, delighted, ecstatic and on a cloud nine with it. There's just no correct happy words that can describe my feelings.

It is light and easy to carry around but most importantly, it lets me do whatever I want with a notebook. Now I do not have to carry the BRICK around and risk becoming the hunchback of notre dame. I am so happy with the present really. Muakks to my Libra boy. A zillion kisses for you forever =)

On my birthday, I initially wanted to take leave but hmm..I kinda forgot why i didnt. Let me re-think....I think it was because I had some work to submit???? I can't remember.... Anyways, my colleagues celebrated with me at Canton-i (i love their prawn wantan mee and BBQ pork). Libra boy came to have dinner with me and we went to Manhattan Fish Market (we are crazy about their seafood platter for 2)

And of course, August always means the start of the new EPL season. So far all the matches that I watched with Libra boy ended in a win for Manchester United.

We didn't watch the Burnley match as it was mid-week at the wee hours. Perhaps that's why they didn't win. LOL

Manchester United was great against Arsenal. Although some say that MU was lucky, I believed they did a great job. They kept up with Arsenal's pace and there's another goal from Rooney! *clap* *clap*

I'm hoping to see more of Owen in action. Maybe in September?

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Avillion, Port Dickson

I was assigned to attend an event at PD on Friday, 31st July 2009 and I was so not looking forward to it because well, its PD! The last time I stayed there, we stayed at this really cheap motel located somewhere deep and dark with lousy thin mattress and full-of-bugs blanket. That was how cheap my ex company was.

Anyway come friday, me & colleagues drove down there with Libra boy's car. When we reach the hotel, I saw the following chalets:

My colleague commented that they will never give us such rooms and that we are probably assigned to those normal hotel room with garden view. Oh wells, it's fine. I just want to get it over and done with.

The morning passed with nothing eventful. The ballroom was freezing! They shouldn't switch on the a/c at full blast during seminars. Yes, there's plenty of people in the room but at least make the temperature more bearable lah!

Finally the event ended at 4pm and we were allowed to check-in to our room. Along the way, I saw pet farm where there were a few rabbits and peacocks and some unique chicken (which still looks like a chicken to me). I even saw a peacock wandering along the swimming pool. The walkway is nice and peaceful. After about 5 mins walk, we finally reach our room.

WoW! They actually gave us the water chalet type of room.

There were 3 beds inside the room which is good because my room mate is not planning to stay and if I get really scared, I can go and sleep at my other colleague's room but he warned me in advance that he "sing" in his sleep.

A view from the balcony looks like this:

The toilet is huge and has an open shower concept where we shower under the sky! After about 10 mins rest, I felt very much relaxed as the room ambience is good. There were no bright lights, juz dimmed lightings.

Me & colleagues went back to the beach for the team building event. We had to play a few games and it was quite fun. We took off our slippers and shoes and ran on the soft sand. Luckily didn't get cut by any glass or stones.

Dinner was good too. It was held at a special private beach and they had jazz music playing on the background. It's all very romantic & relaxing. Too bad I am not here with Libra boy :P But I did enjoy the casual chit chats with the organisers.

After dinner, I went back to my room and showered and watch a bit of sports and then tune in to star movies. They suddenly advertised this ghost movie, which I have forgotten the name and I quickly closed my eyes and mute the sound. At this time I was quite scared and really wanted to bunk in with my colleagues but after a smoke at the balcony I jumped back to my bed and started watching Narnia. I guess the atmosphere made me forget my fears and I juz dozed off with the TV on... :P

Today I woke up at 7.59am coz of a phone call from my hungry colleague. For gods sake, the breakfast starts at 8am and he wants to go there at 8am! I told them to go ahead first. I hear the rain drops. It was raining! Ahh...so nice to sleep. I woke up at 8.30 and took a hot shower. Luckily it has stopped raining. Hmm, the open shower concept doesn't work well on a rainy day.

I enjoyed myself more during the 2nd day as the presenter was funny. After lunch we drove back and during the first half hour of the trip, I laughed myself silly. You see, when we came to PD, it was E that drove the car and it was a smooth and safe ride.

E asked J to drive back and because J was not used to the car, he made a lot of mistakes. First of all the signals are on the left and he kept turning on the wipers as he was used to his car signals being on the right. Then he couldn't open the window to pay the toll and nearly crashed into the barrier. After that he tried the horn and he couldn't make the car honk. After about 3 near misses of accident, we decided it's time he stop the car and let E drive instead. He stopped by the roadside and suddenly step on the accelerator. We asked him what he was trying to do:

J: Oh.... just now when I step on the brake, the car locked itself. I dunno how to open the door lah. I tot that if I step on the accelerator, the door will unlock itself.

E & myself laughed till we had tears in our eyes. It was a most eventful ride.

Our fun trip was spoilt by the 2 hours traffic jam we endured back in KL. There's some protest going on at the city and there's plenty of road blocks all over.

But overall, although I never expected it, it was a fun and relaxing trip indeed.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Broken Toe Nail

I have a bruised nail on my last toe which I think is pretty bad. I am just waiting for the day the nail actually comes out on its own. Of course I am not so brave to peel it off myself. If it ever comes off, you guys will be the first to see it, I promise you :)

Well, if you thought mine was bad, wait till you see Libra Boy's toe nail:

I think his will come off sooner than mine.

Again, if it does come off, we will show you.

Please be patient.


Saturday, 11 July 2009

Manhattan Fish Market

One of me & Libra boy's favourite - Manhattan Fish Market.

So far we have tried 2 varieties of the Seafood Platter for Two, the difference being one is served with Oysters, the other with Mussels.

The first time we went there, we couldn't finish the chips as we went for our breakfast/lunch. When we went there for dinner the second time, both of us were very hungry and was actually rushing to go buy the Transformers ticket. I think we finished the platter in record time. There were 2 girls behind our table who ordered the same thing, theirs arrived first but there's still half of the food left even after we finished ours :P

That's Libra boy purposely making his funny face.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

An Embarassing Episode

This happened a few weeks ago...

I have about 5 - 6 pairs of shoes in my car. Some are the same style, juz different shades of colors and patterns.

On that particular day, I do not know what I was thinking, I juz slotted my 2 feet into a pair of shoes. I walked through a shopping complex with those shoes and went to meet my customer at the adjacent office building. A little while into the meeting, I got bored and started fidgeting and looking around for things to do. Upon looking down at my feet, I realise to my horror, that I was wearing 2 different type of shoes!

So embarassing! I prayed that no one else in the room saw it. I guess they didn't coz no one mentioned anything or they were too kind and were probably laughing after I left! Arrghh !

After that day, I threw all my shoes at the seat behind and pick the ones I want to wear daily. No more dumping 6 pairs of shoes together at the front car seat....!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Leave Faster!!!

What makes a good manager?

I do not know.

But definately not one that backstab you and push all the blame to you when things goes wrong.

I hate my immediate manager. I can't stand her. Not after today. Not ever since she joined actually but I tolerated. Her management skills sucks. If there is a problem, as an immediate manager, why didn't she enquire with me what actually happened, b4 she send out an email to the entire world?

To top it off, her england sucks big time. Sometimes she probably doesn't mean it that way but because of her english, it makes her sound terrible. I have ignored all the previous "blame" that was thrown to me but two weeks ago, when I was on medical leave, she complained that I was not interested to pursue a customer. This I really cannot take it. I replied an email to her in which she ignore but of course, knowing her, she will backstab me from behind which she did today.

And she even have the nerve to pretend to be the "good guy".

HELP ME................................!!!

I can't wait for the day she leaves. She has actually resigned and her last day is end of August. Can't she leave earlier?

Cute lil' boy

This cute little boy is libra boy's nephew. He saw all of them drinking beer at the bowling alley and decided to "try" one himself =)
He is only 18 months old and he has a new sister 7 days ago. She is very cute with 2 dimples. Poor boy, every1 has been paying so much attention to the new born that he felt left out....
His favourite hobby is running around and exploring things. I guess all kids are like that. There is seldom a kid that sits down quietly. If there is, then the parents will probably be worried if he has some kind of social problems.... right?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Migraine, Migraine Please Go Away...!

What in the world is causing it?

Let's trace back to what I ate that triggered this after so long...

Seafood Carbonara Pasta
Lamb curry
Ice Cream with chocolate chips
Marshmallow/Papaya dipped in chocolate fountain

Nasi Kandar with egg and chicken drumstick
Fried rice with corn, crabstick & luncheon meat

Bak Chang
Lamb Chop, Brocolli, Mashed Potato, Corn & Cheese Sausage

So which one is the F. culprit? I have a feeling it's the cheese & lamb combo....

Oh God......look at the amount of food I stuffed in my stomach....it's no wonder I am gonna look like a balloon soon......................

Monday, 25 May 2009

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Game Over

Suppose to post this up last week but was too busy with the activities...

Nice work by Jason Hue =)

Thursday, 21 May 2009

A little update...

I am extremely busy! May is full of parties & activities & plenty of work...

I am not complaining because I spent most of the parties with Libra boy but sometimes I wish I can have a quiet relaxing time at home BUT when I do get a quiet relaxing time, it gives me a headache coz I tend to sleep over the limit...

So what do i really want? No idea...! Just let life flow by itself and enjoy it I guess?!

This week is an extra busy week for me because there's my company annual dinner coming up and last night we just finished a yearly kickoff party. I didn't drink alot this time, manage to dodge the management and keep a low profile. That is what I am suppose to do this year! Keep a low profile....

So yeah, I am also trying to hide from performing at our annual dinner....I have not been staying at office for long periods but then, I am really busy! I have plenty of things to do and customers to visit, I am not lazying at all if that's what you think. I pray we would not get any penalty for not performing during the dinner...My sixth sense tell me that I may need to visit the toilet or lobby quite frequently during the dinner especially when it is my group's turn to perform.....

Anyway the parties are quite fun, we do get prizes and stuffs, the company is generous to us...I have a couple of Jusco vouchers and a notebook bag and if I had stayed longer I may even have won some cash prizes but it's ok lah. What is yours is yours.....no qualms about that...

As for Libra boy...(yes I have to mention him :P)....we have managed to complete a few puzzles, most of it he did it on his own, I just disturb and slot in a few pieces here and there. He did a great job on all of it. They're really nice. I shall take a few photos and post it up when I am feeling not so lazy....

And hmm...Libra boy...what can I say...I really enjoyed all the times spent with him, he is my cute but notti Libra boy =)

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Barclay Premier League Champions 2009



Monday, 11 May 2009

I am a Klutz

I do not know how I manage it but I broke Libra boy's shower......!

There I was trying to wash my feet in my err.. intoxicated state.... We just got back from a buddy's party at Phuture and I had a few drinks too many....

Anyway, I do not know what I did, I just umm... sort of "detached" the shower head from its hose. I SWEAR I didn't pull it to any awkward position and I certainly don't have any superhuman strength!!!

It just came off!!

You know what, this is all my mom's fault. She told me & my brothers that we have to wash our feet ALL THE TIME before sleeping and make sure it is clean otherwise monsters will visit our dreams. I have been practising this since the story....

Libra boy was laughing and asked what happened. To make it seem less my fault, I told him that the thing is actually faulty and was probably gonna come off without my help, to which he replied "NO IT ISN'T FAULTY AT ALL ".

He still couldn't stop laughing and even wondered how I did it too because he has been using the shower for a very long time...


I dun't know either. It was my first time staying there too. Give me the paper bag, QUICK!!!

Monday, 27 April 2009

The Weekend That Was

Mr Jason teased that my blog is always about Libra boy and so he named himself as "Capricorn boy". I must say that Libra boy sounds much nicer than Capricorn boy (which is a mouthful) right? Anyway I suspect the REAL reason why he is kicking up this fuss is because he wanted to change the topic. I was halfway verbally bashing him for going to sleep at HT during the MU v Spurs match. He missed the comeback! tsk tsk...Very good tactic...

If I blog about work, it will be dangerous & also boring. Who wants to read about the political workplace where everyone is a two headed snake? It's the same in every work place and all we can do is rant to our friends/family to let the anger out. My horoscope adviced that I should lie low this year in terms of career wise, it is not a good time to fight or be aggresive. Right, lie low i will....

So you see, what is so nice to read about my working life? Let's talk about something happier, like the good weekend I had.......with libra boy of course....keke...

We had plenty of food.... cooked lamb chop for Sunday's dinner. It was so-so. The corn & mashed potatoes were nice though.

I know the photo is a little too dark but still can see lah...

And no, I didn't cook the thai food, we had it at Just Thai, 1U. I love Thai tom yam but it gave me a niggling stomach pain on Sat & Sun which kinda spoil my weekend slightly but it was still bearable. I know I should quit tom yam for the next 3 months until whatever that is inside my stomach heals itself. Perhaps I should go on a no-beer diet too but that will be a bit harder to achieve =P

We went to catch a movie as well: He is just not that into you. Finally got the tickets since its opening. Everytime we went to the counter, it's all sold out..

The movie was nice especially the Ben & Jen ending. A little too fast paced at times. I guess they're trying to cramp a whole lot of "rules" into a 2-hour movie.

I am so happy this Friday is a holiday. I can relax and ZzzzzZzz and do whatever I like for 3 whole days!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Manchester United 5 - Spurs 2

What a fantastic comeback from MU... 5 goals in the 2nd half !! Ronaldo, Rooney, Rooney, Ronaldo & finally Berbatov (well, he should redeem himself after THAT terrible penalty kick at Wembley last week).

Great play from the two Rs especially Rooney who produced accurate & stunning crosses from the left flank.

I am absolutely delighted and what's better is I shared this moment with Libra boy =)

Friday, 24 April 2009

Road Signs

The road signs in our country is useless...if you do not have an 'accurate' direction or GPS, I suggest you get it before hitting the roads otherwise you will probably end up taking all the wrong turns and take a longer time to reach your destination.

I had to visit a customer in Kajang. It has been 15 years since my last visit and the only route I know is through Cheras. My colleague told me that it will be nearer if I use the Puchong way and go through Putra Jaya. He said to just follow the sign boards...

I know all about the sign boards but I thought that after several years, there had to be some improvements. Furthermore, it is a new highway, it shouldn't be as bad right?


Yes, there's a nice big sign that shows "Kajang" right before Puchong but the sign miraculously 'dissapeared' for the next 5km. Using my instinct (since my colleague did say it is after Putrajaya), I just follow the Putrajaya route.... After a while I reach a fork and still no "Kajang" sign. What is worse, they don't even write Putrajaya anymore!

Which one am I suppose to take lah? Left or right? die..die...

After 2 seconds of hesitance, I pick the right one and right after that, I saw the Kajang sign indicating that I should have taken the left turn. May I know, what is the point of putting a sign board just after people had already choose the wrong turn? They should have put up the sign like 1km before right? Which idiot design those road signs??!

I had to go all the way to LimKokWing University to make a U-turn and I saw that I am almost out of fuel. Great....I still do not know where is my destination. Driving along, I was on the lookout for petrol stations but there were none. I am not that worried because I know it should last me to my destination. After a few more wrong turns thanks to the disastrous road signs, I finally reached my customer's place.

On the way back, I know I have to fill up my car. I wouldn't want to be stuck in the middle of the highway. To my utmost disgust, 3 petrol stations that I turn into (and mind you, they were quite far and isolated) were closed. What the hell ??! I saw a few Shell & Petronas lorries... if i ask them to stop, do you think they will donate some petrol to me? *keke* Actually at that time I was slightly panicky......but what can i do..............except P-R-A-Y...

I switched off my a/c (I heard the car won't consume so much fuel if you do that, dunt know if its true) and drove in the blasted hot sun for another 10km...

I finally got it filled at a petrol station somewhere in Puchong and bought my much needed water as well....

You know what??? After that..... I see a petrol station every 2km..................and they're all open for business...

Yes, Life is pretty funny sometimes..

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle

Last week I bought a 1000 miniature puzzle with Libra boy..

After the first night, this was the progress:

It's kinda fun and there's a sense of achivement as you slot each puzzle pieces in its place.

I'm looking forward to completing this =)

Monday, 20 April 2009


At a time when I am feeling slightly "stuck", a friend shared this with me:


I nearly cried....

Please do load and watch it, it's worth every of your 5 minutes.

Thursday, 16 April 2009


WoW ! Is it really Thursday already? Seems like I have no chance to sit down and breathe.

From attending the longest ever meetings to wasting time replying to dim-witted emails, it seemed my 9 - 6 just passed with the blink of an eye. Which is a good thing, I hate it when time passes slowly at work. But then, I have no chance to relax even after 6pm! It's really quite difficult when you have to deal with stubborn family members...

I sometimes get pissed off when there's politics at work. No, correct that. I get angry all the time when people play politics. All the backstabbings and betrayals... urghh!!

But now that I have a chance to sit here and blog, I find that there is really no point getting myself all worked up over people that I do not care. What is the point? It is really human nature. Everyone has different characteristics and everyone has their own hidden agenda at work & will do anything to excel (thereby covering their actual faults).

I already do not have enough time to care about the people that I want to care for, why should I waste even 1 second of my time for these people?

Which brings me to my next point, I feel like I did not see Libra boy at all this week, although I did see him last night....the time just passes too quickly....


Okay..... it's my hormones....getting too philosophical....

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Hail Kiko Macheda


Lucky deflection or not it doesn't matter. So long as he wins the game for MU.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Dinner & a pink lemonade

Libra boy wanted me to cook him green curry chicken for dinner. Me & my big mouth. I told him I bought some curry paste from Bangkok and he wanted to taste it. I have not exactly been cooking for other people for a long time so I am kinda nervous.

But there is no escape...

We went grocery shopping @ Cold Storage, Subang Parade . To be honest, I am kinda worried the curry won't turn out well because I have never cooked any green curry before and I am bad with 'curry'. Hope he don't get food poisoning or something. If he does, that's it lah... sure deduct marks from me...*keke*

After his badminton game today (btw, my libra boy looks extremely cute when he is playing sports) we came home and he helped me to chopped up the luncheon meat, chili and also shred the crabstick.

Here's our dinner and a pink lemonade to celebrate my first time cooking 2 main dishes for him:

Well, the curry turned out OKAY but not to worry, I still have 2 packets of paste to improve the taste.

Our fried rice has a very special recipe. 'Normal' people may not like it. We cooked it with no garlic, just eggs, mixed vege (corn/carrot/peas), luncheon meat and shredded crabstick. Normally I will cut the crabsticks into small cubes but I think it tastes better shredded =)

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Bangkok 21 - 24 March 2009

It was a suppose to be a trip to de-stress ourselves and I must say we did that very well, by shopping like there's no tommorow....

Day 1
Woke up early to go to LCCT and while rushing, I slipped and fell down the stairs. Sigh...! Luckily i didnt break anything, just a few minor bruises here and there. I was afraid to let Libra boy know about this and quickly drew the curtains shut which made the situation worst because he saw what I was doing and suspected 'something'. Next time I should smile and *wave* so that I won't look so guilty.... Anyway I was given a stern look & warning to be more careful next time. The thing is, I am not a clumsy person. You can say I am a 'fast' type of person if there is such a category. I have a knack for rushing, I know it's not good because it means I always leave things till the last minute...

Libra boy then fetched me to LCCT (which was a very sweet gesture & much appreciated) Upon reaching, my 2 frens were already there (yeah yeah, I am late....I am not much of a morning person - getting up early is definately not my forte) We checked in and had Mcd's breakfast. You know what LCCT reminds me of? PUDURAYA. Especially the toilet. I will never pay a visit to their washrooms again. My breakfast was nearly puked out.

Upon reaching BKK, I lost my sunglasses. I've no idea where I left it. Probably at the counter. Oh nevermind, can always get a cheap one later. We took a cab to our hotel and reached about 1pm.

And the shopping begins....

We went to Platinum Mall and shopped till 6pm. I had the Thai fermented noodles for lunch which cost only RM4. I do not really like it as the noodles are kinda sticky.... The price on the clothes and accessories are amazingly low and I spent RM250 just on that few hours. After some rest, we went to Siam Paragon for our dinner and more shopping. Dinner was OK but a bit on the pricey side. We went back to the hotel early because Sop had period cramps (first day) and Sue suddenly started sneezing (her nose and eyes became very watery). As for me, my whole body felt like it has been beaten up (the after effects of the fall - Shhh! don't tell Libra boy...)

Day 2
Woke up about 8am... (we are still on Malaysian time and thought it was 9am) and went to Jatujak market. I had the duck fermented noodles this time and I am not eating those type of noodles again. It is just too sticky for my taste. We shopped from 10am - 4pm until our legs couldnt take it anymore. I was also starting to feel the pain from the fall and quickly bought some medicated plasters to try and lessen the back ache.

Dinner was taken at Central World and it's much nicer this time. I had my green curry chicken. YUMMY =)

We adjourned to Sky Bar after Sop did some bags shopping. The view is very nice, feels like the view in those HK TVB Series. You know how they drive up the hill and see the whole of HK City? It is something like that except that we took a lift to the err... 70th or 75th floor (i've forgotten) Well, almost similiar.....

Day 3
A visit to the Grand Palace. It's a beautiful place but too hot for my liking. The sun is scorching! I walked very quickly to any shade I can find while the other 2 took photos.

After the Grand Palace, we decided to go to Platinum Mall again. We have a few hours to shop before the dinner cruise later.

Time passes very quickly when you shop. We suddenly find ourselves late and may miss the expensive cruise dinner. It costs about RM200 per person okay....!!! I forgot to mention that traffic is very bad at Bangkok. There is traffic jams ALL THE TIME...!! Anyway Sop called the cruise people and they told us we can make it if we took the train. Fine....Told the cab to stop us at some station and we made it on time. It was the first time I have ever been on a boat or ship. I like it. Very much. The water & breeze was so calming that I nearly fell asleep halfway during dinner. I visited their cabin but it was kinda noisy. Don't know if I will be able to sleep with the sound of engines.

Day 4

Packed our stuffs and left at the hotel. Went to a nearby shopping mall to do some last minute shopping for souveniers and other stuffs.

Landed at Puduraya, ooops! I mean LCCT at 9+ and so happy to see Libra boy =)

The Champions League

I know that MU has got nothing to shout about as they let in 2 away goals to Porto. It's a must win for them next but it's alright as long as we didn't boast about how GREAT our team is and then lost 1 -3 to our opponents. I am sure you know who I am talking about. Yeah... the force to be reckoned with - Gerrad & Torres (the best attacking pair at the EPL at the moment - some say). The team that MU is so afraid of.....

Here's a dedication from our creative & most dedicated MU fan, Mr Jason Hue:

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Happy Weekend

Her Say:
Libra boy asked if I'm Ok to watch a movie on Friday night. Yeah why not? I never say no to movies.... He gave me 2 choices, "Fast & Furious 4" or "Confessions of a Shopaholic". I know he is being very considerate by giving the Shopaholic option. (All guys would want to watch Fast & Furious right....? LOL) Anyway I asked him to pick this time and true enough, it's the car movie but hey I am not complaining. I like watching that too. We bought the tickets around 6.30pm and had another half hour to eat. Again Libra boy was being considerate when he suggested Sakae Sushi (he doesn't eat raw food) but he insisted he can eat the other 'cooked' stuffs. Our dinner was ate at top speed, if only my friends, Sue & Sop can see us. They were commenting on my eating speed at Bangkok saying that I do not chew my food. But they're really slow lah....chew abit then talk talk or look around then chew again...i know they will kill me for writing this down.. *keke*

On Saturday, both Libra boy & me wanted to buy some stuffs. I saw Libra boy looking in2 my fridge but thought nothing of it. Little did i know what he has in mind....

When we reach Carrefour, Libra boy went and got us a trolley. First we went to look for what we wanted. As we go along, Libra boy started to shove cans after cans of drinks in2 the trolley. I initially wanted only a Ribena (yes we r still kids) but look what we got:

The only time I ever stock up with these type of drinks are during CNY....and you should see the amount of groceries we got. I've never bought so many food & drinks. You would think that I am starving him with the amount of stuffs he kept piling on the trolley....

Anyway Libra boy wanted to comment on our funny weekend, so he is here as a special guest.

Let's see what he thought about our weekend:

His Say:
Hey people...This is my first time ever writing in a blog....GOAL!!!!!!MU scored!!!a trademark by Ronaldo....sorry...a lil' distraction or rather celebration....keke...

We had been together for a month...Things around us are unbelievable....From common interests to food selection....

------taking a break 4 the match...getting more interesting now....c u in a bit------

Her Say:
We are watching Manchester United v Aston Villa now. Have to stop writing. C u guys at HT =)

His Say:
It's now the 28th minutes and AV scored....SIGH!!!Makes me returned to the keyboard.... =( We had a very good weekend....I got a big surprise as her mom came over this morning after praying....I got down and guess what...Both her mom and her cousin were ransacking the fridge....LOL....I greeted her and then sat on the sofa....Then the conversation starts....

Mom : I got mahjong date later in Shah Alam....

Leo Girl : What? Shah Alam so far, play here lar...

Me : *puZZled*

Mom : Who's playing lar?

Leo Girl : You, me and him lor...

Me : *head is already on the chopping board*

Mom : Huh...Really ar? Then I better called up my friend and cancelled the game....

Mom's calling.....

Mom : I'm done lar....Cancelled my appoinment d....Going back to shower first....Please 'tapao' curry mee for me....

Leo girl and Libra boy looked at each other and laugh....Mom left and we prepared ourselves to go for lunch...30 mins later, we got back from lunch and noticed that mom had arrived with the mahjong table waiting in the house.... =P While mom was having her lunch, we set up the tiles and chairs....We played til the F1 race starts....At the end of our session, mom happily won 50 bucks and watched F1 with us....Its indeed a nervous but happy weekend!!!

Back to her say:
Damn, AV equalised. MU better score again. It's HT now. Talking about the mahjong game, it was ME that LOST THE RM50 not him..!!!

It was quite shocking for my mom to agree playing with us. It was even more shocking because it was the first time my mom is meeting Libra boy and I thought she will neva agree to the game because for one thing, she doesn't like to play with any of my friends (she thinks we are not up to her 'level') and another is she has to take care of my 3 'sakai' niece. Suddenly she is so free.

But I like.

I thought Libra boy was nice to play with my mom. No ex of mine has ever offered such a thing and will never take the initiative to communicate with members of my family. A really 'touching' gesture was when he went out to take the takeaway from my mom. It was raining and he just ran out without any umbrella. That's very nice =)

Gotta take another break. Match resumes.

At the 70th minute: Dammit AV leading 2 - 1 &^%$# .... &^%$# ....*&^%$ WTF !!!!!

At the 95th minute........

*wOooOOOo hOOoooOO....!!!*

Macheda, the 17 year old youth reserve came in and scored the winning goal...

MU won 3 - 2 !!

*Me & Libra boy celebrating*

Monday, 30 March 2009

Earth Hour

A colorful night at Long Bar, One Utama, in conjunction with the World's Earth Hour.

I didn't purposely photoshop those colors in. It's the lightings at Long Bar =)

Quite a romantic place actually....quiet & very nice ambience. It's difficult to find a place like this to hang out anywhere in PJ/KL. ...

OK. OK. I may have exagerated (i cant spell this word) slightly....there's always places like these everywhere but it's actually who you are with that's most important ^_^

Initially we wanted to hang out somewhere at Sunway. My cousin was quite 'thirsty' and surprisingly my Libra boy was okay to accompany him. We went to Borneo RainForest. Their service was terrible. There was nobody working and when we asked for service, the waiter almost 'threw' the beer-soaked menu to us. Libra boy then suggested we go to Long Bar. There's really no thinking twice. Who in their right mind would pay for an expensive bottle of vodka with services like that? Who knows where they get their mixers from.......they may add some drain water in it since they do not look like they wanted to work that night.

I'm very glad with the change of venue. We had loads of fun, service was excellent, food was good (we picked the onions out fr the pizza with my cousin looking at us disgustedly) & the lightings helped me to create a new photo album.


Went for dinner at TGIF last Friday with my Libra boy. Ordered my favourite baileys+kahlua+don't-know-what-else drink (The Ultimate Mudslide) and a few other very cheesy appetizer & main course.

This is what I meant when I said both of us do not like vege:

I truly enjoyed dinner that day. Apart from the laughs and talking from A-Z, I feel something different. I noticed it happened after my trip to BKK.

Everytime I see him, he somehow manages to make my feelings for him grow a little more. Is it the way I feel that he truly cares or it's because we are somehow very similiar in character? Can this really be happening since they always say opposite attracts. Nobody ever said similiar attracts *LOL*

It's weird..... No it's not weird..... It's somehow nice. I do wonder how much feelings can grow into...

Friday, 27 March 2009

Fight to the finish

I'm beginning to worry when i see the fixtures list. Many tough games coming up.

Good luck MU !!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Some things in common

Over lunch today my Libra boy asked me:

"Have you adapted to the idea of having someone around you?"

Hmm....... Good question....

With "ex-es", there's usually a period of time to slowly adjust to each other's activities. Especially when both have different interests.

I never really have to try hard to adapt with him. He is easy to be with.

The major plus point is of course the fact that we are both MU fanatics. I do not have to feel like I am the "MALE" in the relationship. It's just weird when your bf sits next to you and tries to understand what's going on at the match and naming some famous players like Ronaldo or Rooney. After a month or shorter, they will usually start to get bored and change channels during half time. HEY! I wanted to hear what the football focus people say and check out the other team's result!

At the 2nd month, it gets worse. They will read some magazines (flipping the pages LOUDLY) and give you dirty looks once in a while. After every 15 minutes or so, they will ask "How long more?". Why can't they see the time on the top right or left hand corner of the screen? Actually come to think of it, I think that they do know but are just hoping that by asking, I will stop watching and let them watch their HBO or some crappy taiwanese game show.

Give and take, sometimes I will have to miss matches. But now I don't have to re-schedule my weekend nights ever just because my bf doesn't watch football. I must say, it is a very nice change to be able to post mortem about the match or share the joy of a victory.

Other plus points includes the fact that both of us do not fancy much vege and likes happy hours. This is really great. There's nobody nagging me while I eat or drink!

So yeah, it's kinda nice and I am looking forward to see what other suprising things we have in common.....

Friday, 20 March 2009

Why I Hate School Mates Gathering

1. The Venue
After exchanging like 50 - 100 emails, nobody can decide on the venue. Everyone wants to have it their way. One of the worst excuses I ever heard:

"My bf/hubby/in-laws will not allow me to go that far..."

2. The time/day
This is as bad as the first. Some want to accompany their families during weekends so they make it a weekday but the other career women are just too tied up with work and are only available after 10pm. If someone propose a time like 7pm, there will be havoc on the venue and the traffic jams. People in PJ will complain about the traffic in KL and vice versa.

3. The topic
It's always about comparing successes be it personal or work.

It is already very difficult to please a large group of people; it is even harder to please a large group of girls who each think they are more successful than the other. Of course not all of them are like that but there's a couple of them whom I would really like to take a cane and smack them on the head. Whatever places or timing that was suggested, they will be the first to make noise. Hence the 50 or so emails...

I have been "reading" the progress of the current proposed gathering with interest because the last one ended quite dramatically with one of my close friends brawling with an acquaintance. You know how it is in school - you are close to A who is close to B who is close to C and so forth...that's how so many people ended up on the list.

It has been 2 weeks and still no time/venue is confirmed. The last reply was:

"Shall I bring my children...?"

It's kinda tiring to go into my hotmail daily to delete the replies. C'mon.... Decide already!!! Whoever can make it just turn up..!!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Who's better?

So........after 3 days, those Poo fans are still ecstatic about their "thrash" which is understandable as they have not won the title for so long, a thrashing of the MU team must be their best moment in the EPL history.....

Original posted by micht at 2009-3-17 06:52 PM
"Aiyah don't be so angry lah .... Liverpool better than Man U this season so don't get angry lah !!"

I am not even angry. Embarassed by their performance more like.

But take a look at the table:

I rest my case =)

Monday, 16 March 2009

Packing to BKK

I'm finally going to Bangkok this Saturday !!

I have been waiting for this trip since last year October. I am so looking forward to it, although of course I will miss a certain someone...

Anyway I have a problem.

I do not know which bag to bring and what to pack !!

I'm always very bad with packing. I tend to over-pack with clothes I do not need. This time I'd like to make sure it won't happen. I am just going to pack what I need to wear. To hell with looking good. I am just going to eat and shop =)

But then, I would like to take lots of photos, so hmm...have to pack some nice tops. Since I will be there for 4 days, I guess 4 tops should be enough. And a skirt. Plus a jeans. Oh and a dress for that cruise dinner. Also, 3 night tops and shorts. Or should I wear back the same top and shorts for 2 nights. Maybe. But i can't. I do not like to wear back the clothes that I have worn. And my hair !! I can't use those hotel shampoos and conditioners. I like my hair clean. Have to wash everyday. Maybe I'll pack a small shampoo and conditioner and a small shower gel. Hmm what else.... My makeup stuffs, comb & toothbrush?

Actually a few people have been scaring me with the horror stories of Bangkok. The worse one is where they drugged you and take your liver. OK, I am not drinking a single drop of alcohol there. I promise.... And I also promise that I will stick close to my friend like a glue even if I see this gorgeous dress that I want to try on. If my friends says no, they want to go elsewhere, I will follow them.....

Or....... I can pull their hair to the shop that sells that gorgeous dress........ That will be an easy task since all of them have long hair....

Thursday, 12 March 2009

A special trait

One of the qualities I liked about my Libra boy is his humour & intelligence which makes him so damn cute! Ok, that's 2 qualities...

Yeah yeah. I know I am still at the top of the clouds up there and whatever he does is funny and cute but it's different. And you can always tell that it's different when it is.

I can never guess what he is thinking or what he will say next which is a nice surprise. Being too predictable is boring right? Yes, sometimes I do know what he is up to next but even during these times, he can still manage to twist the actual turnaround of events !! God knows how much I need these kind of laughters in this section of my life after the horrible stuffs I have to put up with during my 9-6.

He is turning out to be someone very special to me indeed.

Oh! Did I mention he is an MU fan as well? LOL

Through to the Quarters

Manchester United 2 - Inter Milan 0.

Mr Jose Mourinho... u were saying.... ???

Monday, 9 March 2009

Marley & me

My first movie date with Libra boy.....!

I wasn't expecting this to be a movie about a labrador. If i had known........
(*note!!! spoiler ahead - stop reading if u havent watch the movie*)

......that Marley will die at the end, I would have watched Seven Pounds.

See, I have this thing about dog dying in movies......it's because I love dogs and whenever I see a dog dying in the movie, my tears will flow automatically.

So embarassing...!!! First movie date somemore.. ....but of course i diverted my attention abit, trying not to concentrate on what Owen Wilson or Jen Anniston was saying or watching their facial expression, or else I will need more than a pack of tissue....and come across as a bloody emotional freak.....not to mention my ruined mascara....

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Cupid in town


how to write out my feelings....

i miss him even tho its only abt 12 hours since we last met..

i am even checking out our horoscope compatibility, something which only kids do....ha ha ha

Leo Woman & Libra Man

This match has very good possibilities for lasting love. Your creative sides will work well together, as the Libra boy has a true flair for the dramatic. He is also the most romantic of all the male zodiac signs. A Libra boy will make a big deal about Valentine’s Day and you can expect him to come up with all sorts of creative ways to let you know he cares. He will put you at center stage, and you will love it. Your generous, affectionate nature also matches well with his strong need for attention. Truthfully, you are both attention addicts, but you should be able to satisfy each other’s needs. You also share a strong physical chemistry that makes that side of your relationship sizzle. A great love match for you.Leo girl and Libra boy don't just walk into a room, they OWN it. Between your collective good looks and social charms, you're a true power pairing. Your best strength as a team lies in your ability to communicate with each other on virtually any topic. It's a rare relationship gift, so treasure and protect it.

die.... i think i m falling fast............

Monday, 23 February 2009

My mind is clear now....

It was a demoralising 10 days and it all started on Friday the 13th. Oh wow!! Friday the 13th !! Now I know why I have been having this strange week. Damn Friday the 13th!!

Anyway, although I was very demotivated, I did enjoy my Valentine's Day. It was a weird Valentine afternoon turned into a fun Valentine's night. I'll post the photos when I get hold of them.

After Valentine's, it's back to reality on the 16th. I thought the weekend rest and chilling out with friends would have helped me to relax. Unfortunaly my monthly friend choose to visit me on the 16th itself. Because I have just lost a deal, I couldn't afford to skip work so I took painkillers even when I don't have cramps. Turns out to be a bad move because the pills gave me gastric. After a few days, I really do not know if it was period cramps or gastric or some abnormal abdominal pain.

I couldn't sleep and when I do sleep, I get woken up about half hour later with some weird nightmares.

I felt dizzy in the mornings and afternoons but I still didn't go to the doc. I guess losing that deal made me numb. OK OK, I know losing a deal is all a part and parcel of what I do, but I just couldn't accept it because my customer actually lied to me straight to my face. I guess it's my LEO pride up to its tricks again.

On top of all this, there's the office politics. It's amazing what a person's mouth can do.

Anyway, my mind suddenly cleared last night. How or Why, I do not know. It just cleared.

Today I went to work and I am normal again. I'm happy now.

HEY! Could it be the hormones? Hmmm.....

Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Cunning Customer

I feel totally revolted with someone which unfortunately I can't reveal the name. This person should know what he did and I am surprise that he can still sleep at night after all the lies and clowning around. I am surprised that I can still meet these type of people. It looks like I have a long way to go to learn about people's character.

At one point of today, I feel like just giving up. However, I do not like to lose and I will continue fighting the battle.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Laughing my head off......

I was playing my current favourite game, Texas HoldEm Poker on facebook when I saw the chatbox on the table:

Privacy Blocked: hi corinne
Privacy Blocked: can i buy u a drink?

I suspect it's one of my friend because I saw someone with the "Privacy Blocked" nickname on my friend's list....

-Privacy Blocked bought Corinne Lim a *love potion*-
(You can buy drinks and send gifts to people on the table)

What happened next:

Privacy Blocked: you are hot
Privacy Blocked: ; )

Corinne Lim: i know u don't i?

Privacy Blocked: sorry?
Privacy Blocked: what...what do you mean.....

Corinne Lim: u blocked ur name
Corinne Lim: u may be one of my fren :P

Privacy Blocked: serious?

Corinne Lim: dunt know..
Corinne Lim: im juz guessing lol..

Privacy Blocked: i plan to visit malaysia
Privacy Blocked: maybe kuala limpur

Corinne Lim: LOL
(I can't stop laughing. This person spelt Kuala Lumpur wrongly on purpose! He must be one of my friend! I now suspect it's either Jason or Cheng Huat. I looked for their names on MSN and saw Cheng Huat online. Jason was not online)


Privacy Blocked: u from malaysia rite?
Privacy Blocked: which part?

Corinne Lim: im from kelantan

Privacy Blocked: kelantan?
Privacy Blocked: nice place?
Privacy Blocked: im from manila

Vincent Yeong: i'm from sabah
(My friend suddenly joined in the conversation)

Corinne Lim: r u tikoy?
Corinne Lim: or PJ corpuz?

(I now suspect my friends from Manila..)

Privacy Blocked: ?
Privacy Blocked: sorry?

Corinne Lim: vincent : dunt forget my jersey.. :)

Vincent Yeong: sure
Vincent Yeong: remind me tomoro at 2pm

Privacy Blocked: whats nice in kelantan?
Privacy Blocked: maybe i can visit there

Vincent Yeong: kelantan is famous with eel

Privacy Blocked: eel?

Vincent Yeong: yes

Privacy Blocked: oh
Privacy Blocked: anyone from kuala limpur?

Vincent Yeong: i'm fr sabah

Privacy Blocked: i plan to see the famous twin tower
Privacy Blocked: coz in manila we dont have tall towers like that

(This is the fake-st! Wanna come Kuala Limpur to see twin tower! HA HA HA !)

Vincent Yeong: i heard it is a great tower
Vincent Yeong: wut is famous in manila

Privacy Blocked: shopping malls

Vincent Yeong: we also have shopping malls in sabah
Vincent Yeong: called 1 borneo

The bombshell:

Privacy Blocked: eh cookie
Privacy Blocked: damn sien
Privacy Blocked: i dont wan play liao

Corinne Lim: HAHA
Corinne Lim: who is that?!

Privacy Blocked: glory glory man utd

Corinne Lim: jason hue!!!

Vincent Yeong: hahahahahha

Corinne Lim: i knew it

Privacy Blocked: LOL
Privacy Blocked: bloody sien i beh tahan
Privacy Blocked: u all tipu me

Corinne Lim: u hiding from msn leh
Corinne Lim: serve u right la...
Corinne Lim: kakakaka
Corinne Lim: kuala limpur...

Privacy Blocked: damn it
Privacy Blocked: i didnt hide. i change my nick to HERO..

Vincent Yeong: hahahahahhaha

Privacy Blocked: u say u from kelantan
Privacy Blocked: HAHAHAHAHAHA

Privacy Blocked: KELANTAN WOR
Privacy Blocked: vincent is in singapore rite

Privacy Blocked: buy jersey for her
Privacy Blocked: i saw cookie msn status ask u to get the jersey

Vincent Yeong: kl fren

Privacy Blocked: nia sing
Privacy Blocked: LOL
Privacy Blocked: HAHAHAHAH

Vincent Yeong: hhhahahah

Privacy Blocked: cookie
Privacy Blocked: hahaahah
Privacy Blocked: kelantan
Privacy Blocked: ask me eat eel
Privacy Blocked: magai

Corinne Lim: hahahhahaa

Vincent Yeong: good
Vincent Yeong: ma

Privacy Blocked: damn fuunyy wei
Privacy Blocked: i was laughing my arse off
Privacy Blocked: bloody hell ... ask me eat eel
Privacy Blocked: lol

Corinne Lim: lol

Vincent Yeong: corrinne suspect u d

Privacy Blocked: hahaha
Privacy Blocked: omg

Vincent Yeong: eel good for u ma
Vincent Yeong: eat d your brother damn kuat

Privacy Blocked: funny as hell

Corinne Lim: izzit true kelantan famous for eel?

Privacy Blocked: kelantan not keropok meh
Privacy Blocked: power sial
Privacy Blocked: kimek

Vincent Yeong: keropok terengganu leh

Privacy Blocked: u all damn jokers man
Privacy Blocked: i keep disturbing cookie

Privacy Blocked: see can kao her or not
Privacy Blocked: let oversea ppl kao or not
Privacy Blocked: from manila

Vincent Yeong: she susah kau 1

Privacy Blocked: mana tau she mm heng

Corinne Lim: kao ur head la

Vincent Yeong: gtg d
Vincent Yeong: bb

Corinne Lim: the way u talk also so fake
Corinne Lim: HAHHAA

Privacy Blocked: hahaa bye
Privacy Blocked: HAHAHAHAHAH
Privacy Blocked: damn cb man
Privacy Blocked: eh msn msn
Privacy Blocked: i log off

Corinne Lim: kk

After that we had a post-mortem on MSN. I needed the laugh after the hot weather+dizziness+stress......

Thank you my favourite MU fan =)

Monday, 9 February 2009

The last day of CNY.....

..... is a public holiday !! The holidays turned out very nice this year. It is Thaipusam today and it was suppose to be a holiday for Selangor ONLY but our nice and friendly PM wanted to pull some votes in the general election last year so he made it a holiday for KL too! (that's what all Malaysians say so dun't ISA me for writing this!) Holiday or not, the crowd is back. The last 2 days was crazy. There were cars everywhere. I wonder what those ppl were up to? Last nite, when I went out to watch the WHU v MU match at ss15, all the coffee shops/restaurants were crowded. Even fake OldTown kopitiam were full! Luckily for the Kusar pub, I guess people doesn't really know of its existence, only a few people were there, we enjoyed the place to ourselves and comfortably watched the match without those fake fans.

Speaking of fake fans, I must tell you about this "friend" that I met online.

But wait. let's re-cap what happened the past 14 days of CNY....

I had my usual relatives visiting and suprisingly they didn't ask about my "relationship" this year. Not one single word about when I am going to get married, which is funny because they have been bugging me every year for the past 7 years (maybe more). I guess it's because their daughters do not have a bf (all broken up last year) and one of them do have a bf but he is not the rich and handsome type. They were criticising his looks and trying to guess how much he earns. Very bad lah. I won't dare to bring anyone back for them to see. It seems they have very high expectations and so choosy ! Anyway, they think that I either have a bf or i have a few bfs or i am having an affair with a married man. JUST BECAUSE i didnt bring back a guy for them to see. I am lazy to explain. Let them think whatever makes them happy.

My luck in gambling this year is so-so. In the end I didnt win or lose. Gambled at friend's place and office. Totally no mood to work for the past 15 days! Anyway my customers were not free either. Everyone's still enjoying the holidays plus with the economic situation, no one wants to buy and projects are all delayed. Sigh. I will have to buck up starting from tommorow. No more lazying around the office and I must bug customers to buy at least one server from me. It's time to be the nuisance sales person. HA HA.

So yeah, the past 15 days, I spent it eating, gambling, sleeping and basically just enjoying family & friend's company. But I also have a bad day when the fake fan stood me up for a movie date.

Let me tell you about this fake arsenal fan.

I met him online and we started to chat on MSN. At first he seems okay, guess we were still in the introductory stage so the usual getting to know each other chats were longer. After 2 days, whenever he messaged me, it was like a single word thingy. Like:




and so on...etc etc...

Sometimes I dunt bother to reply but sometimes I feel slightly guilty and will reply. I mean, it's not good to ignore people. I guess I am just like that.

Why I call him a fake fan?? You see, his first email to me was:

"Hi, I see you're an MU fan. I support Arsenal"

When I asked him what was the score in Arsenal's last match, he said he do not know as he dunt follow them weekly. That is a definate fake fan signal. I am not saying that you have to watch the match weekly but isn't there other sources to know your team's results, like the internet or the sports section of the daily newspaper if you're a fan ?

He seems pretentious and even talk bad about his ex gf. That is another thing that I can't stand about guys. He also likes to ask people out on a last minute basis as though all the girls are so free with nothing to do and no friends and are just waiting for him to invite us out. First of all, he sms me at 9am asking if i want to have breakfast. Of course no rite??! He then replied:

dinner? supper?

I have been rejecting every single invite.

Until the 6th day of CNY.

I was online, playing some games when he msn-ed me. He asked me out for a movie 2 days later. I dun't know why but I accepted his invitation. When the day comes, he got the nerve to sms me about 1 hour before the movie and told me that he would not be able to make it as he is not feeling well. WTF ??! Thank God I decided to ask him to come to Sunway for the movie. Initially he wanted to meet at 1U. If it was at 1U, i would have already been on the way!!!

I was so angry. You do not know how angry I was. Never never never has anyone stood me up like that. Even if people can't make it, they will inform me very much earlier.

After that episode, I no longer wanted him to be my friend. I do not care if he was really not feeling well, it doesn't seem sincere.

Today I received an sms from him:

Stay at home? or busy?

I know. What kind of sms is that? People already block you on msn, get the hint lah. I replied him hours later with one word - busy.

And guess what he reply back.

Busy with quotation? Thought wanna ask you out to Dong Chen Shi temple. (The actual sms was typed with very broken english, for the sake of my readers, I have ammended it to be in readable english - lol)

This guy has very thick skin. It's not to say he is bloody handsome. Usually if people are average looking, they make it up with their good personality. I'm sorry to say this fellow's personality is dreadful. I'm also sorry that I can't be friends with him because my level of tolerence is only until the stood-up date. Besides, I will only be laughing at his antics with my friends. I know it's bad but when you come across weirdos like this....

Heck, people may be laughing at me behind my back about how weird I am too. That's life. We laugh about each other.

I would like to end with a note to the guys.

Please, if you really want to ask a girl out, make sure you do your homework and find out as many things as you can about the girl. Looking at the example above, he asked me to go to a temple. I am a Christian lah! I mentioned that in my facebook profile. It shows the level of "care" and "interest" the guy has on you.

Also, please please please for the love of GOD, do not ask girls out on a last minute basis for a first date!

Lastly, do not send one word messages to people you barely know. It is rude. It's better you don't type at all or don't message at all. People like to use lazy english during chats (so do i) but at least have the courtesy to contruct more than one word.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

As the Chinese New Year approaches....

It's the same every year.

Cookies, drinks, mandarin oranges (careful of the maggots!) & lots of tempting food.

People rushing out to buy new clothes or going to the saloon for their hair cut, color, perming or re-bonding.

The re-union dinner.

Gambling. This is about the only thing I enjoy about CNY. Mahjong, blackjack, poker, in between, whatever games, you name it, I'm there. It helps to pass time & we don't have to talk much. Otherwise, aunties will be onto your back with questions about your relationships.

Another thing is, everyone is now on their way back to their hometown so there will be no traffic jams in KL/PJ for one week ! Woo hoo !

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Top of the League

A little late for this post but the positions are still valid after Liverpool's draw on Monday...
Hope it stays this way till the end of the season =)

Monday, 12 January 2009

Man Utd 3 - Chelsea 0


Yes I am biased but I do love it when the roo boy scored. Vidic & Berbatov both deserve credits as well.

I was confused with the first disallowed goal. I first thought that Giggs took it too fast but the commentators later explained that it was an old trick that hasn't been used for years. Very clever of Rooney & Giggsy.

I reckon this is the best they have performed throughout this season. Not because it was a win against Chelsea, it was the perfect team play from the keeper to striker.

I am also very sure that the Liverpool fans are panicking now. Well, serve them right for making false accusations and trying to unnerve the team.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

The year that was

My eyes are swollen and my voice sounds flu-ish. No lah, I didn't party and got drunk last night but I came home at 6.30am.

How time flies. There goes the year...

The last few days people start asking what your party plans are and we have the all time favourite question:

"What's your new year resolutions?

I always give them the same answer.

I am going to quit smoking.

"How many years you have been saying that?"

I don't care. Stop asking me. HA HA.

I hate making resolutions I can never keep. I remember my friend, Sue wrote a whole list of resolutions and she said she is juz going to change the year 2008 to 2009 on the same piece of paper. Of course, she was just joking. I think she wrote the same resolutions on a new piece of paper though. New year, new paper. he he...

I have not been making any "resolutions" since... forever. This year I want to do something different. I would like to make a list of things that I want to achieve this year, which is:

1) FINALLY go for the EUROPE trip
2) More Sales! More Sales!

That's all I'm asking. Nothing more. I'm not greedy.

Of course I have a whole lot of other things I would like to do but I know I will never get around to doing them so let's not waste my blog's space writing them down.

Reflections of 2008.


The first half of the year was good for me socially, but workwise was terrible. 2nd half of the year, my career was getting better but my social life became almost non-existent coz of the late hours i spent in my cubicle especially the last month. I became so lazy to go out on weekends after a tiring week. All I wanna do is sleep and even then, my customers still call me requesting for changes to their quotes on a Sunday afternoon. But I do enjoy my work. I guess you can't have it all. Well, the good thing is, I am still single and have this kind of time to spare. If I have a bf then sorry lah, wait till Monday for your damn quote man!!! HAHAHAH.....

Yup, overall it's a so - so year.

I spent last night with a couple of friends drinking, eating junk food and watching a horror movie "The house" which turned into a comedy thanks to commentaries from my buddies. Really! How are we suppose to watch a horror movie with these bunch of comedians:

"Run la, still wanna sit in the car....wait for the ghost come and catch...stupid girl..."

"If I see the toilet like that, I won't go lah. You can see it looks like got ghost inside...."

"Why the ghost have to have slime coming out from the mouth one? Scary meh like that? Looks more disgusting..."