Monday, 27 April 2009

The Weekend That Was

Mr Jason teased that my blog is always about Libra boy and so he named himself as "Capricorn boy". I must say that Libra boy sounds much nicer than Capricorn boy (which is a mouthful) right? Anyway I suspect the REAL reason why he is kicking up this fuss is because he wanted to change the topic. I was halfway verbally bashing him for going to sleep at HT during the MU v Spurs match. He missed the comeback! tsk tsk...Very good tactic...

If I blog about work, it will be dangerous & also boring. Who wants to read about the political workplace where everyone is a two headed snake? It's the same in every work place and all we can do is rant to our friends/family to let the anger out. My horoscope adviced that I should lie low this year in terms of career wise, it is not a good time to fight or be aggresive. Right, lie low i will....

So you see, what is so nice to read about my working life? Let's talk about something happier, like the good weekend I had.......with libra boy of course....keke...

We had plenty of food.... cooked lamb chop for Sunday's dinner. It was so-so. The corn & mashed potatoes were nice though.

I know the photo is a little too dark but still can see lah...

And no, I didn't cook the thai food, we had it at Just Thai, 1U. I love Thai tom yam but it gave me a niggling stomach pain on Sat & Sun which kinda spoil my weekend slightly but it was still bearable. I know I should quit tom yam for the next 3 months until whatever that is inside my stomach heals itself. Perhaps I should go on a no-beer diet too but that will be a bit harder to achieve =P

We went to catch a movie as well: He is just not that into you. Finally got the tickets since its opening. Everytime we went to the counter, it's all sold out..

The movie was nice especially the Ben & Jen ending. A little too fast paced at times. I guess they're trying to cramp a whole lot of "rules" into a 2-hour movie.

I am so happy this Friday is a holiday. I can relax and ZzzzzZzz and do whatever I like for 3 whole days!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Manchester United 5 - Spurs 2

What a fantastic comeback from MU... 5 goals in the 2nd half !! Ronaldo, Rooney, Rooney, Ronaldo & finally Berbatov (well, he should redeem himself after THAT terrible penalty kick at Wembley last week).

Great play from the two Rs especially Rooney who produced accurate & stunning crosses from the left flank.

I am absolutely delighted and what's better is I shared this moment with Libra boy =)

Friday, 24 April 2009

Road Signs

The road signs in our country is useless...if you do not have an 'accurate' direction or GPS, I suggest you get it before hitting the roads otherwise you will probably end up taking all the wrong turns and take a longer time to reach your destination.

I had to visit a customer in Kajang. It has been 15 years since my last visit and the only route I know is through Cheras. My colleague told me that it will be nearer if I use the Puchong way and go through Putra Jaya. He said to just follow the sign boards...

I know all about the sign boards but I thought that after several years, there had to be some improvements. Furthermore, it is a new highway, it shouldn't be as bad right?


Yes, there's a nice big sign that shows "Kajang" right before Puchong but the sign miraculously 'dissapeared' for the next 5km. Using my instinct (since my colleague did say it is after Putrajaya), I just follow the Putrajaya route.... After a while I reach a fork and still no "Kajang" sign. What is worse, they don't even write Putrajaya anymore!

Which one am I suppose to take lah? Left or right? die..die...

After 2 seconds of hesitance, I pick the right one and right after that, I saw the Kajang sign indicating that I should have taken the left turn. May I know, what is the point of putting a sign board just after people had already choose the wrong turn? They should have put up the sign like 1km before right? Which idiot design those road signs??!

I had to go all the way to LimKokWing University to make a U-turn and I saw that I am almost out of fuel. Great....I still do not know where is my destination. Driving along, I was on the lookout for petrol stations but there were none. I am not that worried because I know it should last me to my destination. After a few more wrong turns thanks to the disastrous road signs, I finally reached my customer's place.

On the way back, I know I have to fill up my car. I wouldn't want to be stuck in the middle of the highway. To my utmost disgust, 3 petrol stations that I turn into (and mind you, they were quite far and isolated) were closed. What the hell ??! I saw a few Shell & Petronas lorries... if i ask them to stop, do you think they will donate some petrol to me? *keke* Actually at that time I was slightly panicky......but what can i do..............except P-R-A-Y...

I switched off my a/c (I heard the car won't consume so much fuel if you do that, dunt know if its true) and drove in the blasted hot sun for another 10km...

I finally got it filled at a petrol station somewhere in Puchong and bought my much needed water as well....

You know what??? After that..... I see a petrol station every 2km..................and they're all open for business...

Yes, Life is pretty funny sometimes..

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle

Last week I bought a 1000 miniature puzzle with Libra boy..

After the first night, this was the progress:

It's kinda fun and there's a sense of achivement as you slot each puzzle pieces in its place.

I'm looking forward to completing this =)

Monday, 20 April 2009


At a time when I am feeling slightly "stuck", a friend shared this with me:

I nearly cried....

Please do load and watch it, it's worth every of your 5 minutes.

Thursday, 16 April 2009


WoW ! Is it really Thursday already? Seems like I have no chance to sit down and breathe.

From attending the longest ever meetings to wasting time replying to dim-witted emails, it seemed my 9 - 6 just passed with the blink of an eye. Which is a good thing, I hate it when time passes slowly at work. But then, I have no chance to relax even after 6pm! It's really quite difficult when you have to deal with stubborn family members...

I sometimes get pissed off when there's politics at work. No, correct that. I get angry all the time when people play politics. All the backstabbings and betrayals... urghh!!

But now that I have a chance to sit here and blog, I find that there is really no point getting myself all worked up over people that I do not care. What is the point? It is really human nature. Everyone has different characteristics and everyone has their own hidden agenda at work & will do anything to excel (thereby covering their actual faults).

I already do not have enough time to care about the people that I want to care for, why should I waste even 1 second of my time for these people?

Which brings me to my next point, I feel like I did not see Libra boy at all this week, although I did see him last night....the time just passes too quickly....


Okay..... it's my hormones....getting too philosophical....

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Hail Kiko Macheda


Lucky deflection or not it doesn't matter. So long as he wins the game for MU.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Dinner & a pink lemonade

Libra boy wanted me to cook him green curry chicken for dinner. Me & my big mouth. I told him I bought some curry paste from Bangkok and he wanted to taste it. I have not exactly been cooking for other people for a long time so I am kinda nervous.

But there is no escape...

We went grocery shopping @ Cold Storage, Subang Parade . To be honest, I am kinda worried the curry won't turn out well because I have never cooked any green curry before and I am bad with 'curry'. Hope he don't get food poisoning or something. If he does, that's it lah... sure deduct marks from me...*keke*

After his badminton game today (btw, my libra boy looks extremely cute when he is playing sports) we came home and he helped me to chopped up the luncheon meat, chili and also shred the crabstick.

Here's our dinner and a pink lemonade to celebrate my first time cooking 2 main dishes for him:

Well, the curry turned out OKAY but not to worry, I still have 2 packets of paste to improve the taste.

Our fried rice has a very special recipe. 'Normal' people may not like it. We cooked it with no garlic, just eggs, mixed vege (corn/carrot/peas), luncheon meat and shredded crabstick. Normally I will cut the crabsticks into small cubes but I think it tastes better shredded =)

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Bangkok 21 - 24 March 2009

It was a suppose to be a trip to de-stress ourselves and I must say we did that very well, by shopping like there's no tommorow....

Day 1
Woke up early to go to LCCT and while rushing, I slipped and fell down the stairs. Sigh...! Luckily i didnt break anything, just a few minor bruises here and there. I was afraid to let Libra boy know about this and quickly drew the curtains shut which made the situation worst because he saw what I was doing and suspected 'something'. Next time I should smile and *wave* so that I won't look so guilty.... Anyway I was given a stern look & warning to be more careful next time. The thing is, I am not a clumsy person. You can say I am a 'fast' type of person if there is such a category. I have a knack for rushing, I know it's not good because it means I always leave things till the last minute...

Libra boy then fetched me to LCCT (which was a very sweet gesture & much appreciated) Upon reaching, my 2 frens were already there (yeah yeah, I am late....I am not much of a morning person - getting up early is definately not my forte) We checked in and had Mcd's breakfast. You know what LCCT reminds me of? PUDURAYA. Especially the toilet. I will never pay a visit to their washrooms again. My breakfast was nearly puked out.

Upon reaching BKK, I lost my sunglasses. I've no idea where I left it. Probably at the counter. Oh nevermind, can always get a cheap one later. We took a cab to our hotel and reached about 1pm.

And the shopping begins....

We went to Platinum Mall and shopped till 6pm. I had the Thai fermented noodles for lunch which cost only RM4. I do not really like it as the noodles are kinda sticky.... The price on the clothes and accessories are amazingly low and I spent RM250 just on that few hours. After some rest, we went to Siam Paragon for our dinner and more shopping. Dinner was OK but a bit on the pricey side. We went back to the hotel early because Sop had period cramps (first day) and Sue suddenly started sneezing (her nose and eyes became very watery). As for me, my whole body felt like it has been beaten up (the after effects of the fall - Shhh! don't tell Libra boy...)

Day 2
Woke up about 8am... (we are still on Malaysian time and thought it was 9am) and went to Jatujak market. I had the duck fermented noodles this time and I am not eating those type of noodles again. It is just too sticky for my taste. We shopped from 10am - 4pm until our legs couldnt take it anymore. I was also starting to feel the pain from the fall and quickly bought some medicated plasters to try and lessen the back ache.

Dinner was taken at Central World and it's much nicer this time. I had my green curry chicken. YUMMY =)

We adjourned to Sky Bar after Sop did some bags shopping. The view is very nice, feels like the view in those HK TVB Series. You know how they drive up the hill and see the whole of HK City? It is something like that except that we took a lift to the err... 70th or 75th floor (i've forgotten) Well, almost similiar.....

Day 3
A visit to the Grand Palace. It's a beautiful place but too hot for my liking. The sun is scorching! I walked very quickly to any shade I can find while the other 2 took photos.

After the Grand Palace, we decided to go to Platinum Mall again. We have a few hours to shop before the dinner cruise later.

Time passes very quickly when you shop. We suddenly find ourselves late and may miss the expensive cruise dinner. It costs about RM200 per person okay....!!! I forgot to mention that traffic is very bad at Bangkok. There is traffic jams ALL THE TIME...!! Anyway Sop called the cruise people and they told us we can make it if we took the train. Fine....Told the cab to stop us at some station and we made it on time. It was the first time I have ever been on a boat or ship. I like it. Very much. The water & breeze was so calming that I nearly fell asleep halfway during dinner. I visited their cabin but it was kinda noisy. Don't know if I will be able to sleep with the sound of engines.

Day 4

Packed our stuffs and left at the hotel. Went to a nearby shopping mall to do some last minute shopping for souveniers and other stuffs.

Landed at Puduraya, ooops! I mean LCCT at 9+ and so happy to see Libra boy =)

The Champions League

I know that MU has got nothing to shout about as they let in 2 away goals to Porto. It's a must win for them next but it's alright as long as we didn't boast about how GREAT our team is and then lost 1 -3 to our opponents. I am sure you know who I am talking about. Yeah... the force to be reckoned with - Gerrad & Torres (the best attacking pair at the EPL at the moment - some say). The team that MU is so afraid of.....

Here's a dedication from our creative & most dedicated MU fan, Mr Jason Hue:

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Happy Weekend

Her Say:
Libra boy asked if I'm Ok to watch a movie on Friday night. Yeah why not? I never say no to movies.... He gave me 2 choices, "Fast & Furious 4" or "Confessions of a Shopaholic". I know he is being very considerate by giving the Shopaholic option. (All guys would want to watch Fast & Furious right....? LOL) Anyway I asked him to pick this time and true enough, it's the car movie but hey I am not complaining. I like watching that too. We bought the tickets around 6.30pm and had another half hour to eat. Again Libra boy was being considerate when he suggested Sakae Sushi (he doesn't eat raw food) but he insisted he can eat the other 'cooked' stuffs. Our dinner was ate at top speed, if only my friends, Sue & Sop can see us. They were commenting on my eating speed at Bangkok saying that I do not chew my food. But they're really slow lah....chew abit then talk talk or look around then chew again...i know they will kill me for writing this down.. *keke*

On Saturday, both Libra boy & me wanted to buy some stuffs. I saw Libra boy looking in2 my fridge but thought nothing of it. Little did i know what he has in mind....

When we reach Carrefour, Libra boy went and got us a trolley. First we went to look for what we wanted. As we go along, Libra boy started to shove cans after cans of drinks in2 the trolley. I initially wanted only a Ribena (yes we r still kids) but look what we got:

The only time I ever stock up with these type of drinks are during CNY....and you should see the amount of groceries we got. I've never bought so many food & drinks. You would think that I am starving him with the amount of stuffs he kept piling on the trolley....

Anyway Libra boy wanted to comment on our funny weekend, so he is here as a special guest.

Let's see what he thought about our weekend:

His Say:
Hey people...This is my first time ever writing in a blog....GOAL!!!!!!MU scored!!!a trademark by Ronaldo....sorry...a lil' distraction or rather celebration....keke...

We had been together for a month...Things around us are unbelievable....From common interests to food selection....

------taking a break 4 the match...getting more interesting now....c u in a bit------

Her Say:
We are watching Manchester United v Aston Villa now. Have to stop writing. C u guys at HT =)

His Say:
It's now the 28th minutes and AV scored....SIGH!!!Makes me returned to the keyboard.... =( We had a very good weekend....I got a big surprise as her mom came over this morning after praying....I got down and guess what...Both her mom and her cousin were ransacking the fridge....LOL....I greeted her and then sat on the sofa....Then the conversation starts....

Mom : I got mahjong date later in Shah Alam....

Leo Girl : What? Shah Alam so far, play here lar...

Me : *puZZled*

Mom : Who's playing lar?

Leo Girl : You, me and him lor...

Me : *head is already on the chopping board*

Mom : Huh...Really ar? Then I better called up my friend and cancelled the game....

Mom's calling.....

Mom : I'm done lar....Cancelled my appoinment d....Going back to shower first....Please 'tapao' curry mee for me....

Leo girl and Libra boy looked at each other and laugh....Mom left and we prepared ourselves to go for lunch...30 mins later, we got back from lunch and noticed that mom had arrived with the mahjong table waiting in the house.... =P While mom was having her lunch, we set up the tiles and chairs....We played til the F1 race starts....At the end of our session, mom happily won 50 bucks and watched F1 with us....Its indeed a nervous but happy weekend!!!

Back to her say:
Damn, AV equalised. MU better score again. It's HT now. Talking about the mahjong game, it was ME that LOST THE RM50 not him..!!!

It was quite shocking for my mom to agree playing with us. It was even more shocking because it was the first time my mom is meeting Libra boy and I thought she will neva agree to the game because for one thing, she doesn't like to play with any of my friends (she thinks we are not up to her 'level') and another is she has to take care of my 3 'sakai' niece. Suddenly she is so free.

But I like.

I thought Libra boy was nice to play with my mom. No ex of mine has ever offered such a thing and will never take the initiative to communicate with members of my family. A really 'touching' gesture was when he went out to take the takeaway from my mom. It was raining and he just ran out without any umbrella. That's very nice =)

Gotta take another break. Match resumes.

At the 70th minute: Dammit AV leading 2 - 1 &^%$# .... &^%$# ....*&^%$ WTF !!!!!

At the 95th minute........

*wOooOOOo hOOoooOO....!!!*

Macheda, the 17 year old youth reserve came in and scored the winning goal...

MU won 3 - 2 !!

*Me & Libra boy celebrating*