Monday, 31 August 2009

The very late post for August

Read on to find out................

I've been meaning to blog about the events on my birthday but I have writer's block....LOL...nah.....i have just been very lazy and since it's the long weekend this week, I finally have some time to myself to do whatever outstanding things that are well....."outstanding". Not that there are plenty of them but hmmm............

Ok I'm drifting away....let's drift back to the events beginning from 1st August.....

My new boss told me that he wants me to take up a new role and I was not happy about it. The role is in-bound and I have to return the company's notebook and use a desktop. That's fine. Good riddance to the "BRICK". It's the job scope that's bugging me. There's pro and cons with the job and I do not want to go into detail about it because I really do not want to waste more space blogging about work. All I have to say is that after few weeks on my new role, I am still skeptical.

So anyway, since I have to return the company's notebook, I need a new one. I can't imagine life without internet and I was thinking of getting a mini notebook.

Libra boy knew about this and he told me he will buy one as my birthday present. Very timely eh?

We went to the Curve on the 7th August hoping to catch Harry Potter. Yeah I know, I can't imagine why I have not seen the movie yet! Because of the friday traffic, we missed the movie but had a good dinner at TGIF.

On the way to the parking, I saw that there's a book sale at Cine Leisure. We went to have a look after our dinner. However, on the way there we passed an IT mall and saw the Lenovo S10-2 on display. Libra boy immediately asked the staff to set it up and I am now the proud owner of my new mini *yaY*

I'm very pleased with the notebook.

Actually "pleased" is not the right word. I am absolutely happy, delighted, ecstatic and on a cloud nine with it. There's just no correct happy words that can describe my feelings.

It is light and easy to carry around but most importantly, it lets me do whatever I want with a notebook. Now I do not have to carry the BRICK around and risk becoming the hunchback of notre dame. I am so happy with the present really. Muakks to my Libra boy. A zillion kisses for you forever =)

On my birthday, I initially wanted to take leave but hmm..I kinda forgot why i didnt. Let me re-think....I think it was because I had some work to submit???? I can't remember.... Anyways, my colleagues celebrated with me at Canton-i (i love their prawn wantan mee and BBQ pork). Libra boy came to have dinner with me and we went to Manhattan Fish Market (we are crazy about their seafood platter for 2)

And of course, August always means the start of the new EPL season. So far all the matches that I watched with Libra boy ended in a win for Manchester United.

We didn't watch the Burnley match as it was mid-week at the wee hours. Perhaps that's why they didn't win. LOL

Manchester United was great against Arsenal. Although some say that MU was lucky, I believed they did a great job. They kept up with Arsenal's pace and there's another goal from Rooney! *clap* *clap*

I'm hoping to see more of Owen in action. Maybe in September?

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Avillion, Port Dickson

I was assigned to attend an event at PD on Friday, 31st July 2009 and I was so not looking forward to it because well, its PD! The last time I stayed there, we stayed at this really cheap motel located somewhere deep and dark with lousy thin mattress and full-of-bugs blanket. That was how cheap my ex company was.

Anyway come friday, me & colleagues drove down there with Libra boy's car. When we reach the hotel, I saw the following chalets:

My colleague commented that they will never give us such rooms and that we are probably assigned to those normal hotel room with garden view. Oh wells, it's fine. I just want to get it over and done with.

The morning passed with nothing eventful. The ballroom was freezing! They shouldn't switch on the a/c at full blast during seminars. Yes, there's plenty of people in the room but at least make the temperature more bearable lah!

Finally the event ended at 4pm and we were allowed to check-in to our room. Along the way, I saw pet farm where there were a few rabbits and peacocks and some unique chicken (which still looks like a chicken to me). I even saw a peacock wandering along the swimming pool. The walkway is nice and peaceful. After about 5 mins walk, we finally reach our room.

WoW! They actually gave us the water chalet type of room.

There were 3 beds inside the room which is good because my room mate is not planning to stay and if I get really scared, I can go and sleep at my other colleague's room but he warned me in advance that he "sing" in his sleep.

A view from the balcony looks like this:

The toilet is huge and has an open shower concept where we shower under the sky! After about 10 mins rest, I felt very much relaxed as the room ambience is good. There were no bright lights, juz dimmed lightings.

Me & colleagues went back to the beach for the team building event. We had to play a few games and it was quite fun. We took off our slippers and shoes and ran on the soft sand. Luckily didn't get cut by any glass or stones.

Dinner was good too. It was held at a special private beach and they had jazz music playing on the background. It's all very romantic & relaxing. Too bad I am not here with Libra boy :P But I did enjoy the casual chit chats with the organisers.

After dinner, I went back to my room and showered and watch a bit of sports and then tune in to star movies. They suddenly advertised this ghost movie, which I have forgotten the name and I quickly closed my eyes and mute the sound. At this time I was quite scared and really wanted to bunk in with my colleagues but after a smoke at the balcony I jumped back to my bed and started watching Narnia. I guess the atmosphere made me forget my fears and I juz dozed off with the TV on... :P

Today I woke up at 7.59am coz of a phone call from my hungry colleague. For gods sake, the breakfast starts at 8am and he wants to go there at 8am! I told them to go ahead first. I hear the rain drops. It was raining! nice to sleep. I woke up at 8.30 and took a hot shower. Luckily it has stopped raining. Hmm, the open shower concept doesn't work well on a rainy day.

I enjoyed myself more during the 2nd day as the presenter was funny. After lunch we drove back and during the first half hour of the trip, I laughed myself silly. You see, when we came to PD, it was E that drove the car and it was a smooth and safe ride.

E asked J to drive back and because J was not used to the car, he made a lot of mistakes. First of all the signals are on the left and he kept turning on the wipers as he was used to his car signals being on the right. Then he couldn't open the window to pay the toll and nearly crashed into the barrier. After that he tried the horn and he couldn't make the car honk. After about 3 near misses of accident, we decided it's time he stop the car and let E drive instead. He stopped by the roadside and suddenly step on the accelerator. We asked him what he was trying to do:

J: Oh.... just now when I step on the brake, the car locked itself. I dunno how to open the door lah. I tot that if I step on the accelerator, the door will unlock itself.

E & myself laughed till we had tears in our eyes. It was a most eventful ride.

Our fun trip was spoilt by the 2 hours traffic jam we endured back in KL. There's some protest going on at the city and there's plenty of road blocks all over.

But overall, although I never expected it, it was a fun and relaxing trip indeed.