Sunday, 30 September 2007

A Cookie's Saturday

I slept till about noon today... shocking isnt it ? I actually woke up at 9am lah but feeling dehydrated from the whiskey last night and slightly dizzy i went and slept somemore. Luckily Zan called me at 12pm otherwise I would have been much, much later for our lunch appointment at Bakerzin Bangsar Village.

After a quick shower, i drove to Centrepoint, met up with Zan and went to Bangsar Village to meet the others. I was damn hungry by this time - no breakfast mah, but it's not like i eat a heavy breakfast everyday, just coffee normally. I guess I just felt I deserve a treat. When we arrived at the Zin, i ordered my favourite Seafood Pasta. This time they added a small lobster or big prawn, whatever that is lah....see from the photo below:

u see that big thing with shell one - what's that thing call?

The others ordered the lamb cutlets:

and also the fish milanese:

Jenn & Elaine had soups + pasta + cakes. Their cheesecake was not nice today. It melted too quickly and the taste is not so good. Maybe last night's cakes.

When i came back i browse through some of my friend's blog and came across this saying:

"to be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it"

hmm.......that makes sense and i felt a lot better. So i took a nap - ha ha ha, woi... it's the whiskey lah....i dunt normally pig like this...yeah i do like to nap but i seldom get the chance...usually wen i "snake" (a malaysian term for truant) i go for a loooong coffee session with the other "snakes". Why do we have to use the term "snake" anyway.....god i hope i really dunt have Voldermort's genes.....noooo nooo....must not snake anymore.....

Anyway still nursing the mild hangover from last night, I decided to stay home and watch the match and Manchester United won 1 - 0 (goal scored by C.Ronaldo) so yeah, my week is ending with a high note of good vibes and it will continue to better starting from TODAY :)

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Birmingham v Manchester United

Date: 30 September 2007
Time: 0015

Another one of United's own, Steve Bruce's team against Manchester United this week. It should be the same line-up as the one that faced Chelsea last weekend, with Hargreaves only making the bench. I want to see goals ! goals ! goals!
A 1 - 3 for United.

A very personal thought

i'm having a lousy week so far - the worst in 2007. I do not know how i am feeling now, whether should i feel angry/fear/anxiety. I just do not understand humans sometimes. I guess we are a complex subject......

well im thankful i did not have any recurring nightmares about snakes - that's the good part of this week. I've always hated snakes, maybe i'm brought up to think they're evil and they sort of crept into my sub-conscious memory and make me dream about them. I hated those nightmares. There will either be one very big snake like those anaconda type trying to eat me or a few hundreds of them, sometimes talking to me (what the hell? ) or sometimes biting me or sometimes i just escaped them. Well, whatever these dreams symbolize, I have given up trying to interpret them.

I have tried to be optimistic. A friend commented that I have lost quite a bit of weight (shouldnt I be happy?) and that I look really bad. She's right. I guess the stress is showing isnt it ?

I am just dissapointed. It will pass.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

My neck/shouder hurts

They say its stress + sitting in front of the PC too long + wrong pillow.

All correct.

There's a tussle going on at work which is causing some stress in my life this week, but after much thoughts coupled with some sleepless nights with nightmares, I say to hell with it.

To make a long story short, the management went back against their word. IF after stating my arguments and offering to help, they still want to burn the bridges, then so be it.

Well, I guess this is quite common scenarios to being an employee so I've actually put it behind me and slept quite well last night.

So what's causing the pain then? Hmmm ..... must be the pillow !!

I should get a new one.

Any recomendations? like those dunno-what animal feather type ?

Not those contour pillow please.... Not relaxed at all lah...

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Cookie's teasers

Best to zzz earlier tonite - hope i dunt get a crazy man chasing me this time, but if he looks like brad pitt then ok lah.

Monday, 24 September 2007

A nightmare

I am so sleepy now coz I had a nightmare last night. I went to bed around 2.30am and woke up at 4.30am dreaming that a crazy woman (who look like a ghost from those cheap horror movies - she has long hair, dressed in white with blood oozing out from both side of her lips) chasing me all the way to from PJ to KL ... if i remember correctly she dunt have a gun (or i would have been dead and the nightmare could have ended sooner - damn), i think she had a "parang" ... ???

And when i dozed back, my alarm rang and it's time to get ready for work. Sigh ...

OooooOooOO...i juz checked the dream intepretation diary (yeah im very free) and this dream means i have "life stress". Whooooa.... ??!

Mooncake Gathering 220907

Had a mooncake gathering on Saturday with some lelongers and their families. It was really nice to meet the person behind their nickname. The most talkative award had to go to Ceo who bluffed that he drove a mercedes when we went to re-park our cars. He got me there for a moment...!!!

Vivi made some jelly mooncakes and I love it !! It's shaped exactly like a mooncake and there's even an egg yolk colour in the middle.

Can you guess who is who from the photos below? There's jennwah, lunaticg, bai1101, ceo684, henrytb, scorgio, alancheah, vivienlpl, zeebra, jimmychoo & huannchin :D

After eating so much on Saturday I went to Telok Gong on Sunday and ate about 7 dishes + some beers. My weighing machine is now hidden deep underneath somewhere. No way am i going to see how much I weigh now.

I grabbed the photo below from Vivi's blog, i really like the color and background (ignore the two models please) I think Vivi can give the photographer maniac (you know the guy who keep snapping our photos that night) a run for his money.

Almost forgot, Jennwah brought a cake specially for this gathering (selective memory - MORE KGs added thats why i conveniently try to "forget" about it). Thanks Jennwah :)

Manchester United 2 - Chelsea 0

We won !! We won !!

Tevez got his first goal for United, Saha converted from a penalty.

A well deserved 2 - 0 win against the blues. For the first time this season, I finally see some good attacking passes and full points to Carrick, who produced two accurate passes to Giggs. We are now second on the table behind the Gunners who's having a good start to the season as well.

Anyone miss mourinho and his mouth ?

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Manchester United v Chelsea

LIVE on 23rd September 2007, 2300 M'sia time

Hargreaves & Neville are both still out. SAF should try to start with 2 strikers, Rooney + Tevez or Saha. With the moaner gone and the new coach taking over, it won't be easy as Avram Grant will be looking to score some points with the fans and what better way to do it than to beat Manchester United at home in his first game in charge for the blues.

I heard Chelsea will be without Lampard & Drogba.

Prediction: United to win 3 - 1 (i really wanna see some goals)

Thursday, 20 September 2007

The Moaner is Gone

Will anyone miss the Moaner? Need to think? Let me refresh:

'Please don't call me arrogant, but I'm European champion and I think I'm a special one' - Mourinho introduces himself to the English press after arriving from Porto in summer 2004.

'In the second half it was whistle and whistle, fault and fault, cheat and cheat. The referee controlled the game in one way during the first half but in the second they had dozens of free-kicks. I know the referee did not walk to the dressing rooms alone at half-time' - Mourinho claims Sir Alex Ferguson had unduly influenced referee Neale Barry at half-time during a Carling Cup semi-final against Manchester United in January 2005. He was fined £5,000 by the Football Association for improper conduct.

Bye Bye Special One. I will not miss you.

Sporting Lisbon 0 - Man Utd 1

Overall nothing spectacular about this match except Van De Sar's fantastic goalkeeping and Ronaldo's goal. The special moment was when the Sporting fans all stood up and cheered for Ronaldo when he was substituted. Rooney's still lacking match fitness, but he was hardworking and it's good to see him back.

Cookie's teasers

Insomnia nights are not hard to get by when you have a match coming up in 10 minutes :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Sporting Lisbon v Manchester United

Champions League Group F First Phase
Wed, 19th September 2007

The first Champions League game for United this season. Nani & Ronaldo returns to their old club while we welcome back Wayne Rooney and another 2 no match fitness strikers - Tevez & Saha.

Hargreaves is out :(

Good Luck lads.

A Coffee Break Joke

Nowadays I come across lots of umm ... "funny scenarios" ...

this is a REAL live MSN conversation:

A Guy says: Some crazy chick tried to pick me up tat nite...

CookiE says: who?

A Guy says: I osso dunno. d bachelor intro wan.

2 weeks later:

A Guy says: nothing happened la, better not

CookiE says: y? she got bf already?

A Guy says: yup

CookiE says: and...?

A Guy says: too aggresive

CookiE says: u mean she's pursuing u ?

A Guy says: thats wat it seems like

CookiE says: sure or not one? dun't bluff here lah.....y she got bf but still after u?

A Guy says: ya man...
A Guy says: she said still not married ma

CookiE says: this conversation is too good to be true

A Guy says: wat "too good to b true"?
A Guy says: give me some credit la... i still hav good looks
A Guy says: hahahaha

Can someone please pass me the bucket ? QUICK !!! *lolzzz*

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Cookie's teasers

its 2345 and this evil chipster is staring at me...

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Kimi the Spa-Master

Congratulations Kimi - looking as gorgeous as ever :)

Curtin University

A trip down memory lane for all Curtineers.

The parking lot. The cars here are all quite cheap and affordable, if ur not particular. We bought a 1982 Holden for A$1K and it lasted us for the 2 years we were there. We are also required to purchase a semester parking pass otherwise we will get a "summon" not unlike those we get from MPPJ. I was lucky to meet a HK friend who scanned and printed the fake passes for us :D

Building 407 - the business building, where we have most of our lectures and tutorials. It's a 15-20 minutes walk from my house in Bentley.

The "Gazebo" connecting building 407 & 402. A great meet-up place to chit chat or smoke or just the place to meet up to go for classes or somewhere else. Our lecturers smoke here too!

Inside the 402 building where all the computer labs are located. I spent lots of nights (especially nearing semester ends) finishing my assignments and chit chatting on IRC. Last time IRC was very popular and we even had a dedicated local asian channel, "garbo". I made lots of friends here. Sometimes we dunt leave till 6am, sometimes we meet here and go for supper together. I also met the charming Mark Swain here, hmm....i wonder what happen to him. Should send him an email.

The library cafe, another great place to meet-up for those group marketing assignments discussions.

One of the tutorial rooms. I had Economics in this theater and our class was at 10am. Mostly we try to cramp all our lectures and tutorials to 2 days so we get the rest of the 3 days free. It's so good coz we get to choose our own timetable.

The cafeteria that sells the best kebabs. I will do anything for a chicken kebab now.

Thanks again to Brett for all these photos :)

Cookie's teasers

I've been sneezing quite a bit today. I hope I'm not coming down with flu ??

Everton 0 - Manchester United 1

ya lah ya lah...another single-goal triumph but it's good enough to take them to third place and it's good enough for all the Man Utd fans all there, considering there was no striker to finish all the perfect crosses from midfield. Well, it's not as perfect as when David Beckham was there, but they did conquer the midfield, as the possession percentage will tell you.

It's also not much difference from the first 5 games. They needed a set-piece to score, this time from a corner and Vidic (so handsome btw) headed it in. Tevez did have a moment when he could have scored a magnificent goal from far away and make up for all his crappy performances earlier. To be fair to him, I guess he made a difference in the midfield. We do conquer the midfield. But we need strikers. Saha was brilliant when he came in. Nice control.

Our defence was great. Rio, Vidic, Brown & Evra & Van De Sar - Nice

Saturday, 15 September 2007


The city which gave me so many memories:

Of course i didnt take the above photo. Where got the camera or skills to do that? Besides, when i was there, i was too busy enjoying my freedom away from home doing things an overseas student will do....freedom mannnnn....nobody to nag u.....

My uni friend, Brett Green took this and he sent me quite a number of Curtin photos as well, which brought back so many fond memories.

I'll post them up later coz it's time for my afternoon nap now :D

Everton v Manchester United

Venue: Goodison Park
Time: 1200 UK time/1900 KL time

Ronaldo & Rooney's back. Hargreaves/Giggs are both doubtful.
Although i do not fancy sitting through another 90 minutes watching them creating chances after chances with no finishing, i'll still be there.
I am hoping for a goal feast. Perhaps a 3 - 1 win to Man Utd ?

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Mourinho has possessed Benitez

some excerpts:

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez today expressed his disappointment at the Premier League fixture list, insisting it was 'impossible to prepare a team properly' following an international week.

Benitez went on to question the treatment of sides who compete in midweek in Europe and said the vagaries of the fixture list could cost teams a shot at the title.

'We had the same problem with the Champions League games; we were playing on the Wednesday, then kick off on the Saturday and normally away. I think it's not fair and in the end you have more problems winning these games.

This is too funny.
How come MU, Arsenal & Chelsea can win the title while still playing in the Champions league and also i would say they have a whole team of international players as well ?

Cookie's teasers

this morning i weigh myself and found out ive put on an extra 2kg. Oh oh ...

time to exercise more & eat lesser

England 3 - Russia 0

Way to go England !! 2 goals from Michael Owen and a rare one from Rio Ferdinand saw England thrashed the Russians and they now require only 5 points from the remaining 3 matches to qualify for EURO 2008.

Another nice one from all the English boys.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

England v Russia


2nd match at Wembley later tonight. Mclaren will field the same players as he did against Israel. I heard from the radio that Roman Abramovich offered bonuses to the Russian players to beat England.

Any England fans still want to support Chelsea ?


I am playing around with templates & colors.
Please don't be shocked by the weird headers if you happen to come in while i am re-constructing halfway :)

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Horror Date No II - Mr Scrooge

A fren wanted to introduce me to this mr tall-fair-handsome-single-financially stable-intelligent-aged 34 (according to her lah) guy for ages.

C: If he is so good, how come no girls lining up at his door ?
J: He's got high expectations.
C: Wah, what makes you think i can meet his "expectations"
J: Never try never know.

After a few fake "im not feeling well" excuses, my friend took matters to her own hands, bluffing that she want to have a "girl talk" session but instead arranged for a date with mr tall-fair-handsome-single-financially stable-intelligent-aged 34. Yep, sort of a "blind date".

First impression was OK. He is tall & fair but definately not the drop dead gorgeous type, the rest i have yet to find out. We had a friendly time.

After that we exchanged emails/sms and chatted abit. Then he asked if i wanted to have dinner at SS2 as he will be nearby there blah blah. Yeah ok why not ? He seems nice.

So we went to Island Cafe and when I asked for the bill, i thought he was joking:

"Since I paid for the last round, this round ur turn"

He laughed. And i laughed with him.

I honestly thought he was joking but when he didn't take out his wallet to pay, umm......?!?!

Isnt that a bit ungentlemanly? I mean, doesn't he want to create a good impression? Well ok, maybe some people is careful with money. Maybe this is really just a friends having dinner session. I did not mind repaying him for the last round but it's the way he asked for it.

The next date was lunch and movie at the curve. During the ride, he asked what i wanted to have for lunch. I told him i feel like eating fast food.

S: Pizza ?
C: Sure.
S: You like dominoes or pizza hut?
C: Pizza hut
S: But i like dominoes.
C: So, you want dominoes? I've got no problems with that.
S: Let's eat something else
C: How about sushi ?
S: YUCK!! i cant stand japanese food. I hate raw things
C (feeling slightly annoyed) : KFC. It's fried.
S: So oily, u not scared to be fat one ar ?
C: Then eat O'briens sandwich. healthly. no oil.
S: I make for you better la. That place rips people off. One egg sandwich cost ........
C: (feeling very annoyed i interupted him) okok. Up to you.

When we reached the curve, this scrooge brought me to the Penang Kopitam place. I dunt mind, I am not particular about food. It's the conversation that's worth the next paragraph:

S: Normally Sat Night what you do one?
C: Watch match...
S: Football? I can't stand it. Why some people so STUPID can watch 22 idiots chasing after a ball? Please lah, watch Wah Lai Toi better lah, got movie on Saturday nights right? and blah blah blah

Oi..!! u calling me STUPID ?? I did contemplate whether to slap him or not. If you dunt like to watch then just shut it. What's with the sarcastic remark ? I hate it when people use that line about the 22 idiots on the field. I do not say anything about their obsessiveness with porn or masturbation why they wanna open their goddamn big mouth ? Get off my back man.

At this point, i am already regretting the date and he came up with this:

S: Total is 28++ (brings out his phone and start keying some numbers) Your share is rm13.50 plus the movie ticket rm10. Total 23. 50.

Trying not to laugh and silently cursing J in my mind I gave him my share.

When we reached the cinema, he told me he want to have some popcorn and a mineral water.

C: Go ahead. the line's there.
S: Can you get it for me, i want to go toilet.


I do not mind to go dutch but i cant stand stingy people who calculate till the last cent and sometimes even take advantage of not paying for anything. You see, before this date, we did go out in a group and that time he was analyzing the bill for like a minute with the waiter standing there. Its not nice to see lah. We are all grown ups, still wanna act like this ?? My other friend couldnt stand it, took the bill and paid. He didn't even pay back his share.

After that he still calls me out for "dates" but i am back to being the sick cookie, having period cramps for one week, the next week fever & flu , third week food poisoning (yes i have a weak immune system) until he sms and asked if i am avoiding him.

Duh ?!?!?!

I never replied and never saw him again.

No wonder mr tall & whatever is still single. Not that he got high expectations.

A scrooge is never well liked.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Tasty Hotpot Restaurant

Went for steamboat after the weekly squash session. Don't worry, i'll exercise this away next week (i hope)

what's so special?

Let the soup boil first before adding the "ingredients" in.

ta daaa...!! half of it is porridge.

the other half is tomyam soup based

Ya -lah, the photos are not clear coz it was taken with my antique nokia 6230 (but it has been loyal to me for many years. Without it, I can barely survive a day outside) I still havent decided which phone to get. Shall i get a phone with good camera or juz a simple phone and another sony cybershot?

oooopsss ! sorry ! abit out of topic here.

Where was I ? right, the steamboat.....

Steamboat lovers should give this a try. It's something different. Their tomyam soup can't be compared to those at Menjelara, but it's still good and it only cost about RM18 per person including drinks.

This restaurant is located at No 8-G, Jalan 14/149L, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur. (i took their wet non woven towel back to copy their address)


Why am i giving a review on food ?
Oh god, i think i am really too free.
No wonder got those nostalgic thoughts. anybody up for clubbing ?

Sunday, 9 September 2007

another nostalgic thought

Would you have the guts to say
"I don't love you
Like I loved you


the memories are eating my soul....

Yes, i would say i don't love you like i loved you yesterday.

but how i miss those sweet memories. i miss the time spent with rancid. i miss the weekly match, player, victory, losses analysis.

i think my hormones are clouding my brain. i am having PMS.

England's first win at Wembley

woooooo.....a 3 - 0 win for England....congrats lads
scorer: shaun wright phillips, michael owen, micah richards
next is Russia on wednesday....keep the wins coming

Saturday, 8 September 2007

England v Israel

No EPL this week, a break for the Euro 2008 Internationals.

A must win game for England.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Marquis Villas, Perth

While browsing the net I came across this advertisement:

Marquis Street Villas Perth, WA

Hey! This was the place I stayed in when i was studying in Australia !! We were the first tenants there as it was newly built. I remembered there were 4 of this type of "villas" and the ones staying opposite was our friends from the same batch, the ones staying at the 2 units next to us were some Singaporeans students, whom we got to know quite well through all the "mahjong" session.

Boy, it's so nice to be a student nowadays. Here's why:

This advertisement was on the Quality Student Accomadation section:

Marquis Street Villas

Four bedroom, two bathroom Villas, situated in Marquis st opposite Canning College

These units are well positioned. Only 3 minutes walk to Curtin University (If you run then it's 3 minutes lah, otherwise it's at least 15- 20 minutes walk to the business school building, and when it rains, you have to make stops at the Vickery House and the whole journey will probably takes about 30 - 45 minutes)

In close proximity to affordable cafes and restaurants and an internet café. (Ok this is true, 5 mins drive to the nearest Coles Supermarket)

Public Transport within easy walking distance links you to Perth and Fremantle with entertainment venues, movie theatres and licensed bars and clubs (A fantastic public transport system too, I must say)


Air Conditioned - These units and villas are air conditioned (huh?? where got a/c last time? During summer, we had to go to Hoyts Cinema and stay the whole day there. It was boiling..!!)

Security - Security doors and windows are fitted. Monitored alarms are installed(there were no grills or security system and thats why our house got broken into by some Aborigines)

Bedrooms - Each bedroom is tastefully decorated and well equipped with linen, beds, built in wardrobes, study desks and reading lights. Modem connections are available in every bed room for internet access. ( nice modem connections...last time the house is EMPTY one...we had to spend money to buy the bed and everything else. If you want internet, then you will have to drive to Curtin computer lab at night coz if you go in the afternoon, it's packed and you have to wait for some time to get your own PC but the pros is you can see some handsome aussies)

Kitchens - The kitchens are fully equipped with cutlery, crockery and cooking implements and gas cooktops, electric ovens and microwave ovens. (There were definately no utensils or of my housemate brought his own rice cooker)

Living Areas - The spacious living and eating areas are tastefully furnished with attention to comfort a priority, includes television and video recorder. (again, when we were renting, no TV or video or sofa or what other furniture. For the first week, we had to sit on bean bags while going around shopping for some 2nd hand furniture)


All pricing in Australian Dollars (AUD)
Room (private bedroom, share common areas): $85.00 - $120 per week
Villa (entire Villa, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms): $380.00 - $400.00 per week

Considering how shortchanged we were last time, who would have thought that the rental with all the above furnitures and facilities will be almost the same like when we rented the place last time? I remembered we paid AUD360 per week for the whole "villa", as it it called now. Last time it was called a "unit".

I wanna go back to study.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Fireworks at Putrajaya

Went to watch the fireworks display on Sunday. No, I didnt pay for the ticket. My frens parked across the lake and we watched from there, absolute FREE.

It was a rainy evening, actually it has been raining for the whole day and the rain was expected to stop before 6pm, but it carried on way till 9pm. Luckily we were able to find a good spot, and although we had to eat KFC & Pizza with one hand, the other holding an umbrella (standing) it was still fun.

the group that went

I've also got the chance to experience the so-call- china-umbrella-style toilet, ummm....i think i better not elaborate further, you may use ur imagination (this is what you have to do when you dunt pay for proper entertainment)

Attempting to slip "something" into the tiger ???

We left around 2245 and only reach home at 1.00 coz of the massive traffic. All in all, an entertaining evening.

Cookie's teasers

It has been raining since 6pm. What a nice cold night to sleep in.
i can't wait to get under my comfortable quilt....

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Manchester United 1 - Sunderland 0

We are definately lacking of a striker.....tevez is really crap..........where is he playing ?? Is he a midfielder ? He plays too deep. if it wasn't for Saha, we will never get the goal.

Hargreaves was magnificent as usual, won all the tackles and even had a goal in target. It will be very soon before he score his first goal for United.

Is there a possibility to sell Tevez in the January transfer window? For most of the first half, I couldnt even see if he was on the field. I dun't think he is adapting well. Better not push it. Sell him. Find another no name striker will be a better bet.

For all the 5 games United has played, there was no finishing. Let's hope the next game against Everton will be better with Ronaldo back.

But the ending was all good and i'd love to get my hands on the photo of Ferguson walking together with Roy Keane. It just looks so real and nice.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Fergie v Keano


United most influential ex-captain & player (and also my favourite) playing against United's most successful manager and his mentor in some ways.

Of course I would love United to win it but then it will mean the 3rd successful defeat for Keano's team. How lah ?

Wait for the result at 2am

P1 Staff Appreciation Night

My boss sent an email earlier this week, informing us that there will be a "staff appreciation night" at TGIF on the 31st August 2007.

We are allowed to bring "partners" as long as they're not our official bf or gf so that we can have scandalous fun that night. My boss said these kind of functions are the perfect excuse for getting the taste of being "single" even it is only for few hours and he wanna hug as many girls as he can get hold off. And my other collegues all dished out comments like:

"Sure ill be bringing someone but not "insert gf's name here". I'm not stupid"

"Which one you bringing ? Make sure it's not that guy who knows "insert gf's name here"."

"Please don't tell my gf got drinks after dinner. I send her home first. ShhHhhh !!! (grinning while imagining the fun he will be having)"

MEN....!!!!!! ......sigh....

In the end, they all still brought their "official partners". Talk only lah....

We had a faboulous time at TGIF Subang Parade. We ordered loads of appetizers and the best was the Mozarella Cheese & the Potato Skin with Cheese. YumMMmmm.....I feel like driving to TGIF to take-away some now.....I didnt take any photos of these yummy appetizers coz the guys were so hungry they stuck their fork into whichever their hands could reach as soon as the food was laid on the table.

Drinks - we ordered all the ultimate drinks. Our tables were full of colorful drinks. I ordered the Ultimate Mudslide and it was heaven.

Our main course was all the Jack Daniel's specials. I had the Salmon & shrimp with Jack Daniel's sauce. Most of them ordered the beef steak which looks really good.

After the main course, someone ordered the famous TGIF desert. By this time I was already very full but my technical manager still insist that i try the Mud Pie. "Its really good - You must try it"

After a while of pretending not to notice the cake, he shoved the fork onto my hand.

OK OK, i took a bite to humour him.

It tastes cold.

Please don't think too much about my comment coz I was really too full and whatever that goes in will not have any taste. Plus, I am not a sweet tooth type of person and the only cakes i eat are cheesecakes.

Perhaps I'll bring a cake lover to TGIF and try again. It looks good though. Oh... the reason why it's so cold was coz its an ice-cream cake.

After dinner we went to this pub at Sunway. Of course all of them drop their partners or wife at home and came alone. Cameras were banned at this point so i do not have any "ahem" photos to show but there were some which i took with my phone and i will have a fun time at work next week :D