Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Chelsea in Malaysia Part II

CookiE® says: will u go if u got free VIP tix?

alpe d'huez™ says: NO!
alpe d'huez™ says: go for fucks ar
alpe d'huez™ says: hahahaha
alpe d'huez™ says: see john terry miss penalty?!

CookiE® says: LOL

alpe d'huez™ says: my blood is man utd

CookiE® says: wat did u say again yesterday?
CookiE® says: use the kon as the keeper net issit....

alpe d'huez™ says: no no
alpe d'huez™ says: use kon as goal post.
alpe d'huez™ says: by right they should play at some taman padang next to a mosque and use kon as a goal post
alpe d'huez™ says: coz nobody wants to see them anyways

CookiE® says: muaAHAHHA
CookiE® says: damn funny wei

alpe d'huez™ says: haha
alpe d'huez™ says: i commented on ur blog
alpe d'huez™ says: that arsenal fan is gay

CookiE® says: i saw la
CookiE® says: i know its u

alpe d'huez™ says: ya la
alpe d'huez™ says: bukit jalil is like 100K ppl can go

CookiE® says: but i read the shah alam stadium also got 90k fans..

alpe d'huez™ says: we got extra 10k
alpe d'huez™ says: ; )

CookiE® says: muaHHAHA
CookiE® says: not much difference..

alpe d'huez™ says: gooot...
alpe d'huez™ says: 10k is alot of ppl
alpe d'huez™ says: hehehe
alpe d'huez™ says: i wont lose to chelsea fans wan
alpe d'huez™ says: 10k is still 10k

CookiE® says: wat was the score
CookiE® says: 2 - 0 izzit?

alpe d'huez™ says: yes
alpe d'huez™ says: man utd 6 - malaysia 0
alpe d'huez™ says: chelsea only 2 goals?!
alpe d'huez™ says: either they suck or malaysia has improved!
alpe d'huez™ says: only conceded 2 goals big improvement
alpe d'huez™ says: HAHHAHA

CookiE® says: ya man
CookiE® says: lucky didnt bet
CookiE® says: they gif 3.5 - 4 balls

alpe d'huez™ says: chi sin
lpe d'huez™ says: think they man utd mehhh
alpe d'huez™ says: give so many pleaseeee lar

CookiE® says: i hate that frank scolari
CookiE® says: another big mouth

alpe d'huez™ says: yea
alpe d'huez™ says: he wants to win 4 cups HAHAHAHAHA

CookiE® says: he said that ?

alpe d'huez™ says: its in the papers

CookiE® says: tak tau malu...

alpe d'huez™ says: YA!

CookiE® says: arsenal win also they havent win, ask them wait slowly la....

alpe d'huez™ says: haha tu la

I know. I know. We become so childish when it comes to matters with our teams but isn't all the fans excited that we can brawl again in 2 weeks time ?? hehe

10th August 2008 - Charity/Community Shield
Manchester United v Portsmouth


Monday, 28 July 2008

Chelsea in Malaysia

This morning, one of our bosses came over to our place.

Boss: Which one of you is a football fan?

Me: I am

Colleague: Sometimes I will watch.

Boss (pointing at me) : Tomorow we go watch a football match.

Me: Who’s playing ?

Boss: Chelsea ! You dunno ar ! And you say ur a football fan?

Me (making puking sound): NO WAY. I am not going to watch THEM.

Boss: Why ? You support other team ar?

Me: I’m Manchester United.

Boss: Eh, no need to pay lah.

Me: FREE also I dowan.

Boss: VIP Seat you know ! Can shake hands with the players !

Me: Can throw tomatoes at them ?

Boss: HA HA. Can ! You can boo them if you want !

Me: What if i get murdered by the other fans?

Boss: Won't lah. VIP seats mostly civilised people.

Me: um..... no lah, better not. If the MU players find out, I am dead.

Boss: HA HA ! You're chi sin.

Boss (pointing to my other colleague): Like that, you go with me.

Colleague: I’m MU also.


Then, boss went around asking everyone. Nobody wants to go. It seems my office consists of Arsenal, Liverpool & Manchester United fans only.

In the end, one Arsenal fan agreed to go. What was he thinking ?? yerr…..

Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Dark Knight

*clap*clap* to Heath Ledger. Truly fantastic! I'm totally blown away with his performance and the batmobile.

I like Christian Bale when he is Bruce Wayne. His voice is abit fake when he becomes Batman. I dun't know. Just doesn't synch with the character. I dun't remember George Clooney purposely changing his voice...

Do go watch it. Heath Ledger died for this character.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

A maddening week

Mon & Tues, I was at an event where I had to stand for at least 10 hours on my stupid new high heels shoes. Plus I had to go and wear those really high 3 inches one....

This is a reminder to myself: if my company participate in an event, NEVER EVER WEAR HIGH HEELS SHOES !

Wed & Thurs, back to office for a tender submission. Last night me and collegues stayed till 4am and went back to office at 9am this morning. Many black faces and vulgar swearing words flying around but it's all good in the end. I suppose everyone has different ways to release their stress. Some show black faces, some keep swearing, some quiet and some make jokes. The most important thing is get to get the job done in the end and everyone is happy after that.

I went for a massage to release my stress. It's so good that I feel really refreshed now.

Thank God It's Friday tommorow.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Starbucks vs Coffee Bean

- Free wireless, No restrictions
- Absolutely delicious Caramel Macchiato
- Friendly nice service
- No need for username & password

Coffee Bean:
- Free wireless BUT with ONLY 5 can login at the same time.
- All coffees taste like sugar water.
- Black faced staff
- Have to key in username & password, staff do not inform when they change the password.

I am not bias towards Starbucks but Coffee Bean needs to improve their customer service and coffee taste. The first time I went to CB, I ordered their coffee of the day. It has no taste. Totally Flat ! It was so not worth my RM8.

After that bad experience, I ordered a non-caffein drink the next I step in2 a CB cafĂ©. It’s the same thing. No cranberry taste. Only sugar.

Which is why, I try not to go CB unless the area doesn’t have a Starbucks like SS2 and Subang Parade. Yesterday I ordered an Iced Blended Caramel. It’s like drinking Ice-Blended sugar.

Their staffs should improve their hospitality too. What is with the black face? If dun’t want to work, then quit lah.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

A dream which turn into a nightmare

Yesterday I had the weirdest dream of all. I dreamt I was back in primary school with the dark blue pinafore. We were suppose to change into our attire for our P.E. class but I changed into my 'brownie' (sort of an elf thing) uniform. My teacher (forgotten who) reprimand me and I was punished to stand on my table for 30 minutes.

The dream suddenly changed to current and I find myself on top of some tower in London with my current crush. It was really romantic. I noted we were wearing really nice winter clothes. HA HA !

After that I got woken up rudely by the stupid thunder at about 6am. I switched off my a/c coz it was like really cold (ahh, that must explain the winter clothes in my dream) and attempted to continue my sweet dream.

I think i was fantasizing lah...and after a while dozed off. This time my nightmare returns. What's my nightmare without those darn snakes...I dreamt Lord Voldermort ordered his Nagini (a gigantic snake) to spy on me and my crush. Nagini then reported to Lord Voldermort that we were at some apartment and suddenly Nagini is inside the apartment with us and I can see its fangs.....

That's when I woke up. It's 6.30am.

You know what. Reading Harry Potter before sleeping (especially when I was reading the part when Nagini bit Arthur Weasley) is not a good idea. It spoilt my lovely dream.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

It's only 9pm !

*drumming my fingers*

I've showered & taken my dinner. I've played the bowling game and scramble. I've read all the latest chick lit books. Shall I continue my Harry Potter? It's my err.. 10th or 11th time through the series now. I'm currently reading The Order of the Phoenix. Nah, I'll keep that for my bedtime reading afterwards.

So what shall I do next?

*Scrolls down my msn list*

My favourite MU fan, Jason is not around or else I can kacau him.

*Scrolls down the list further*

My buddies and daily chatting friends are not around either.


See, I'm not a workaholic. I dun't always work till 10pm daily but today is quite free for me. Although I have millions of things to complete and the next few days may be hell but well, today's today. Let's leave tommorow to tommorow. OK, I'm blabbering.

Yay, Sue messaged me !!! Now I have someone to chat to.

God, sounds like I have no life.

Well, sometimes, you need stress free days like this and I am so enjoying it..... (consoling myself)

My Hormones

Tommorow's my last day of period. Thank Goodness ! It has been a very bad few days, with all the cramps and backaches. I indulged in too many pineapples and cold drinks last month. Coupled with stress and cold beers the night b4 my period, it's like a nail to the coffin. Sigh.. Never learn do I ? Well, no more cold drinks for me this month and I must remember to ask my granny to boil those traditional "8 type of herbs" medicine for me to drink. I heard taking Evening Primrose Oil helps but then I took it before and the following month, I had killer cramps. I do not know if I should take it again. Let's see how it goes next month. How wonderful it is to be a woman..

I received an email today. It says :

"Hi, how are you ? I miss you "

A blast from the past. Ironically, I've been thinking about him the past week, due to the hormonal imbalance. Yes, Mentruation really does funny things to us. Anyway, being 99% healed, I am not gonna re-open the wounds. I think I've said this to myself many times for the past 2 years or issit 3 years already? (SEE ?! I AM HEALED !) Let's leave it there shall we ? It's not good to bring all the 10 years out in the open again.

I reached home the earliest today since my first day of work at my new company. With time to spare, I login to facebook and to my surprise:

Your daily kiss fortune: Being happy is not always being perfect. Happiness can be found with someone near when you look closely and discover the good in their heart.

Why does it keep saying that ?? Someone near ? WHO ? I can't think of anyone near me that I'd be with. Where shall i begin to look ?
My phone list ? (After scrolling to C, I gave up) They always say love comes when you least expect it and all that bla bla bla thingy. So...... shall I LOOK or shall i WAIT ?



Monday, 14 July 2008


Went to Melaka few weeks ago and tried their famous Chicken Ball Rice.

Apparently 20 -30 years ago, they were only like our 20 cent coin size. I know this, coz my collegue is from Melaka and has been eating this, like 40 years ago.

It's not bad actually. Something different. Here's where it's located :

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Please do something nice for your IT department !!

Some of the big corporations in KL have a really sad IT department. They are all popular companies with millions of profit. I do not understand why they permit their IT staff to work at those type of environment. Almost all of them are located at an isolated spot of the company or at some back alley and most of them are filled with old furniture and A4 documents sky high. I saw one with this really old fashioned cabinet (from the 80s) which is probably filled with white ants and spiders and perhaps cockroaches.

I know they are the back end people, but please, they are the ones who keeps your applications running smoothly so that you can do your daily work and troubleshoot your IT troubles. Have some respect for them.

I was so glad to be rid of the department and back to my own office. Although it is nothing to shout about, at least it is clean.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

My horoscope

Your daily kiss fortune: Being happy is not always being perfect. Happiness can be found with someone near when you look closely and discover the good in their heart.

Who is near to me ??????? Hmmm........................

Why long time never blog ?

A few people messaged and ask why they are still reading the 'water in the ear' post.

Because : I AM VERY BUSY !!

My work load is never ending and amazingly piles up more and more when the clock nears 6pm.

Here's how my typical work day looks like:

9am - 12pm - @ office finishing some quotes, check emails or training/meeting/seminars

12 - 2pm - Lunch, sometimes with customers, sometimes out with bosses to 'strategize' or 'plan' or at some seminars networking

2pm - 6pm - meetings/training/seminars/quotations/proposals/emails

6pm - 9pm - if i am lucky i get to go to the gym, otherwise it is meeting/proposals/quotes/emails.

10pm - reach home, check emails one last time before going to bed. (There seems to be a new mail every 5 minutes)

At my last job, I usually reached home at 5.30pm! What a huge difference huh?

But so far I am enjoying my job, there is definately job satisfaction though in sales, it's unpredictable. The best thing I can say is I no longer have some aunty breathing down my neck every second and complaining why I am always late or creating stories for personal satisfaction. I'd rather work like this then to ever ever face that aunty again.