Saturday, 29 March 2008

No more Coffee

Two days ago I had a seminar at Le Meridien and drank a small cup of coffee after 3 weeks off it. The reason why i stopped drinking was because it did funny things to my body. I used to drink 2 - 3 cups a day (can't get the day going without a dose of caffein in the morning). One morning, I started feeling panicky for no reason. It was the most horrible feeling. Doctor said it was partly because of the caffein and stress and I am not suppose to touch coffee anymore. The withdrawal symptoms were pretty bad. I feel weak, dizzy and very sleepy for 3 days. After that, my body adjusted to the loss of caffein and my appetite increased. Previously, my breakfast was always a cup of coffee. Now I have cereals and a toast.

Anyway, of course, being the stubborn me, I ignored the order and tried a small cup Immediately I felt uncomfortable, adrenalin pumping, heart racing. Sigh.

This morning i experimented again. The same thing happened and the worst is I vommited all of it out immediately.

No more coffee for me. Only chocolates for me @ starbucks next time.. now i have to go on a diet too...sobs~

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A bad day which ended good

My day didn't started out too brightly last Sunday. I woke up about 12pm and was suppose to go for squash but I was feeling really lazy and wanted to stay home to watch F1. My buddy would not hear anything of this sort and dragged me out of the house.

During squash, because of the lack of warm-up before the game, I fell down and bits of skin came off my hand, elbow and knees. It's not painful at that moment but you feel the pain after. We then proceeded to TTDI for the Tiger Event, where I stepped on a pool of water + mud upon getting out of the car, wetting my jeans and feet. After getting our seats in front of bamboo, the waiters decided to move the tables to the front a little so that it won't block people from going in & out of the entrance. While moving, the table toppled over and few bottles of beer spilled all over my jeans and top. Crap. With all these bad luck "chi" I was thinking that MU will probably lose the game and I will be in a very bad mood on Monday with all the Liverpool fans bragging & teasing me.

Thankfully no such thing happened.

What an exciting match ! Our defenders were brilliant in stopping Torres. For most of the game, I hardly notice his existence. Benitez was complaining they were rough handling him and he had to go for a scan. What a sissy. I suggest they stop whining and really look into their team performance problem. Mascherano deserved to be sent off. He gave some bad tackles and was shouting vulgarities all around the field.

Anyway, the night ended well as I predicted the correct score and won a RED Sony Ericsson phone. Suddenly, my day doesn't seem too bad at all =)

Monday, 17 March 2008



Friday, 7 March 2008

Massage Cupping

Last weekend I went for a much needed massage. Originally I wanted only the foot reflexology for 1 hour but I was quite attracted to this "cupping" massage and signed up for it. In the end, I spent almost 2 hours there and they throw in a free body massage for me which was awesome. I would like to do this again next week =p

The picture on the left shows how this "cupping is done". Cupping is said to help drain toxins and promote good blood flow while removing excess fluids/winds. One bad thing about this type of massage is, it will leave ugly marks on ur back for at least a week (depending on the area, some areas will be redder than others and will take longer time to heal). Another thing is you tend to feel slightly uncomfortable for at least 1 - 2 days coz there is open pores behind ur back, something like a "sunburnt" sort of feeling, itchy and sore. The good thing is, you will feel abit more healtier as ur toxins are being flushed out, but beware, ur pimples might pop out. Mine did.

Next I am going to try the fish therapy...

i heard you need to soak your feet/whole body in a pond and the fish will come and nibble away ur dead skin cells. I wonder if i will be able to control my giggles =)

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Why am I blogging at 9am on a Saturday ?

I woke up automatically at 8am today without any help from my Nokia alarm. It's a Saturday and it's RAINING !!! But I feel so refreshed and wide awake compared to weekdays where I had to drag myself off the bed. I usually wake up about 7.30am during Mon-Fri and everytime it's a battle between sleeping for another 5 mins or wake up!or i'll be late !

Normally I will reject any invitations for breakfast during the weekends coz I like to sleep in and make up for my loss of sleep during the weekdays. But today, I am awake now as I am typing this. I just finished my rounds of warbook, knighthood and heroes and now i am blogging.