Monday, 23 February 2009

My mind is clear now....

It was a demoralising 10 days and it all started on Friday the 13th. Oh wow!! Friday the 13th !! Now I know why I have been having this strange week. Damn Friday the 13th!!

Anyway, although I was very demotivated, I did enjoy my Valentine's Day. It was a weird Valentine afternoon turned into a fun Valentine's night. I'll post the photos when I get hold of them.

After Valentine's, it's back to reality on the 16th. I thought the weekend rest and chilling out with friends would have helped me to relax. Unfortunaly my monthly friend choose to visit me on the 16th itself. Because I have just lost a deal, I couldn't afford to skip work so I took painkillers even when I don't have cramps. Turns out to be a bad move because the pills gave me gastric. After a few days, I really do not know if it was period cramps or gastric or some abnormal abdominal pain.

I couldn't sleep and when I do sleep, I get woken up about half hour later with some weird nightmares.

I felt dizzy in the mornings and afternoons but I still didn't go to the doc. I guess losing that deal made me numb. OK OK, I know losing a deal is all a part and parcel of what I do, but I just couldn't accept it because my customer actually lied to me straight to my face. I guess it's my LEO pride up to its tricks again.

On top of all this, there's the office politics. It's amazing what a person's mouth can do.

Anyway, my mind suddenly cleared last night. How or Why, I do not know. It just cleared.

Today I went to work and I am normal again. I'm happy now.

HEY! Could it be the hormones? Hmmm.....

Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Cunning Customer

I feel totally revolted with someone which unfortunately I can't reveal the name. This person should know what he did and I am surprise that he can still sleep at night after all the lies and clowning around. I am surprised that I can still meet these type of people. It looks like I have a long way to go to learn about people's character.

At one point of today, I feel like just giving up. However, I do not like to lose and I will continue fighting the battle.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Laughing my head off......

I was playing my current favourite game, Texas HoldEm Poker on facebook when I saw the chatbox on the table:

Privacy Blocked: hi corinne
Privacy Blocked: can i buy u a drink?

I suspect it's one of my friend because I saw someone with the "Privacy Blocked" nickname on my friend's list....

-Privacy Blocked bought Corinne Lim a *love potion*-
(You can buy drinks and send gifts to people on the table)

What happened next:

Privacy Blocked: you are hot
Privacy Blocked: ; )

Corinne Lim: i know u don't i?

Privacy Blocked: sorry?
Privacy Blocked: what...what do you mean.....

Corinne Lim: u blocked ur name
Corinne Lim: u may be one of my fren :P

Privacy Blocked: serious?

Corinne Lim: dunt know..
Corinne Lim: im juz guessing lol..

Privacy Blocked: i plan to visit malaysia
Privacy Blocked: maybe kuala limpur

Corinne Lim: LOL
(I can't stop laughing. This person spelt Kuala Lumpur wrongly on purpose! He must be one of my friend! I now suspect it's either Jason or Cheng Huat. I looked for their names on MSN and saw Cheng Huat online. Jason was not online)


Privacy Blocked: u from malaysia rite?
Privacy Blocked: which part?

Corinne Lim: im from kelantan

Privacy Blocked: kelantan?
Privacy Blocked: nice place?
Privacy Blocked: im from manila

Vincent Yeong: i'm from sabah
(My friend suddenly joined in the conversation)

Corinne Lim: r u tikoy?
Corinne Lim: or PJ corpuz?

(I now suspect my friends from Manila..)

Privacy Blocked: ?
Privacy Blocked: sorry?

Corinne Lim: vincent : dunt forget my jersey.. :)

Vincent Yeong: sure
Vincent Yeong: remind me tomoro at 2pm

Privacy Blocked: whats nice in kelantan?
Privacy Blocked: maybe i can visit there

Vincent Yeong: kelantan is famous with eel

Privacy Blocked: eel?

Vincent Yeong: yes

Privacy Blocked: oh
Privacy Blocked: anyone from kuala limpur?

Vincent Yeong: i'm fr sabah

Privacy Blocked: i plan to see the famous twin tower
Privacy Blocked: coz in manila we dont have tall towers like that

(This is the fake-st! Wanna come Kuala Limpur to see twin tower! HA HA HA !)

Vincent Yeong: i heard it is a great tower
Vincent Yeong: wut is famous in manila

Privacy Blocked: shopping malls

Vincent Yeong: we also have shopping malls in sabah
Vincent Yeong: called 1 borneo

The bombshell:

Privacy Blocked: eh cookie
Privacy Blocked: damn sien
Privacy Blocked: i dont wan play liao

Corinne Lim: HAHA
Corinne Lim: who is that?!

Privacy Blocked: glory glory man utd

Corinne Lim: jason hue!!!

Vincent Yeong: hahahahahha

Corinne Lim: i knew it

Privacy Blocked: LOL
Privacy Blocked: bloody sien i beh tahan
Privacy Blocked: u all tipu me

Corinne Lim: u hiding from msn leh
Corinne Lim: serve u right la...
Corinne Lim: kakakaka
Corinne Lim: kuala limpur...

Privacy Blocked: damn it
Privacy Blocked: i didnt hide. i change my nick to HERO..

Vincent Yeong: hahahahahhaha

Privacy Blocked: u say u from kelantan
Privacy Blocked: HAHAHAHAHAHA

Privacy Blocked: KELANTAN WOR
Privacy Blocked: vincent is in singapore rite

Privacy Blocked: buy jersey for her
Privacy Blocked: i saw cookie msn status ask u to get the jersey

Vincent Yeong: kl fren

Privacy Blocked: nia sing
Privacy Blocked: LOL
Privacy Blocked: HAHAHAHAH

Vincent Yeong: hhhahahah

Privacy Blocked: cookie
Privacy Blocked: hahaahah
Privacy Blocked: kelantan
Privacy Blocked: ask me eat eel
Privacy Blocked: magai

Corinne Lim: hahahhahaa

Vincent Yeong: good
Vincent Yeong: ma

Privacy Blocked: damn fuunyy wei
Privacy Blocked: i was laughing my arse off
Privacy Blocked: bloody hell ... ask me eat eel
Privacy Blocked: lol

Corinne Lim: lol

Vincent Yeong: corrinne suspect u d

Privacy Blocked: hahaha
Privacy Blocked: omg

Vincent Yeong: eel good for u ma
Vincent Yeong: eat d your brother damn kuat

Privacy Blocked: funny as hell

Corinne Lim: izzit true kelantan famous for eel?

Privacy Blocked: kelantan not keropok meh
Privacy Blocked: power sial
Privacy Blocked: kimek

Vincent Yeong: keropok terengganu leh

Privacy Blocked: u all damn jokers man
Privacy Blocked: i keep disturbing cookie

Privacy Blocked: see can kao her or not
Privacy Blocked: let oversea ppl kao or not
Privacy Blocked: from manila

Vincent Yeong: she susah kau 1

Privacy Blocked: mana tau she mm heng

Corinne Lim: kao ur head la

Vincent Yeong: gtg d
Vincent Yeong: bb

Corinne Lim: the way u talk also so fake
Corinne Lim: HAHHAA

Privacy Blocked: hahaa bye
Privacy Blocked: HAHAHAHAHAH
Privacy Blocked: damn cb man
Privacy Blocked: eh msn msn
Privacy Blocked: i log off

Corinne Lim: kk

After that we had a post-mortem on MSN. I needed the laugh after the hot weather+dizziness+stress......

Thank you my favourite MU fan =)

Monday, 9 February 2009

The last day of CNY.....

..... is a public holiday !! The holidays turned out very nice this year. It is Thaipusam today and it was suppose to be a holiday for Selangor ONLY but our nice and friendly PM wanted to pull some votes in the general election last year so he made it a holiday for KL too! (that's what all Malaysians say so dun't ISA me for writing this!) Holiday or not, the crowd is back. The last 2 days was crazy. There were cars everywhere. I wonder what those ppl were up to? Last nite, when I went out to watch the WHU v MU match at ss15, all the coffee shops/restaurants were crowded. Even fake OldTown kopitiam were full! Luckily for the Kusar pub, I guess people doesn't really know of its existence, only a few people were there, we enjoyed the place to ourselves and comfortably watched the match without those fake fans.

Speaking of fake fans, I must tell you about this "friend" that I met online.

But wait. let's re-cap what happened the past 14 days of CNY....

I had my usual relatives visiting and suprisingly they didn't ask about my "relationship" this year. Not one single word about when I am going to get married, which is funny because they have been bugging me every year for the past 7 years (maybe more). I guess it's because their daughters do not have a bf (all broken up last year) and one of them do have a bf but he is not the rich and handsome type. They were criticising his looks and trying to guess how much he earns. Very bad lah. I won't dare to bring anyone back for them to see. It seems they have very high expectations and so choosy ! Anyway, they think that I either have a bf or i have a few bfs or i am having an affair with a married man. JUST BECAUSE i didnt bring back a guy for them to see. I am lazy to explain. Let them think whatever makes them happy.

My luck in gambling this year is so-so. In the end I didnt win or lose. Gambled at friend's place and office. Totally no mood to work for the past 15 days! Anyway my customers were not free either. Everyone's still enjoying the holidays plus with the economic situation, no one wants to buy and projects are all delayed. Sigh. I will have to buck up starting from tommorow. No more lazying around the office and I must bug customers to buy at least one server from me. It's time to be the nuisance sales person. HA HA.

So yeah, the past 15 days, I spent it eating, gambling, sleeping and basically just enjoying family & friend's company. But I also have a bad day when the fake fan stood me up for a movie date.

Let me tell you about this fake arsenal fan.

I met him online and we started to chat on MSN. At first he seems okay, guess we were still in the introductory stage so the usual getting to know each other chats were longer. After 2 days, whenever he messaged me, it was like a single word thingy. Like:




and so on...etc etc...

Sometimes I dunt bother to reply but sometimes I feel slightly guilty and will reply. I mean, it's not good to ignore people. I guess I am just like that.

Why I call him a fake fan?? You see, his first email to me was:

"Hi, I see you're an MU fan. I support Arsenal"

When I asked him what was the score in Arsenal's last match, he said he do not know as he dunt follow them weekly. That is a definate fake fan signal. I am not saying that you have to watch the match weekly but isn't there other sources to know your team's results, like the internet or the sports section of the daily newspaper if you're a fan ?

He seems pretentious and even talk bad about his ex gf. That is another thing that I can't stand about guys. He also likes to ask people out on a last minute basis as though all the girls are so free with nothing to do and no friends and are just waiting for him to invite us out. First of all, he sms me at 9am asking if i want to have breakfast. Of course no rite??! He then replied:

dinner? supper?

I have been rejecting every single invite.

Until the 6th day of CNY.

I was online, playing some games when he msn-ed me. He asked me out for a movie 2 days later. I dun't know why but I accepted his invitation. When the day comes, he got the nerve to sms me about 1 hour before the movie and told me that he would not be able to make it as he is not feeling well. WTF ??! Thank God I decided to ask him to come to Sunway for the movie. Initially he wanted to meet at 1U. If it was at 1U, i would have already been on the way!!!

I was so angry. You do not know how angry I was. Never never never has anyone stood me up like that. Even if people can't make it, they will inform me very much earlier.

After that episode, I no longer wanted him to be my friend. I do not care if he was really not feeling well, it doesn't seem sincere.

Today I received an sms from him:

Stay at home? or busy?

I know. What kind of sms is that? People already block you on msn, get the hint lah. I replied him hours later with one word - busy.

And guess what he reply back.

Busy with quotation? Thought wanna ask you out to Dong Chen Shi temple. (The actual sms was typed with very broken english, for the sake of my readers, I have ammended it to be in readable english - lol)

This guy has very thick skin. It's not to say he is bloody handsome. Usually if people are average looking, they make it up with their good personality. I'm sorry to say this fellow's personality is dreadful. I'm also sorry that I can't be friends with him because my level of tolerence is only until the stood-up date. Besides, I will only be laughing at his antics with my friends. I know it's bad but when you come across weirdos like this....

Heck, people may be laughing at me behind my back about how weird I am too. That's life. We laugh about each other.

I would like to end with a note to the guys.

Please, if you really want to ask a girl out, make sure you do your homework and find out as many things as you can about the girl. Looking at the example above, he asked me to go to a temple. I am a Christian lah! I mentioned that in my facebook profile. It shows the level of "care" and "interest" the guy has on you.

Also, please please please for the love of GOD, do not ask girls out on a last minute basis for a first date!

Lastly, do not send one word messages to people you barely know. It is rude. It's better you don't type at all or don't message at all. People like to use lazy english during chats (so do i) but at least have the courtesy to contruct more than one word.