Wednesday, 28 May 2008

My Matchmaker Friend

My mobile rang at 10.00am this morning while i was lying in bed, trying to finish a book. Without looking at the display, i press the receive call key.

MT : Lim Y__ P__ !!

Me: (ahh, must be my high school friend - only they will call me that, and I recognise that voice) Yes, Mrs Tan. To what do I owe the honour of this phone call?

MT: Free to talk ?

Me: (hmm... something wrong...) Wassup ? Everything okay with hubby?

MT: Of course. We are happy happy joy joy here.

Me: Then ? OH MY GOD. ARE YOU PREGNANT ???!!!!!

MT: HAHAHA. NO WAY ! I'm not ready to be a mummy. We plan for next year.

Me: So late ? You are not young already wor.

(WHY did i have to say that??! Now i'm in for a bashing...)

MT: Speaking of YOUNG , how about you? BTW, you sick ar? Got flu or wat? Why your voice so hoarse one?

Me: I'm not sick. I am just lying on my bed lah.

MT: At 10am ? You know what, my next life I want to be a sales person.

Me: I'm on holiday lah u dungu. Starting new job next week.

MT: Job Hopping again !!

Me: Look whos talking, Miss 3 jobs in one year?

MT: OK lah. I heard you busy ma. Busy until Robert call you for dates also not free wor. What are you doing at home now ? Call him la. He should be free for lunch.

Me: I'm not interested in Robert.

MT: WHY ??????

Me: His name is Robert Koh. Lobak-ko. Carrot Cake. I dunt want to be Mrs LOBAK.

MT : HAHAHAHAHA !! You are so damn choosy okay. First you dowan fat. Then you dowan too thin. Then you dowan too tall or too short. Then you want handsome and rich. Then you want can speak good english.....

Me: Those are not big requirements wot. At least I didnt ask for his bank to have 1 Million. And I didnt say i want handsome. Average looks okay lah. As for the rich part, that's bonus but not necessarily have to be rich.

MT: Robert got all the requirements wot. What u dunt like abt him?

Me: He look abit uncle-ish. Like he's balding.

MT: ARRRGHHHHHHHHHhhhh !!! He is a GEM lah...!! You give another try lah...maybe got "spark".

Me: I spark your head then u know. You dunt tell him im on holiday okay. I'm suppose to be outstation. So you keep quiet ar...

MT: I see you very active at facebook wor. Got many party photos. When you want to settle down ?

Me: When i've found THE ONE.

MT: Your THE ONE is David Beckham. He is already taken. Married with kids. Stop dreaming this instant and get ur arse up to go out with ROBERT.

Me: He is lucky i didnt blog about him. So you juz dunt mention his name ever again. I wanna puke.

MT: HAHHAHHAHAHHAA.... OK lah. Robert not ngam, i got another for you. NATHAN !!

Me: Indian ar ?

MT: Indian your backside lah. &^^$#@ !! A nice guy. My hubby's school fren.

Me: Your hubby school frens are all balding.


Me: Woi, dunt shout so early in the morning. My ears cannot take it.

MT: Come, i arrange dinner this weekend at my house. Then you see for urself.

Me: Oopps i have pla....

MT: i know you dunt have plans one. Dunt lie. Just come.

ME: Stupid fool...!! i relli got plans lah. Im going IPOH. For real.

MT: Dengan siapa ?

Me: Kawan kawan. You tak tau punya.


Me: Sure. I'll bring Mel and pretend im a lesbian.

MT: OI !

Me: I dowan to meet any balding guy lah. Summore, have to make stupid boring conversation. Waste my makeup also.

MT: I promise Nathan is not balding lah. He is nice. I call you next week. I reach Mid Valley already. Have to see client now.

Me: Ta ta & happy making babies.


Next week, I will try my best to ignore MT's phone calls.

Monday, 26 May 2008

I love to bite ice-cubes

It runs in the family. We have this fetish to bite ice cubes.

There is a neverending supply of ice cubes in our house and whenever we feel like it, we pop one in our mouth and bite bite bite.

The only time I will resist biting those wonderful icecubes are:

1. When I am dining at a super high class restaurant
2. Time of the month

My niece of 7 years old is now doing the same thing to the disapproval of her mom. Well, she doesn't understand our genes.


Sunday, 25 May 2008

Cherating - Kuantan

Cherating Beach

We planned this trip quite some time ago. It was to be a relaxing-do-what-we-want trip and it turns out to be just that.

We left on Saturday around 10.30am and made some stops all the way. We reached there about 4pm and immediately headed for the beach.

Enjoying football on the beach

The travelling group

i've always wanted to take a photo like this on the beach - ha ha

The food there is nothing to shout about and their service is lousy. We had to wait for one hour on our first night before our food is served.

On the 2nd day, they swam while i sat on on one of the benches to read my little black dress book. That's right, I can't swim. My brothers tried to "force" the natural swimmer in me when i was 7 years old by pushing me into the Genting Highlands pool, causing me to nearly drown. They got the beatings of their life, of course. ha ha ! And my mom forbid me to go near any swimming pool of any kind anymore. She refuse to pay for my swimming lessons in school so I try to learn on my own with the help of my kind friends but I guess the memory of nearly drowning has scarred me for the rest of my life and I will never experience the joys of being a fish.

Back to the trip. I learned how to flew a kite ! It's fun although the my kite flew away, due to my inexpertise in holding tightly to the other end of the string.

my kite

An overall fun journey. Not tiring at all.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Medical Check Up Part III

I'm fine and healthy :D

Isn't this great ?

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Manchester United - European Champions 07/08

UEFA Champions League Final
Luzhniki Stadium, Wed 21 May

UNITED 1 - Ronaldo 26
(6 pens scored: Tevez, Carrick, Hargreaves, Nani, Anderson, Giggs)

CHELSEA 1 - Lampard 45
(5 pens scored: Ballack, Belletti, Lampard, A Cole, Kalou)

It was an exciting match until the very end. At times I can't even bear to watch. I'm sure I was on the verge of having a heart attack.

I was very worried that we won't win the cup after Ronaldo's missed penalty but I am so glad John Terry slipped and suddenly there's hope!

A brilliant save from Van De Sar and they did it !!!

Manchester United - Champions of England and now Champions of Europe.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Medical Check Up Part II

The medical centre doctors & nurses must be so happy to see me leave when i finished my medical examination. I tormented them with silly questions which I myself laughed now that I think about it.

First of all they checked my height and weight.

Nurse: Your height is 157cm and weight 47kg.
Me: WHAT ?! i tot im 165cm. Are u sure ? Did i shrink ?

Nurse: (smiling) When did you last take ur measurements?
Me: I can't remember. Err... primary school ?

Nurse: Right. (looking at me as though i'm insane) You would have grown since 12 years old.
Me: Hmm, maybe i juz assumed i'm 165cm.
Nurse: That's probably it.

Then they asked me for the urine sample and blood test. Again i asked the nurse:

Me: What do they wanna test ?
Nurse: Nothing lah, juz test ur hemogoblin. See if you have enough "iron" to work.

Me: How about Cancer & Aids all all the other uncurable disease?

Nurse: (laughing) Why u worry so much ? Nothing one lah.

After that i was asked to fill in some forms where i was suppose to tick "yes" or "no" to those questions. I was then asked to go into the doctor's room for a chat. She was nice.

Doctor: No allergies, No diabetes history in the family?
Me: Nope

Doctor then turns to 2nd page of the form.

Doctor: Oh! A smoker! Are u planning to quit ?
Me: Yes

Doctor: May i ask when?
Me: 1st January 2008

Doctor: (laughing) That's way past, my dear.

Me: (laughing) I know.

Doctor: Did you try the patch or just went cold turkey ?
Me: Cold turkey and then the patch and also the stupid nicotine gum which gave me a sore throat for weeks. All of it doesn't work. They're just a scheme to cheat my money.

Doctor: It's a habit. You know what, I am going to put u on a 10 week smoking therapy program.

She proceeded to explain that I am suppose to stick a huge calendar on my wall and for the first week, I am allowed 10 sticks. The second week, i reduced to 9 sticks per day and so on. After each week, I draw a line across them and pat myself on the back. She made me promise i will follow the therapy. Well, why not ? I am planning to quit after all.

Doctor: When are you planning to start this program?
Me: Next Monday.
Doctor: How about today? If you really want to quit, do not wait. Do it now. TODAY.
Me: I have to buy the calendar first.
Doctor: I won't push you but it's for your own good. I will call you after 10 weeks and I hope to see that you have succesfully quit.
Me: I promise. I'll start on Monday.

And then she read the other line:

Doctor: YOU DRINK TOO ?!
Me: Occasionaly.

Doctor: Is it for business or social?

Me: Social.

Doctor: You have to promise me you will only drink one glass per week from now on.

Me: WHY ?! It's my stress reliever !!!!

Doctor explained about women's health, liver problems, conceiving etc etc.

Me: I'll try but i cant promise. I'll do the smoking thingy though.

Doctor went on to list other horrible diseases that comes with smoking and drinking simultaneouly. Okay okay, I solemly promise that i will TRY to drink only one glass per week. I had to or else god knows how long i'll be sitting in that room.

Next up - the chest X-ray.

When i reached that department, i hand over the slip to the black faced nurse who was busy chatting on her mobile and was annoyed with my interuption. She asked me to go left of the corridor and wait there. Fine. A moment later a very handsome doctor wearing those white doctor's coat like Patrick Dempsey at Grey's Anatomy came over.

Handsome: Miss Lim ?
Me: Yes (WOW - he sounds sexy with that perfect English and accent. I quickly ran a finger through my hair, hope it dunt look messy)
Handsome: You are here for the x-ray ?
Me: A-huh.
Handsome: When was your first day of your last period ?
Me: huh ?? WHAT ?! (OH! he's a doctor. right. there goes my plan to flirt)
Handsome: (smiling - looking so sexy) We need to know, in case you're pregnant.
Me: I am single and no bf (god, why did i say that ? now i sound desperate)
Handsome: (laughing) Miss lim, it's just for the records.
Me: I'm definately not pregnant. I dunt have a bf and i havent had se....... pause. (Jesus ! Calm down !! Too much info !!) Err... i think it was last month. Umm...25th - 28th. Around there.
Handsome: (scribbling with his left hand. A left hander!!! I have a thing for left handers..). Right, Miss Lim please sign here and I will get you ready for your x-ray
Me: Sure.

I need to wait 15 mins for the x-ray report and during those times, i had a chance to glimpse at handsome a few more times. When i received the report, I went back to the health screening dept. and the people there asked me to come back at 2pm.

I had nothing to do so i went to Starbucks for a sandwich and a cup of iced chocolate. While munching & looking around for other handsome doctors, a rich aunty (with LV bag and gold chains all over and a huge diamond ring) pointed to my drink and told her hubby loudly that she wants whatever i am drinking. How rude. All she had to do was ask me instead of pointing. Where is the tact ? I gave her my most bitchiest look. She look away and demanded hubby to get the coffee i'm drinking. I would have stayed to see her reaction when aunty found out i am drinking Iced Chocolate but i was anxious about my report and went back to the health screening department.

The nurse gave me my x-ray, congratulate me that everything's normal and told me that if they dun't call me by 12 noon tommorow, I am fine. YAY ! I dunt have LUNG CANCER !! I'm gonna buy the calendar tommorow. BUT on the other hand, i have to wait another 24 hours for the blood test results. Another 24 hours of pure anxiety. Great.

I have half a mind to switch off my mobile. Nah, that will make matters worse. I have to know. I hope my mobile dunt ring these 24 hours !! Please ! Please!

Friends & Family, DO NOT call me these 24 hours. I am terrified each time it rings.

Monday, 19 May 2008

A snake in my house !!

I was in my room, trying to read when i heard the commotion. There were shouts everywhere and i heard kids gleefully running about. Umm ... it's like 11pm ? What happened? Is there a fire or what ? And suddenly, the shouts became louder and i heard a man calling out to my grandmother : "Aunty, pls open the door, we saw a snake went into your house! "

I immediately felt a cold chill. What the ............. ? A SNAKE ??! SNAKE ??! Did someone juz shout SNAKE ? I must have heard wrongly. Why in the world will a SNAKE appear out of nowhere (there's no jungle near my house). Okay, i have to stop writing the word in capital letters. It creeps me out. But like i was saying, a snake in a house ? How ? Why ?

You know how i feel about snakes !!!!! It's my biggest fear !!! I quickly dialled my mobile downstairs to my grandmother but i think she couldn't hear it ringing over the shouts. Yeah, i know it's quite pathetic of me but i am really & truthfully extremely scared of snakes. I decided to sit on my bed and wait there with a few clothes hanger ready to beat the crap out of the stupid snake should it slither into my room. I also had all my perfumes ready to spray it blind. The only sharp object in my room are my tiny eyebrow scissors (fat load of help that will do) so i decided that i may need to sacrifice my Irish Whiskey. All i have to do is break it (sobs) and ta da !, i have a sharp glass to cut the thing into pieces. If all this fails, I am jumping down from the balcony. I have already opened the door.

Anyway, after about 5 minutes, the anxiety was killing me, so i chanced a walk down the stairs (only halfway) and called out to my grandma (still hoping that maybe it's not a snake - i must have heard wrongly). She was apparently too excited to even hear me and the kids were all still screaming: " snake!! snake!!" With all the courage I could muster & also I am particularly worried about my grandmother getting bitten or something (my mum will never forgive me if anything happen to her), I walked slowly to the entrance of the kitchen. I saw my neighbour struggling with the grills and finally i think he caught it and threw it to the plastic bag. Don't ask me how it look like. The moment i saw my neighbour's hand on that thing, i ran for it.

Anyway, i stood in the middle of the stairs waving and gratefully thanking my neighbours, all the while keeping my eyes away from that "thing" . One look out of the window, i saw the entire street of neighbours all watching the "action". For gods sake, what time do people sleep nowadays ? It's like 11pm ??!

Dun't ask for pictures. No way am i getting close to that "thing". I hope they killed it. I dun't want any nasty surprises on top of my car or underneath. Oh crap. Now i'm gonna have a nightmare later.


Tommorow is my medical check-up.

I've succesfully stopped drinking for one week so i think my liver's okay.

As for smoking, i think i've smoke even more due to the stress of this event. HAHAHA.

Whatever. We'll see tommorow.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Tiesto @ PD

Last weekend me and a couple of friends went to Port Dickson for the Tiesto Rave Party. I have to admit, I do not know who Tiesto is. Yeah yeah i know.... I am not into trance okay. Anyway the trip was actually to celebrate my best MU's buddy birthday and sort of an excuse for a party holiday.

We left about 9.30pm on Friday and reach there at about 11.30pm. After some relaxation & booze, we went to the party at 2.00am. Most of us were quite tired because some had to work on that day (NOT ME - I WAS ON LEAVE - HAHA ) and well, we were thinking of just hanging out at our hotel but the party animal wants to go so there we went.

1st nite group photo

Because we were quite sober & perhaps tired, the party mood was not really there but it was still great. The lights were fantastic.

Tiesto in action

heineken relli rulezz on a thirsty nite..

We reach our hotel about 4am and went to bed straight. Saturday afternoon, we decided to go to Seremban to try out their local favourite (hakka mee) and went for karaoke. Do you know it only cost RM5 to sing for 3 hours ?!

More alcohol at the karaoke

After that, it's back to PD for dinner. We had cheese crabs, not as good as the one at Tropicana, but still good coz we were all starving !!

Cheesy crabs

Later at our suite, we forced ourselves to drink huge amounts of alcohol to get in2 the party mood. It was really kinda funny. We really need to be slightly "high" otherwise we won't be able to enjoy the trance music. The walk to the party place was extremely far, about 1km and by the time we reach there, the alcohol effect was actually dying off but the party mood was still there. The music was great (actually i was high most of the time - so i dunt relli know abt the music)

2nd nite at Tiesto

May the force be with u

The 2nd nite was way way better. We had our devilish horns and light sabers and more heinekens !

Tiesto in action again

the crowd

Went back to the hotel about 4am again. Dead tired. No more alcohol.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Medical Check-Up

I just got a call from my new employer that I am suppose to go for a Pre-employment Medical Check-Up on the 20th May. Die Die Die. I hate medical checkups. What do they check anyway ? I know they x-ray ur lungs and test ur urine but this one they wanna take my BLOOD !!!

Helppppp........!!! I am panicking now. What if they find some thing there ?

Okay i need to calm down. I'm sure it's nothing. I mean they won't simply waste so much money just to test if you have cancer or anything right ? I heard they have a special cancer marking test which is totally different from the normal blood test. Okay Okay. Calm down and think positive. There's nothing wrong with me. I can eat, I can drink, I can sleep. I'm fine. I'm healthy.

I think I will go jogging everyday from tommorow onwards to flush out all the toxins. And oh yeah, quit smoking and drinking for at least this week. Right, that's what i'll do. Everything will be alright. I'm worrying myself over nothing. And furthermore, worrying will get me nowhere except add a few more white hairs and worst, some lines to my face.

*Takes 10 deep breaths*

They say happiness is the key to good health.

I'm fine. I'm healthy. I'm normal. I'm happy. I'm enjoying my life.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Manchester United - English Premier League 07/08 CHAMPIONS

Our 10th EPL title. WOW !!!

I've watched them lift the trophy 10 times under Sir Alex Ferguson. We now have a total of 17 titles including the old First Division. Sir Alex believes we can equal the Liverpool's total of 18th titles. I believe it too. Let's shut their "We are the best side because we won the title the most times" chants.

Next up is the Champions League at Moscow. If Manchester United wins that match, I am wearing my jersey to work the next day.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Title Decider on Sunday

You really can't depend on cheap teams like Newcastle to do the job for u. Before the match my instincts was already telling me that they will lose especially since Keegan is a #1 MU hater.... and I was right.

It has to be down to United alone. This coming Sunday, Wigan v United & Chelsea v Bolton will be the title decider. Personally I dun't really care what happen at Stamford Bridge. I only want United to win their final match and lift the trophy. C'mon !!! We know you can do it ! We are all behind YOU !!!


Monday, 5 May 2008

Food Poisoning

Seriously, I think my office is cursed or I am not suitable to work there. I am beginning to believe that. I can't believe the various types of illness i have when i step into the office. This morning when i woke up, i delayed till the last minute to drag myself off the bed. When i reach the office, my headache starts and i felt so sleepy.

For lunch, i had carrot juice and the worse chicken chop. I think the potatoes were still raw. Few hours later, i throw up in the car. Luckily for me, i had a bag in my car or else the puke will be all over my car mat. And then when i reach office, diarhoea.

What lah. Gimme a break pls ?

My name is C-O-R-I-N-N-E Part II

I regret writing my last post. Lots of people have been messaging me today. This is one of the message I manage to save coz i'm at home and i am quite free to Print Screen.

I'm warning u warning !! My whip is ready !!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

My name is C-O-R-I-N-N-E

I juz received a call from a someone:

H: Hello, Is that CONNIE ?

Me: NO. (I didn't sleep properly, quite moody)

H: You are not CONNIE ?

Me: NO. I am Corinne.

H: Oh, Sorry, Corinne. I'm bla bla from XYZ Company.

I've had it. I can't stand people who can't spell or say my name correctly. It's C-O-R-I-N-N-E not Corrine or Corine or Corrinne or CONNIE.

Connie is the worst one. Geez properly !!! IT'S CORINNE!!! how can Corinne become Connie? I dun't want to be a Connie !! I'm CORINNE !

Can't even get my name correctly and want to sell me stuffs? No way.

If i see any of u spelling my name incorrectly, I will murder u, my dear friends. And if u ever call me CONNIE, i will WHIP u !

I am not joking.

I even did a test on Sue:

Friday, 2 May 2008

Happy Birthday David Beckham

Happy Birthday to my all time favourite football player - the one who made me a fanatical Manchester United fan, the one who scored the most wonderful free kicks, the most handsome, cute, dashing, charming player in the whole wide world

Happy Birthday DAVID BECKHAM !!

See you in the England squad soon :)