Friday, 16 October 2009

I did it again!

This time I have 2 slippers in Libra Boy's car.

Without looking, I juz slip my pair of feet comfortably in2 the two slippers. Luckily this time we were visiting his new house in Cheras and the only other people there were his long time childhood friend and the err.. "developer"?

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

One month break

I am currently on a one month break from work. Yes, I have resigned from my current job. My last day was supposed to be on the 23rd October 2009 but as usual for sales people, the company will release us earlier, depending on how threatened they feel and so I was officially released yesterday.

So yeah, plenty of people are wondering why I resigned. It's really all for the usual reasons. Better offer etc etc but the main reason is I am unhappy with the new management. Everything screams "unfairness". I guess it is my bad luck.

Plus, I really can't stand to hear another of those "Back at XXXX, we used to bla bla bla" lines.

HELLO! You are not at XXXX anymore. Move on! I do not care whether you were the top salesperson at XXXX or whatever, you are now at a new company.

Seriously, that line annoy people lah. When you join a new company, would you say things like:

"Oh, back at XYZ company, I used to have total freedom and I was the top sales. I bring in 300k GP sales EVERY MONTH and everyone was so envious of my team."

When you say things like that, it shows your level of maturity. Yes you may have been very successful but is it necessary to boast about your past success? Why not do your job quietly and show people what you are capable of? If you are good, you are good. There is no need to constantly remind people of your past success. People are not stupid and they can "SEE".

I guess the word "fail" does not exist in your vocabulary and that's very optimistic. BUT life is unpredictable. It may not be because of your skills that you fail to shine. It could be due to plenty of external factors. Biasness, economy crisis, bad management, bad timing... etc etc....And when you fail, people will always remember your " BACK AT XXXX, I USED TO GENERATE 300k USD sales per month".It will be kinda embarassing. Don't you think so?

I do not hold any grudges but I will always remember. I'm a typical woman :)