Thursday, 30 October 2008

Wireless surfing

I finally have wireless @ home.

It all started last weekend when I saw 2 black cats crossing the road. I know I'm superstitious but bad things always happen when I see black cats. The next day at about 4am I heard a funny sound.


Ignoring it, I tried to sleep back but the images of those cats kept fleeting through my mind. I immediately got up and saw that my Acer laptop is drowning in a pool of water leaked by my lousy air cond. Of course it is spoilt now although I tried to bluff myself that not much water went in.

Anyway, now i have to use my office laptop and after a few days of frustration trying to connect to Streamyx using different modems and configuration and talking with lousy technicians at the 1300 88 1515 number, I decided enough is enough. I'm going to get myself a new modem with wireless router and ask my engineers at work to configure it for me so that all I have to do is "PLUG and PLAY"

Voila! I now have wireless.

No horrible cables all around my room.

I can surf anywhere in my house.

Downstairs, upstairs, outside, kitchen, toilet etc etc.

YaY =)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


I hate people who send sarcastic emails.

Why can't be a little direct?


Monday, 20 October 2008

Girls v Guys

At Redbox Karaoke - the Curve, my gf wants to use the toilet in the room. She push and push the door.

T: Eh, is someone inside? Cannot open lah.

M: (counting the no of ppl) Everyone is here!

(the guys were busy singing Bohemian Raphsody)

M & K got up to help T push. C even try to kick open the door.

T: Yerr... so scary! got ghost izzit?

Me: Really ar??! *shocked* (goosebumps on my arms)

K: Let's call the waiter.

The guys FINALLY realise the commotion, stop singing for 2 second and shouted:


Sunday, 19 October 2008

Chill out at Solaris Mont Kiara

It was Saturday night again and my ex-college friends and me decided to find a nice place just to chill out. Somewhere that has nice food and not too noisy. We decided on Solaris since nobody wants to drive all the way to KL & we heard that Asian Heritage Row is full of Mat Rempits. It's not safe for 4 girls lah.

It was 8pm when we reach there and Sophia, who has researched all the restaurants beforehand decided for all of us to eat @ Saffron. It serves Mediterranean food.

This place is really quiet. Actually all the restaurants there are really quiet. Not too crowded. Perfect. That's what we like. We can catch up and laugh loudly and nobody will care. The food here is okay. Kiran and me ordered the chicken fajita, Sue ordered salmon and Sop ordered some prawn thingy. The portions were either small or we were too hungry that we decided to go Dessert Bar for our desserts. Something which i do not normally do as I dunt fancy desserts.

At dessert bar, Sue ordered the some fruity + ice cream basket thing, Sop ordered rum & raisin, Kiran ordered some berry thingy and i ordered pancakes + fruits+ ice cream while we all flick through Sop's photos from Hanoi & Philipines.

After dessert, we decided to visit one of the bars. All of them were not crowded with the exception of "Romance of Three Kingdom". Well, we couldn't see inside so it's difficult to see if it's really crowded but the music is loud and with a name like that, it like very ah beng lah. Probably full of girls with mini short skirts and guys with gold chains all over. We skipped that and further in front, saw a nice table with 4 comfy sofas. It's called Garage. We chatted about everything from our old college friends, who is doing what and our current office gossip. Now that we are managers (ahem) we have to deal with the pain of smart-alecks fresh graduates. They probably think we are a bitch just like when we first started work and thought how our managers were bitches. It's a cycle. No wonder nowadays we are more prone to flu with all the curses aimed at us. LOL !

Manchester United 4 - WBA 0

The Roo boy's on form again =)

Before the match I sms my friend asking for the odds. He told me MU is giving 2 balls.
Umm, okay let's wait till HT, probably the odds will go down.

At HT with the score at 0 - 0, I again sms my friend. He told me now MU is giving 1.5 balls.
WHAT ??! How to bet la with that kind of odds.

I didn't expect what happen next.

Within minutes, the roo boy scored and what a fantastic goal it was.

10 minutes later, Ronaldo scored. He doesn't look too happy after scoring, maybe he was thinking he should score first and Rooney stole his glory? Or perhaps he was just having some personal issues but he does not look happy.

Berbatov's goal was a classic Nistelrooy goal. He was standing there at the right place at the right time. I do wish he would run more instead of strolling around the field.

By the time Nani scored, I was already feeling for my loss of $$$ but oh wells, it's fated. If it's yours, it's yours.

Perhaps if I have put on a bet, the score would remain 0 - 0 ?

A truly good 2nd half display.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Flu Bug

It's coming closer.

First the person behind me got it.

Now it has spread to his neighbour and the person sitting beside & in front of me.

I am surrounded !!

And I just found out that my Vit C supplies has finished! NOOOOO ! I dowan the flu !!

I must remember to buy Redoxon tommorow.

Monday, 13 October 2008

My Parking Hassle

From today onwards, I have to park outside of the Menara and walk abit coz a new Senior Manager joined and I have to give up the basement parking for her. At first I was pissed off as:

no 1: It's quite far to walk
no 2: If the car park is full, you have to park at the shopping mall which is further to walk
no 3: If it rains, I will have to get wet and probably reach my client's place with a wet look
no 4: It's not possible to work late anymore as it is quite dangerous to walk to the outside parking after 7pm
no 5: It's very inconvenient because I go in and out of office all the time and the fee per entry is rm2.

Now that my anger has died down and I am calmer, let's look at the positive side:

no 1: No need to pay RM90 monthly, can save about RM50 to buy new shoes
no 2: Walking that extra distance is still better than working in other areas of PJ, at least I do not have to go through the federal highway jam every morning & evening
no 3: The extra exercise will help me to burn some fats
no 4: If there's no parking, I can park opposite the housing area and save another RM2
no 5: Got excuse not to work late =)

Life goes on.

Monday, 6 October 2008


I saw this relli cute spitz wen i was out jogging earlier. It gave me the inspiration to jog a few more rounds juz to see her. She would hv been the perfect gf for my dog =)

She looks something like this :

Real fluffy. When she saw me looking at her, she look at me too. Then wen I jog away, she came out further to look at me. On my third round, the owner took her out and I get to pet her =)

So cute lah. Like a little bear.

Here's how a baby spitz look like.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Blackburn 0 - Manchester United 2

Nice to see the Brown & Rooney on the scoresheet. Looks like United's on form again but now there's the international break.

But it's okay, they're climbing up.