Sunday, 12 July 2009

Broken Toe Nail

I have a bruised nail on my last toe which I think is pretty bad. I am just waiting for the day the nail actually comes out on its own. Of course I am not so brave to peel it off myself. If it ever comes off, you guys will be the first to see it, I promise you :)

Well, if you thought mine was bad, wait till you see Libra Boy's toe nail:

I think his will come off sooner than mine.

Again, if it does come off, we will show you.

Please be patient.


Saturday, 11 July 2009

Manhattan Fish Market

One of me & Libra boy's favourite - Manhattan Fish Market.

So far we have tried 2 varieties of the Seafood Platter for Two, the difference being one is served with Oysters, the other with Mussels.

The first time we went there, we couldn't finish the chips as we went for our breakfast/lunch. When we went there for dinner the second time, both of us were very hungry and was actually rushing to go buy the Transformers ticket. I think we finished the platter in record time. There were 2 girls behind our table who ordered the same thing, theirs arrived first but there's still half of the food left even after we finished ours :P

That's Libra boy purposely making his funny face.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

An Embarassing Episode

This happened a few weeks ago...

I have about 5 - 6 pairs of shoes in my car. Some are the same style, juz different shades of colors and patterns.

On that particular day, I do not know what I was thinking, I juz slotted my 2 feet into a pair of shoes. I walked through a shopping complex with those shoes and went to meet my customer at the adjacent office building. A little while into the meeting, I got bored and started fidgeting and looking around for things to do. Upon looking down at my feet, I realise to my horror, that I was wearing 2 different type of shoes!

So embarassing! I prayed that no one else in the room saw it. I guess they didn't coz no one mentioned anything or they were too kind and were probably laughing after I left! Arrghh !

After that day, I threw all my shoes at the seat behind and pick the ones I want to wear daily. No more dumping 6 pairs of shoes together at the front car seat....!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Leave Faster!!!

What makes a good manager?

I do not know.

But definately not one that backstab you and push all the blame to you when things goes wrong.

I hate my immediate manager. I can't stand her. Not after today. Not ever since she joined actually but I tolerated. Her management skills sucks. If there is a problem, as an immediate manager, why didn't she enquire with me what actually happened, b4 she send out an email to the entire world?

To top it off, her england sucks big time. Sometimes she probably doesn't mean it that way but because of her english, it makes her sound terrible. I have ignored all the previous "blame" that was thrown to me but two weeks ago, when I was on medical leave, she complained that I was not interested to pursue a customer. This I really cannot take it. I replied an email to her in which she ignore but of course, knowing her, she will backstab me from behind which she did today.

And she even have the nerve to pretend to be the "good guy".

HELP ME................................!!!

I can't wait for the day she leaves. She has actually resigned and her last day is end of August. Can't she leave earlier?

Cute lil' boy

This cute little boy is libra boy's nephew. He saw all of them drinking beer at the bowling alley and decided to "try" one himself =)
He is only 18 months old and he has a new sister 7 days ago. She is very cute with 2 dimples. Poor boy, every1 has been paying so much attention to the new born that he felt left out....
His favourite hobby is running around and exploring things. I guess all kids are like that. There is seldom a kid that sits down quietly. If there is, then the parents will probably be worried if he has some kind of social problems.... right?