Thursday, 10 February 2011

Why men do not post any of their wives photos?

I just wonder why some men do not post any photos of their wives on their facebook page. It is not that they do not know how to, or not bothered to post photos as I see their photo albums full of their children's photos. WHY?

Are they ashamed of how their wife look like now after giving birth to kids? Or they do not want any of their friends to know how their wife look like? Obviously, they can't escape the fact that they are married (coz of the kids photos). Perhaps they want to be known as the "single father"?

Or maybe it is their wife's requests?

I just wonder. Anyone?

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I am back after 6 months.....

Every other day, I would come across something interesting happening in my life which I would like to blog about but I never get to do it because my office has blocked all access to blogs/personal pages website.

I find this "blocking" ridiculous because I will be searching for some information and when I click on some URL, it is blocked because the content I am looking for is under "blogs/personal pages" which is not allowed to be viewed.

I am thinking of getting those USB broadband to use in office. I mean, there's no way a person can get through the whole work day without going into facebook to relax for a while, right?

Meanwhile, I will try to update when I am at home, which is not easy because my bed & tv looks so tempting....