Sunday, 23 November 2008


2moro's gonna be a long day for me. 4 appointments. I should blog what's on my mind right now b4 the work stress starts kicking in.

I am currently taking a few hours break from my movie marathon. Went to pick up Season 4 from Jennwah earlier (all the way to Puchong - i know...i'm so addicted). The story's getting interesting. I couldn't stop laughing when Orson came up with the magic bbq fork joke and told Bree "Let's go freak Mrs Mcluskey next". FYI, Bree is pretending to be pregnant and accidently got "stabbed" with a BBQ fork and guests were all freaking out. That's why Orson had to come up with the magic fork thingy.

Anyway, what I wanna write about is about rainbows. Are there anyone out there who doesn't like rainbows? C'mon ! It's so beautiful & sort of magical. I was driving last evening and was thinking, when was the last time I saw a rainbow? I think it's a few years back. I remember when I was a little kid and I saw this rainbow so I tried to run to the end of it hoping to see that white unicorn. Well, I watched a cartoon that shows a white unicorn at the end of a rainbow! Of course I couldn't get to the end of the rainbow because halfway running towards it, I met with a stray dog who chased me back all the way to the house. Stupid doggie! Spoilt my unicorn quest!

I dun't know why but I would like to see a rainbow now. I mean of course not now, it's like 8pm and it will be really eerie if I can see a rainbow at the dark sky. I would like to see a rainbow soon so that I can drive to the end of it and get my hands on that pot of gold =)

Nah, actually i wanna see a rainbow so that I know I still can take it slow and not let life's stress get to me. Sometimes I really need to stop, relax and look out at the sky once in a while. There's so many people dying from stress nowadays. We need to stop this. It's getting out of hand.

But frankly, that pot of gold will be handy. LOL

Desperate Housewives 3

Susan Myer is my favourite.

She is so funny and entertaining. I especially like the part when she set her future mom-in-law on fire and when she was in the middle of the forest and tries to put on lavender and honey face mask so that she can look good for Myke and her guide was warning her that she was in the middle of the forest and she is putting on bear food on her face.

The bear food part reminded me of a conversation I had on MSN..... *keke*

God, I've never had such a good laugh at a series b4.

Onto season 4... *thx jennwah* =)

Thursday, 20 November 2008


Everyone loves Fridays. I'm half half.

I love Fridays coz it means the weekend and I get to stay up late and do whatever I want.

But I also hate Fridays. You know why? Because in my company, every Friday there's a Sales Review meeting from 08.30 to lunchtime. They prepare breakfast for you in preparation for the tough drill-down of your funnels.

So you see, I have mixed feelings about Fridays. Yes, it means happy hours after work and the joy of not waking up early for the next two days but it also means a tough 4 hours in a small room with difficult questions thrown to you.

Why this ? Why that? Did you..? What happened to....? Arrghh !

We can't purposely make an appointment in the morning either, because they will only delay the meeting to 5 or 6pm which is even worse because then we will miss our happy hour time.

And let's face it, how many sick leave can we take every Friday? It just looks bad & so fake.

So instead of feeling bad about the review and complaining about what a drag it is, let's be positive and think of it as......umm... (I can't think of anything good about it).

Oh whatever, I dun't care. Like it or not, I have to face it. I'm going to immersed myself with Desperate Housewives tonight and laugh all I want because I will not be able to laugh tommorow morning.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Your Woman - White Town

I first listened to this song when I was in college - brings back a lot of memories of watching RAGE at the wee hours of the morning.

Recently, Mix FM played this song again with a nice remix. I can't find it anywhere.

Anyone got that version ?

I really like some part of the lyrics esp. the cruel part LOL. I'm evil....

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Snakes again!

I've forgotten about this dream that I had on Wednesday until I was tidying my books and saw Harry Potter.

I dreamt of not one but 3 snakes and woke up screaming as usual. I've checked the dream dictionary. It says :

The snake may also refer to a person around you who is callous, ruthless, and can't be trusted. As a positive symbol, snakes represent transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive changes

Hmm...I can identify 2 person around me now that is callous & ruthless and definately cannot be trusted. I wonder who's the 3rd one?

But hey, it means positive changes too! Good. Just what I need.

Life's experiences

I do not have the time to blog. No, actually i should re-phrase. I do not have the mood to blog about the past week events.

So many things have happened since the week started. Bad stuffs.

First of all I was diagnosed with a cyst in my ovary. After 3 stressful days, my doc managed to convince me that its not life threatening and there's ways to cure it. I even went for a breast scan and I was so scared that after they did one breast, I told the doc I do not want to scan the other. LOL. Now I look back and think how silly I must have looked.

Becoming a little bit happier and calm, I went to work the next day and found out that a few of my projects are on hold because of the economic crisis overseas. Damn. There goes my quota....

Later in the evening, my heart was shattered.

At this point, I look at my life and keep asking.





After much self-questioning and tears and of course sessions with my dear friends, i realise there's no point to keep questioning. So wat if it's sad? Everyone's got their own sad point in life. Does this mean that we have to walk around everyday with a sour look?

We have to look at life from another angle.

Cyst? Everyone has cysts in their bodies.

Work? Find new customers. Strategise and work towards a better next year.

Love? I was sad. But now I'm angry. Soon, I will forget and look back and laugh at myself.

Tommorow will be the start of a better week. I'm convinced of it (esp. after MU's fantastic win last nite)

It's looking bright already =)

Man Utd 5 - Stoke 0

Brilliant. Fantastic. From Ronnie's first goal to the was all brilliant.

I am so glad i shared this with my MU buddies. SPEECHLESS !!

Cristiano Ronaldo (3)

Michael Carrick (45)

Dimitar Berbatov (49)

Danny Welbeck (84)

Cristiano Ronaldo (89)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Mr Temper

I noticed that Mr Temper likes to unleash his anger on me whenever he is stressed.

What to do. I am the "junior" and who better to be on the receiving end than me.

It spoilt my entire morning but after some retail therapy, my mood lifted and I am able to think clearly.

It is not worth let my mood be shaken by unworthy people.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Manchester United 4 - Hull 3

Beautiful play by MU on the first half and beginning of second half.

I truly do not like Ronaldo but I still admire his skill.

I'm dissapointed Rooney didn't score but it's because they didn't pass the ball to him. It's very competitive in the team nowadays.

Berbatov's assist are damn good. I hope he will score more in the EPL =)

Tevez came on at the late stages of the 2nd half. I wish he could play more but then, 4 strikers in the team mess things up.

Well, let's leave it to Sir Alex. He knows best =)