Saturday, 24 January 2009

As the Chinese New Year approaches....

It's the same every year.

Cookies, drinks, mandarin oranges (careful of the maggots!) & lots of tempting food.

People rushing out to buy new clothes or going to the saloon for their hair cut, color, perming or re-bonding.

The re-union dinner.

Gambling. This is about the only thing I enjoy about CNY. Mahjong, blackjack, poker, in between, whatever games, you name it, I'm there. It helps to pass time & we don't have to talk much. Otherwise, aunties will be onto your back with questions about your relationships.

Another thing is, everyone is now on their way back to their hometown so there will be no traffic jams in KL/PJ for one week ! Woo hoo !

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Top of the League

A little late for this post but the positions are still valid after Liverpool's draw on Monday...
Hope it stays this way till the end of the season =)

Monday, 12 January 2009

Man Utd 3 - Chelsea 0


Yes I am biased but I do love it when the roo boy scored. Vidic & Berbatov both deserve credits as well.

I was confused with the first disallowed goal. I first thought that Giggs took it too fast but the commentators later explained that it was an old trick that hasn't been used for years. Very clever of Rooney & Giggsy.

I reckon this is the best they have performed throughout this season. Not because it was a win against Chelsea, it was the perfect team play from the keeper to striker.

I am also very sure that the Liverpool fans are panicking now. Well, serve them right for making false accusations and trying to unnerve the team.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

The year that was

My eyes are swollen and my voice sounds flu-ish. No lah, I didn't party and got drunk last night but I came home at 6.30am.

How time flies. There goes the year...

The last few days people start asking what your party plans are and we have the all time favourite question:

"What's your new year resolutions?

I always give them the same answer.

I am going to quit smoking.

"How many years you have been saying that?"

I don't care. Stop asking me. HA HA.

I hate making resolutions I can never keep. I remember my friend, Sue wrote a whole list of resolutions and she said she is juz going to change the year 2008 to 2009 on the same piece of paper. Of course, she was just joking. I think she wrote the same resolutions on a new piece of paper though. New year, new paper. he he...

I have not been making any "resolutions" since... forever. This year I want to do something different. I would like to make a list of things that I want to achieve this year, which is:

1) FINALLY go for the EUROPE trip
2) More Sales! More Sales!

That's all I'm asking. Nothing more. I'm not greedy.

Of course I have a whole lot of other things I would like to do but I know I will never get around to doing them so let's not waste my blog's space writing them down.

Reflections of 2008.


The first half of the year was good for me socially, but workwise was terrible. 2nd half of the year, my career was getting better but my social life became almost non-existent coz of the late hours i spent in my cubicle especially the last month. I became so lazy to go out on weekends after a tiring week. All I wanna do is sleep and even then, my customers still call me requesting for changes to their quotes on a Sunday afternoon. But I do enjoy my work. I guess you can't have it all. Well, the good thing is, I am still single and have this kind of time to spare. If I have a bf then sorry lah, wait till Monday for your damn quote man!!! HAHAHAH.....

Yup, overall it's a so - so year.

I spent last night with a couple of friends drinking, eating junk food and watching a horror movie "The house" which turned into a comedy thanks to commentaries from my buddies. Really! How are we suppose to watch a horror movie with these bunch of comedians:

"Run la, still wanna sit in the car....wait for the ghost come and catch...stupid girl..."

"If I see the toilet like that, I won't go lah. You can see it looks like got ghost inside...."

"Why the ghost have to have slime coming out from the mouth one? Scary meh like that? Looks more disgusting..."