Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wedding Photography

I am extremely dissapointed with the studio which I signed up our Wedding Photography for. However I shall not blog about them until I received all my albums and DVDs etc just in case they sabotage them.

If the end result turns out nice, I may not write anything negative after all but there will definately be a Part II to this entry soon.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Changing Blog Address

I will be changing my blog address soon as I noticed people that I do not want to read the blog (because I want to rant all my anger) can find me easily on google.

I am still figuring how to do it without losing all my previous posts. I will let friends know my new secret address once i change it :)

I have found out how to change it. Please give me your email address if you want my new blogspot. I will change to new UrL in 7 days.

Latest Latest:
I have decided to remain with my current shows how fickle a woman can be...

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My Health

Nowadays I have been taking good care of my health. I do not drink alcohol/coffee/soft drinks/any drinks with ice anymore and have tried to sleep early. I have also begun to take supplements on a daily basis. And yet I feel weaker than normal!

What's going on with my body? Yes, I have not stopped smoking but the rest of the bad dietary I have cut, cut and cut. I have even put on weight and my BMI is definately normal now.

This is so frustrating.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Stress gastric

I have not been skipping meals for a long time and I was wondering how come I still get gastric.

Until my recent outstation trip....... I realise that what's causing the pains is stress! I had killer pains during dinner and it lasted until I reached LCCT. Once I step into my husband's car, the pain was gone! Well, maybe the gastric pills took some time to be "effective" but I have a suspicious feeling it is the stress.

I wanna make sure the pains don't come again but what can we do in this highly stressed up world. Everyday I tell myself "do not stress" but the environment doesn't allow it. Even if I don't work and stay home, there will be the bored kind of stress so yeah there's no escaping it until I find a method to relax myself.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


Can Manchester United do it? It will be great to surpass Liverpool's stupid title record which they have been boasting since the 80s...

Let's take a look at the matches remaining:

1) Man Utd v Chelsea
I reckon it will be a draw.

2) Blackburn v Man Utd
Fergie's good friend, SAM, will help Man Utd =)

3) Man City v Man Utd
Thrash those loud-mouths neighbours!!

4) Man Utd v Spurs
A toughie but I think it will be a win

5) Sunderland v Man Utd
Steve Bruce's team. Ex MU Player....should be a win.

6) Man Utd v Stoke City
A definate WIN

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

1st March 2010

... will always remain a special day in my heart. And also the Carling Cup finale...

It was on 1st March 2009 when me & Libra Boy watched our first match together. I still remember it. Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspurs Carling Cup Final where Man Utd won with penalties.

This year the Carling Cup Final was on 28th February 2010 but we won the cup on 1st March (it was past midnight) so yeah, I will always remember it and so nice to have a football touch on my anniversay, something which I am passionate about =)

I have been a nervous wreck for the entire week. I fell sick coz of the anxiety. I do not think there's anything wrong with my body. It's just that the tension was so great it made me feel like I was sick. I had terrible cramps, severe gastric and all these funny aches all over my body making me think there is something wrong with me!

The night b4 was even worse. I couldn't sleep imagining all the terrible things that MAY happen on 1st march. Nerves.

When the day arrived, as usual I was feeling the tension. Felt like I am having diarhoea and wanna vomit. I felt better once we reach Putrajaya and I am so glad there wasn't much crowd there and we were able to be the 2nd couple to be "registered".

It was all over in 20 minutes. Very quick.

I am now married.