Friday, 21 December 2007

Few days before Christmas....

I login today and realise that my blog is turning into a Manchester United's weekly results blog....Whooops....

Ok lah, time to bring it back to a more personal level.

Let's start with home no longer sweet home. A relative has come to live with us, he is abit sick and has to stay home from now on. Taking care of him is definately not easy as he has a mental problem as well, caused by falling from a lorry when he was young. I suppose this responsibility is taking its toll on everyone so it's not very cheerful at home. It doesn't help that my grandma is more dramatic than usual but well, there's no use complaining coz we have to get use to it. Yes, my personal space has definately been invaded but thank god for wireless technology that enables me to escape to my room =)

On another note, one of my good friend is getting married this weekend, Congratulations to Michelle & John. To Michelle, we will try to make it as sweet as possible for you and to John, I really pray that you have some good "brothers" with you for the morning session.

If any of you watch local tv, please vote for Raj, one of the contestant for the ntv7's show "Love Perhaps" or "Perhaps Love".... whatever lah. You can watch catch up episodes at & please vote for Raj every Saturday from 10pm. More info can be found on the website (i think) Personally I find the show abit boring, I only watched 2 episodes of it online yesterday. All talk talk and no action. But please vote for Raj, he is a nice guy and VERY desperate to win. HA HA HA !

Please go watch "Enchanted" too, especially if ur the type who has forgotten how "love" feels like. I guess the guys will hate the movie but to all the girls, please watch it. It helps you to believe in love again =)

I'll update again after the wedding.

Monday, 17 December 2007

A good football weekend

Liverpool 0 - Manchester United 1 (Tevez)

It was a highly charged atmosphere at Anfield. Liverpool's tactics were all out aggresive attacks fast paced. To give them some teeny credit, they did looked very capable of scoring for the first 45 mins.

Luckily for us, Ferdinand & Vidic was in top form. I thought Evra & Anderson played exceptionally well, i can't judge who is better. Both managed to stop most of liverpool's attacks, and both of them saved Edwin Van de Sar's blushes by stopping a goal each from the goal line.

Hargreaves didnt really have a good game, but perhaps it was because Anderson was doing the job so superbly well that it overshadowed Hargo. Frontline was okay, the goal was clever play. Ryan Giggs's corner to Rooney out of the box caused chaos in Liverpool's defence. It reminds me of the Eric Cantona goal at the FA Cup Final in the 90s but of course this one needed Tevez's touch.

I didnt even realise that torres was still playing in the 2nd half. He was so quiet. Well, he picked the losing team, juz like kewell :D

The icing didn't come as Arsenal won against Chelsea. Let's see if we can stop them at Old Trafford.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Another good thing about December

Tommorow's a Public Holiday for Selangor. It's the Sultan of Selangor birthday.

WooHoOOo.... !!! No need to wake up at 7am. No need to go to work. No need to pretend i'm answering important emails or working on some tough quotations when i'm actually playing facebook. No need to pretend I'm looking for potential customers in the newspaper when i am actually checking out the sports & entertainment section :D

Another best thing is, it's been raining since 6pm. Ahhh, such a nice weather to sleep. I hope the rain continues till tommorow 10am. Sorry to all working-in-KL folks. I just like listening to rain drops on my roof & waking up early to the wet morning knowing that i dun't have to work :D

I realised today that I only have to work 4 days a week for the next 3 weeks. There's a public holiday next thursday, then it will be the Christmas holiday on the 25th and New Year on the 1st. And this is why, December has and alwiz will be my most favourite month of the year :D

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Manchester United 4 - Derby 1
Giggs (40)
Tevez (45, 60)
Ronaldo (pen 90)

A good football weekend for all United fans coz Arsenal lost 1 - 2 to Boro (ha ha) and Liverpool lost 1 -3 to Reading (ha ha ha ha ha ). We are only 1 point behind Arsenal now :D

Next up Liverpool v Manchester United at Anfield. I can't wait.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

And the brawl continues.....

Jason's msn status message:
Theatre of Dreams/Impossible is Nothing

CookiE® says: u know hor
CookiE® says: impossible is nothing is adidas

Jason™ United We Stand says: ya i know

CookiE® says: Liverpool is Adidas
CookiE® says: MU is NIKE
CookiE® says: traitor !!!!

Jason™ United We Stand says: oh wait
Jason™ United We Stand says: did u know beckham is adidas???

CookiE® says: of corz i know
CookiE® says: but becks no more at MU

Jason™ United We Stand says: i support adidas not liverfool k
Jason™ United We Stand says: i like the shoessssssssss
Jason™ United We Stand says: lebih just wanna shoot me
Jason™ United We Stand says: : P
Jason™ United We Stand says: go away

CookiE® says: arsenal is adidas also...

Jason™ United We Stand says: arsenal is NIKE!

CookiE® says: oh shit... yah forgotten...lolzz...

Jason™ United We Stand says: go check ur eyes

CookiE® says: so liverFOOL is adidas
CookiE® says: i know deep down u are the POO supporter !!!!
CookiE® says: YIKES !!!

Jason™ United We Stand says: eh go sleep
Jason™ United We Stand says: pls dont disturb
Jason™ United We Stand says: watever
Jason™ United We Stand says: not listening

CookiE® says: wakkakaz
CookiE® says: pui ! pui ! addidas !!

Jason™ United We Stand says: geez..
Jason™ United We Stand says: haha
Jason™ United We Stand says: teruk!

CookiE® says: u woke up & watch the wrong team !!!!

Jason™ United We Stand says: bully me
Jason™ United We Stand says: PLEASE LARRR

CookiE® says: wakkakazzz..

Jason™ United We Stand says: hahahaha idiot!

CookiE® says: ok sleep now
CookiE® says: BYE

Jason™ United We Stand says: hope u have nitemare!
Jason™ United We Stand says: dream of liverfool
Jason™ United We Stand says: kissing gerrad
Jason™ United We Stand says: HAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHA

CookiE® says: dowan...!!! i hate sissies !! PUI !!!!
CookiE® says: YUCKS !!!!

Jason™ United We Stand says: wakakaka
Jason™ United We Stand says: dai sei
Jason™ United We Stand says: cheng kao me lar

CookiE® says: i will b dreaming of my beckham or hargreaves OKAY....
CookiE® says: BYE lah

Jason™ United We Stand says: HA!
Jason™ United We Stand says: cough!


Tommorow will be another chapter......

Revenge of a loyal fan

It's amazing how a simple NOKIA standard sms alert tone can wake me up in the wee hours of the morning, whilst my alarm tone can ring non-stop and it will still sound like some kind of sedative music, making me even more sleepy whenever i hear it =)

Last night i was awaken by some sms by an MU fanatic.

At 0412 i heard beep beep, so i checked:
"Ronaldo 10 mins"
ooooh, an early goal (i thought)
Not bad.... ZZZzzzzzzz....

Then, at 0520, again beep beep:
"Ronaldo 58 mins Man Utd 2"
Okay, 2 - 0. Win already.

After a while of tossing & turning (i am now quite awake) I sent a msg over:
"Oi, FT already ? MU won 2 - 0 ?"

And i got this reply:
"Still playing. Wake up and watch. it's only 63 mins."

After some contemplation, i have decided not to leave the comfort of my cold wintery air-cond room and warm blanket BUT I CAN'T GO BACK TO SLEEP COZ I NEED TO KNOW THE FINAL RESULT !!!! Damn Jason HUE.

So i lay there, half sleeping, half awake, imagining what's going on with the match, when at about 0553, beep beep:
"Full time Old Trafford Man Utd 2"

Okay, now i can sleep peacefully. Immediately i closed my eyes and slept for another hour.

So why did some fanatic sms me when it's not even a big match title decider or the finals of Champions League ???

Well, it's all because i open my big mouth and teased that he was not a loyal MU FAN.....

This was what happened...

Few weeks ago, MU was gonna play Sporting Lisbon and he asked:

J: watching the match tonite?
C: already qualified, no need to watch lah. Prolli put all the young babies and lose 3 - 1. Waste of my precious sleep time.
J: Wah, you are not a loyal fan man. You must also watch the progress of the young babies. they are our future team you know?
C: aiyooooo i need to work lah. i dowan to purposely wake up and watch them free kah ? J: i also need to work but i will try my best to watch all of MU's matches no matter win or lose and blah blah blah (some examples of the matches he watched at 4am)

I felt a bit guilty but in the end, i still didn't wake up to watch :p

Then, the following Saturday, MU was gonna play Bolton and my fren has asked me to go for a drink at Velvet. And again, Jason msg me on MSN:

J: So....where will u be watching the match tonite?
C: not watching, im goin to Velvet
J: You rather go clubbing than to watch MU ??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

feeling abit guilty....

C: no lah, tonite got special occasion
J: wat occasion?

(God, he sounds like Sir Alex Ferguson interogating why i am not doing my duty as a fan )

Quickly log off (pretend connection failure)

2 hours later i log on again and another MU Fan msg me.

H: Hey, where r u watching the match tonite?
C: ummz, im not watching. got something to do....
H: ohh, fren's wedding ar? Understood. Many of those around at this time of the year.
C: no ler, going velvet

immediately i got the biggest reaction ever....



It's not like i will get any money when they win or like im some kind of lucky star that will guarantee them a win when i watch them play. &^%$# ~

Plus, the HINDRAF riot sort of help me made up my mind not to go down to KL for drinks.

Well i watched and look what happened?

No ronaldo, no rooney. All playing like they drank 5 barrels of beers the night before. For gods sake.... No team play at all.....

One week later, last Sunday, i was on MSN again with Jason.

J: Tommorow watching or not ? 4am
C: See how lah. Monday Bluez... You keep quiet and dunt start the guilty talk !!
I am a loyal fan OKAY...
J: hahaha.....I didnt say anything also....maybe i also not watching lah. Tired.

(Revenge time.....!!! )

C: How can.... ??? ur the LOYAL FAN !!!! u must watch !!! If not how ? MU SURE LOSE WITHOUT UR SUPPORT !!!
J: You watching meh ?
C: I watch or not is not important, coz ur the MOST LOYAL one, not me :D
J: Yeah Maybe I'll watch then. BTW, I feel like getting a tattoo

C: Cool, go & tattoo the red devil on ur arm....
J: no lah, although i love them, im not so GILA
C: Lidat means u are not a loyal fan. A loyal fan must tattoo the red devil logo.
J: Where's urs ??
C: You were the one that wanted a tattoo wot..... If i want to tattoo, i will surely put the red devil logo....that's LOYAL FANS......lolzz.....
J: Ok enough ar !

And so our Jason, the most loyal MU Supporter woke up at 4am to watch the match and felt the need to share the joy with me :p

This morning.....

Jason™ United We Stand says: real fans watch live
Jason™ United We Stand says: not sleep with air con
Jason™ United We Stand says: : P

CookiE® says: %$#@!

Friday, 30 November 2007

The last day of November

A few more hours to the end of a stressful and sick month.

I had written a post earlier listing out all the bad things that has happened but when i review it, i realise there's no point lingering over past events as they will make us even more blue. People will always like to ask "Why" or "What if" but unfortunately we will never know so we should not waste anymore time trying to find the "answer".

Instead let's look forward to December which has always been my most favourite month of the year. I love Christmas. I love carolling. I love listening to Christmas songs. I love the Christmas spirit. I love decorating Christmas trees and I love looking at the lights.

My stupid flu or stomach bug or whatever it is will go away when the clock strike 0000 in a few hours and I will enjoy my December month as usual every year =)

Friday, 23 November 2007

The day England got disqualified from EURO 2008.....

Yesterday i had an important appointment and I thought that by wearing my lucky skirt + jacket, it may help me to close the sale. Again, i was running late (I watched England got disqualified from EURO 2008 earlier) and when i reach the office, i chose a newly bought (about 2.5 - 3 inch) stiletto heels shoes from the few pairs in my car. Feeling very sad (coz of the stupid England) but still SEXY (stilettos are suppose to make u feel that way) I dashed off to my desk to prepare whatever last minute things needed for the meeting. Actually, there's really nothing to prepare, just wanna look busy.

The meeting went well and I went to lunch at the sec17 chicken rice restaurant. You know the so-call famous chicken rice near the food foundry, where the owner dunt allow you to order roasted pork even though there's two big strips of it or ordering more than what he thinks you should have. I personally dunt find it so good but my boss wanted to eat, so there we go.

In the restaurant, i nearly slip. Hmm, must be the lack of sleep (a waste of it on a team that couldn't even qualify) and oily floor.

When it was time to go home, I punched out and walk down these stairs thinking to myself HOW CAN ENGLAND NOT QUALIFY ????!!!!!

And then it happened......

BANG !!!

I had somehow slipped on the 3rd step and slide about 3/4 down nearing the end. My first thought was not the pain but how i must quickly get up to save myself from further embarassment. How vain right...hahaha....

My collegues rushed out and didnt see me lying there (thank god) coz i already stood up and was straightening my skirt. Both my shoes fell off to the bottom of the stairs, and because I didn't zip my handbag, some papers & lipstick flew out. I told them I'm fine and quickly collect my shoes & other rubbish and went to the car. It is only then that I felt the pain. OUCH !!!!!

There's blood inside my big toe and some skin got scrapped off my feet plus bruises which will only show itself tommorow or day after. Luckily I didnt break any bones or sprain anything major. And then i remembered.

There's a CCTV camera on the stairs.


I hope it didn't capture the color of my underwear or the guards will be having a great laugh now.

Damn those shoes................

From now onwards, I will only wear stilettos for special dinners which doesn't involve stairs and pray that England will not get another lousy coach like Steve Mclaren.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Cookie's teasers

i want to blog abt a topic i heard on mix fm 2 days ago but i am too tired & sleepi....


nite nite all

Tuesday, 13 November 2007


I was browsing through my fren's blog and saw that i got tagged by Mr Aaron Tan

1. if i was an opposite gender, what would my party clothes be like?
a colored t-shirt with jeans - i juz love nice colored t-shirts on guys....kekeke

2. at 10am this morning, i was…
in a meeting with my boss.

3. at 10pm tonight, i will be…
having a drink at mont kiara ?

4. who should be the next malaysian prime minister?

Sir Alex Ferguson

5. if my spouse told me to do without sex for a year, i would…
have no sex for one year lah. im no cheater.

6. if i was a piece of a car, i would be the…
color red.

7. if i was told one day that i would have to give up either 1) anything chocolate or 2) ever seeing the beach again, for the rest of my life, which one will I give up?
of corz chocolate....

8. singapore is good for…

9. if i could only say 3 words before i die, what would those last words be?
aiseh, i dunno lah...i never tot abt fast ? i still havent finish enjoying my life...

10. who would i like to be left on a deserted island with?
who else but david beckham ???

11. die by drowning or by fire?
i dowan to die..... !!

12. what one single thing would you buy with your last rm9.95?
dunhill lights

13. if i opened a night club, what would i call it?
the jebs pup

14. don’t cheat: what’s “bulbous”?
food ar ??

15. I think my ass is…
.......... how would i look if i keep trying to look at my own ass to see how it's shaped??

How many people are we spose to tag next ?? I'm gonna tag 5 ok.

1. Tim Lee
2. Vivienlpl
3. Chilicandy
4. Amandawwp
5. sr215

Monday, 12 November 2007

A blue Monday

At 7am, the alarm rang.

I reached over to switch it off. Arghh!! I hate Mondays. Silently counting the number of days left to the weekend, i drag myself to the showers.

After getting dressed, i looked at the clock and i am running a lil' late. Panicking slightly, I began stuffing everything from my small weekend bag to my normal work bag which is full of papers, pens, bank slips, lipsticks, mascara, access tags, keys, tissues, coins & 1 ringgits and god knows what else. Running down the stairs, I realise my car keys are still somewhere underneath that mess. Oh man !! Now i have to take everything out again. I just cleaned my bag on Thursday. How did it end up with so much rubbish again ?!

What a nice start to the week.....

Ok, no worries, it's only 8.10am, I will most probably be like 5 - 10 minutes late. All i have to do now is pray for patience to brace the Monday traffic jam which is alwiz worse than usual especially after it rained again late last night. I double checked that my mobile was in my bag and saw that I had an sms.

Hmm...... so early ?

Recently, I have been receiving lots of early morning sms for wedding invitations........Please dunt let it be....!!! I dun't have enough money already !! I am actually quite broke next month coz i have to pay my car insurance + road tax and maybe need to change my car compressor and attend my best friend's wedding where i am of course one of the ji mui. She is having 2 weddings dinners, so i need to buy like 3 new dresses including one for the morning session. Can't wear the same dress to both dinners right ? That's girls for you :p

Well it's not a wedding invitation but it was from my ex, which is equally as shocking. He requested for a meet-up tommorow, his birthday.

I feel like i've just been slapped.

We have not spoken to each other for a very long time. Too long. No, don't get me wrong. We didn't have a bad break up where both parties ended up shouting vulgarities and threatening to burn each other house's down or felt the need to take out an ad on a billboard in the middle of federal highway, telling the whole wide world how we broke each other's heart.

Nope, nothing like that.

It was just the time to let go or stay together miserably for the rest of our lives. Of course I dunt deny that sometimes i do feel nostalgic and start to reminisce about the past and what could have been but at the end of the day, i know it's just my stupid hormones disguising itself and creeping into my mind.

After musing about this for a good part of the day, I have decided not to meet up. Why dig up skeletons that have been buried for so long ?

Do you know what is a lotus root ? One of my favourite is the lotus root soup.

Hang on, let me google for a picture....

Here it is :

It actually has no taste, but it makes the soup sweeter (err.... i think lah). Did you notice that when you bite into a lotus root, there's those "strings" that is quite difficult to break and you have to eat and swallow the whole lotus root or those "strings" will just linger halfway there and look disgusting ?

Well, the lotus root is like my relationship with my ex. Over the years and numerous break-ups, there's always strings attached which is difficult to chew off completely. Strings are horrible, just imagine how the lotus root looks like when it's bitten halfway. You must cut it off completely then only will be nice right ?

I've had enough of half eaten lotus roots and have taken the final bite.

Cheers to a brand new day tommorow :)

Monday, 5 November 2007

Arsenal 2 - Manchester United 2

A good display from both sides. Getting a draw at Emirates is consider very good, considering the form Arsenal was in, but of course, Manchester United is also not that far behind.

I guess the happiest team last weekend was Chelsea, who managed to close the gap while Liverpool didn't take any advantage of the draw.

Arsenal manage to subdued Ronaldo, while Hargreaves and our midfield co. manage to stop some of Arsenal's brilliant passing. A draw is a fair result although i still think we were robbed.

Let's wait for them at Old Trafford.

BBQ Party with an old friend

It's been a long time since I last barbequed coz I'm lazy to clean up after a party. We were planning on just buying some KFC and have a few drinks but i received a call on Tuesday that it was to be a bbq session and im supposed to buy junk food & drinks.

E: Imelda wants "Oh YAH"
Me: What the hell is "OH YAH" ????
E: dunno ler....Beats me man....
Me: (after some thinking) CHEEZELS izzit ???
E: Ya ya , last time the advertisement is oh yah oh yah....remember ??
ME: hahaha..

When I reached E's apartment, I drove past Imelda Kwan whom i havent seen for more than 10 years and smiled to her. She didn't smile back !! $#@% She couldn't recognise me....!!!! No wonder when i say "Hi" to her, she look unfriendly and gave me the "who's this chick" look......


Imelda: do i know u ???
Me: WHAT ??????

Eileen & Michelle was laughing already.

Michelle: OMG Imelda, u can't recognise our friend????

Imelda: huh, dunt tell me ur Corinne ar ??? where's ur glasses ??? and ur hair....last time ur hair is thick thick and BIG one rite, why now so flat ???

Me: Woiiii of corz flat many years already ???? hairstyle sure change lah....and nowadays got contact lens lah derrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Want me to slap u or not ????

Lai Lai: (in between laughs) Please lah Mel, dunt tell us you thought Corinne was a stranger trying to kau u ???

Me: Jesus......Mel....................??????

Imelda: oh noooooo lah, of course not.....look at u lah, what a dramatic change.....

Michelle: Perhaps Corinne should wear the school uniform and put on her glasses so Imelda dunt get confused again......

LOL.......i wonder where's my school uniform...the blue color pinafore....hahahhaha

Anyway we had a really good time, Lai Lai was the belle of the party with her straightforwardness and jokes about her travel experiences. We chatted everything from ex school mates, bra sizes & men & woman. I've never laughed so much in such a long time.

I'm looking forward to club with Imelda and see her in action.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Manchester United go top

Manchester United 4 - Middlesborough 1

It's so nice to see the United's standings on the EPL table now although we are only there for 24 hours.

It was a thrilling match from the start.

Nani's goal. What can I say except WOW ? We'd really like to see more goals like that in the matches to come. I just hope he won't be put in the cold freezer for his elaborated celebration.

Our two small sized striker, getting better with every game. Rooney has been scoring consistenly in the last few matches and I'm glad Tevez is scoring goals to boost up his confidence.

Hargreaves was back from injury and I really like his style of playing. His aggresiveness in getting the ball back and tackles was a joy to watch. It's been some time since we saw this kind of display, not since the days of Roy Keane.

Ronaldo was abit quiet last night. Probably tired?

Anderson fitted in well, Pique had a late run replacing Ferdinand.

Overall, it looks like all our new signings are fitting well into the team.

I look forward to next weekend's showdown against Arsenal.

Top two teams, both playing so well. It will be a great match.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

My dog is not GAY

In response to Tim's comments on my cats posting, I would like to stress that MY DOG IS NOT GAY !! At that time, he was still young lah. A few years after the incident, my ex's sister brought a box of kittens (abandoned) home and he had a marvelous time trying to get them out of the box by playfully gnawing their ears =)

He also has a gf he constantly visit and talk to whenever I bring him out for walks. It was a cute small brown maltese.

One time during the CNY period, he got pissed off with all the noise pollution from my aunties & uncles so he went out partying the whole night and met some female friends. Probably had a one night stand with some of them too.

Here's my charming dog @ 5 years old. He was not smiling coz it was taken right after his bath. He hates being clean.

Unfortunately he was dog-napped when he was 7 years old. I no longer have him with me.

Actually I can't be sure if he was dog-napped but I would prefer to think that way. Better than imagining him in an accident or shot by DBKL or worse, cooked by those "foreign" workers who was working at a nearby construction site.


I dont like cats. Especially black ones. There's a myth that if you see a black cat it's bad luck.

I don't find them friendly or loyal at all. They roam around day and night, where is the relationship bonding with their owners? You can't take them out for walks either, they like to climb things. Show offs...!! I think they're lazy, arrogant, proud & sort of evil. It's the look they have on their face, you know what i mean ?

There was this incident which heighten my dislike for them. I brought my puppy (he was 3 mths old) to the playground for a walk and let him have a free rein. 10 minutes later I saw him running back to me and there was this cat chasing after him. What the.....??! He was still loyal and brave enough to stand in front of me apparently trying to protect me but this cat was so much bigger size and kept hissing at my poor puppy who must be wondering why his "friend" makes funny noises. That time my puppy's bark was like a mouse , soft and high-pitched. I guess it didn't have any impact on her at all (Maybe she thought my puppy was a white cat)

Anyway, I tried to "shoo" the cat away but she was not afraid of me either. She kept wanting to claw at us and all the time hissing. WE KENA BULLIED !! In the end i had to throw a stone, not at her, but aiming at her direction to scare her away. She was pregnant lah, otherwise I would have thrown it directly at her.

Last nite, i was going up to bed when I heard some scratching noise outside. I turn on the lights and to my annoyance I saw this:

The nerve of that cat. Just lying on top of my car happily licking and "showering" itself. We stared at each other for a full 10 seconds. It continued to lie there and only went away SLOWLY after I threaten to go outside (just jingle the house keys abit).

See how arrogant and proud they are?

p/s: i dunt like kittens either but i'm ok with tigers & lions :)

Friday, 26 October 2007

Champions League Result

This week Champion's League matches produced some amazing result.

Ferdinand scoring again ? wow....!! he's on a roll and so is rooney & ronaldo....
i didn't watch the match and i still haven't check out Youtube to see the goals, abit bz these few days.

Arsenal gunned down Slavia Prague 7 - 0 .... whoa.... I wonder if they can get a similiar scoreline against Liverpool this weekend ? I am looking forward to the match.

The best news is Liverpool is almost out of the Champions League with one point from 3 matches. We can now stop hearing chants of "we are the best team in England & Europe with 5 European cups" for the next few days. As usual, they are unusually busy :D

Monday, 22 October 2007

Kimi Räikkönen is the CHAMPION

Kimi wins the F1 World Drivers' Championship !!

Who would have thought it possible besides the fans who keep assuring themselves that luck will be with Kimi on Sunday. It really happened!

I guess Hamilton lost coz his team mate Alonso was so eager to win himself that they nearly crashed into each other. Perhaps this show of unfriendliness caused Hamilton some shock that he lost concentration temporarily thereby causing his car a near engine failure and forcing him down to 18th position.

Massa was really sporting in the beginning to try and block Hamilton and let Kimi through. Even though they make it look like a pit stop strategy but we all know that with Massa up front, Kimi will obviously end up winning the race as he is fighting for the title.

I was beside myself during the race. Luckily I have Cheng Huat & Kian Ming on MSN. I keep asking them to calculate the points and we were all anxiously watching Hamilton's progress up the field.

In the end, it is a Ferarri 1 - 2., Hamilton let the title slip from his hands and Kimi is the World Champion.

Congratulations once again to the gorgeous Kimi Raikkonen


15 more laps and Kimi is leading
cmon kimi i am still rooting for u

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Aston Villa 1 - Manchester United 4

Goals by Rooney (2), Ferdinand, Giggs

What a wonderful midfield display ! For the first time this season I found nothing bad to say about Tevez, he was brilliant ! They are working well together. I particularly like those nice little 1 - 2 touches by Nani, Tevez, Giggs, Rooney & Scholes.

Rooney continued where he left with England. Too bad he didn't get his hattrick but he should save some energy for the Gunner's game in 2 weeks time. It will be a great game to watch, 2 teams playing so well.

The best thing about this match is it helped me win some $ !!! My first win with MU this season! I seldom bet on MU coz it's too emotional lah, imagine you see them losing and you urself lose money but sometimes emotions do get the best of me and even though i know they won't win I am still stubborn enough to place bets on them. A perfect example will be the MU v Milan match in last season's Champion's League. I didn't want to wake up at 3am to see them losing but this small, tiny, little hope candle was alight in my heart and I ended up watching the entire match, hoping till the final whistle that they can produce the miracle of 1999. Not only I lost my precious sleep, i lost $ (double whammed!) but all these can't be compared to the poo fans taunts:

"ha ha ha, champions in the domestic league but a mouse in europe"
(whatever the mouse means, no mood to decipher the meaning)

"let liverpool show you how to play at europe lah. We are after all the 5 times WINNERS"
(yeah, got thrashed by Milan didnt they? )

"You think ur team is like us, can comeback like we did at Istanbul ? It will be a repeat of Istanbul ! We will be the WINNER. Your MU can take the cheap league title, the europe cup is more important, more prestigious more bla bla bla"
(If i have to hear the ISTANBUL word again .......!)

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Over Indulgence

Finally, some quiet time to myself.

Let's recap my Raya celebration...

On Saturday, I wanted to go for a much needed massage (my shoulder is still killing me) but in the end i went window shopping trying to decide which camera & phone i should buy. Nope, I didn't go to The Gardens as planned, too lazy to drive so far on a holiday. Ha ha, yeah i admit, i am a lazy person. Later i spent the night drinking wine & whiskey at my friend's house. It's the holidays! What better way to spend it than drinking ourselves to the seventh heaven ? :D

One of the highlight that night was England winning 3 - 0 against Estonia and our ROO boy scored !

Way to go ROONEY !

Sunday, i played pool at TTDI and later dragged my "heng tai" out to Velvet. We didn't know there was a Raya Mambo thingy going on. No wonder that place was so packed. The music was good though, i drank quite a bit but managed to find my way home at 5am.

Monday i slept till late and was wondering whether i should exercise myself to exhaustion so that I can sleep early. Have to work the next day.....

I ended up having wine & cheese & sausages at a friend's new condo & slept at 4am.

You can imagine the state i was in the next day. Thank God i drank a glass of Vitamin C before sleeping, dunno if it's psychology or what, I found some hidden energy that help me last till 5pm. My collegues were all having headaches and dizzy spells. Some partied too much, some over slept. My boss also ponteng lah. He went out in the afternoon and never came back.

When I reached home, I was nearly dying. Ha ha ha. Too much partying. Old already, my body cannot be subjected to 4 days of drinking in a row. Anyway, i had early bed rest for the past 2 days. Yesterday i had a slight fever and throat infection so being the kiasu chinese girl I downed a couple of chinese herbal cooling tea and took some Panadols.

This morning my collegue asked if i got cry last night.

C: (looking blur) huh ??? Cry??

D: England lah.

C: WHAT ??? THEY LOST ???!!!!! &^%%$#@!!!!!

i was so confident that they will win that i didn't bother to watch the match. Actually i didn't know they were playing at thought they were gonna play at 3am and I can't afford another late night with the fever...

When will they learn ?? When will they sack Mclaren ?? What if England dunt make it to Euro ??? WHat is EURO 2008 without ENGLAND i ask u ??? &^%%*(%$#@!!!!


better turn our attention to the exciting F1 weekend than to dwell on stupid coaching tactics.

I will be rooting for KIMI of course. i know it's quite impossible that he will win the title but perhaps Massa will accidently ram into Hamilton's car and perhaps Alonso's Mclaren will suddenly run out of petrol....hehehehe..........

Good luck KIMI !! :D

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Cookie's Teasers

Another 2.5 hours to go @ work.

A blurrish kinda day as im still recovering from the long weekend's indulgance.

Saturday, 13 October 2007


Yesterday i was suppose to have lunch with some of my favourite friends at the newly opened Jaya 33. I was looking forward to it as I have been "jailed" in the office from 8.30 to 1700 for the past two weeks, except to go out for some appointments with customers. There's simply no chance to slip out for any coffee breaks to catch up on the latest gossips.

Around 9.30, while i was making my morning coffee at the pantry, my boss came up to me and asked me to follow them to Port Klang for a meeting with our Titanic customer. OK lah, i thought we can still make it back by 1300, i'll just be a bit late. I am quite excited to go for the meeting since I've never been on a real Titanic before. If I'm lucky, i might have a tour and meet some cute sailors.....

The meeting ended around 1215 and i happily sms my frens informing them i'll most probably arrive at 1315. Five minutes later while in the car, my boss asked us if we would like to have lunch at Teluk Gong. Aiseh..... how to tell him i have a personal lunch appointment? My collegues was there too and they have not been to Teluk Gong for seafood, I dun't think it's nice to deprived them of this luxurious lunch privilege, so I sms my frens again to cancel and is now known as the FFK (FONG FEI KEI) Queen....hahaha....

Anyway, I did have a good time at the customer's place. There was no tour but I saw a few gweilo pilots walking around and a small titanic parked at the dock? or port ? What terms do u use ?

I stole a picture of it from the window:

Not very clear but u can still catch a glimpse of the ship

It's overall another pleasant week and I have the long weekend to look forward since it's the RAYA holidays. Time to catch up on some sleep and tv.

*Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends*

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Why Mandarin ? (Updated)

Strangers that I meet like to talk to me in Mandarin. They always assume that i can speak it. Like today, i went to a grocery shop near my house to buy a loaf of bread, the boss who has known me since i was 13 suddenly spoke to me in Mandarin. When i asnwered in Cantonese, he look quite pissed off, maybe coz i was suppose to reply in Mandarin ?

Do i have a chinese-educated type of look or do i look like i'm from China or issit because of my dressing? Or what ....???? I am actually quite stumped. This has happen to me for like ages....

Hmmm.....maybe people just assume that Chinese are suppose to know Mandarin...
Nah, i don't think it's that.....

There was once when I was in a chinese restaurant with a group of friends, and the lady taking our orders was happily conversing in Cantonese with my friends but when she turn to me, she started ching chong ching chong in mandarin. Oiiiii................ !! WHY ???

Can anyone please enlighten me ??? I don't want to piss people off lah....
They probably think that I am not proud that my ancestors are from China (err...i think they are from there) or I want to act high-class and answer in English.

Is it my hairstyle ?? Should i change it ?


I am not annoyed at all at being perceived in this way. In fact, I am quite amused and at the same time, baffled.

I agree that it is a huge advantage to be able to read/write/speak Mandarin. If i had known the language, I wouldn't have missed out on a few job opportunities that would have taken me to HK/China/Shanghai (all expenses paid somemore - sigh...bummer...)

Perhaps like blue commented, it's time to take up Mandarin lessons. Any good tutor to recommend?

Monday, 8 October 2007

My Wish

When i was in primary school, I made some friends with people who lives at SS2, SS3, SS4, etc etc.

I thought that street name is so cool (i know, i know - hey, i was 7 yrs old lah) and i wished silently that one day i will have a chance to stay at a place with an "SS" street name. One day, my mum told me that we will be moving to Subang Jaya so YAY!! i will be staying at an "SS" street name and I happily wrote to all my pen pals informing them my new address.

When i was 17, I decided to enrol in Systematic College to study LCCI and come out to work as an Accounts Clerk after one year and proceed to become an Accountant while studying ACCA Really - What was I thinking ?? Well, my mum didnt approve my first choice of becoming a Veterinarian .........

Anyway, all my secondary school friends went to either Sunway or Taylors College and will further their studies abroad. I wish I can go too but I didn't want to burden my mum. One day, in the middle of my course, she called me (she was working at Johor that time) and after a long career chit chat, she gave me permission to enrol at Metropolitan College's twinning program with Curtin so YAY!! i get to go to Australia.

After completing my degree, I decided I want to join the IT industry coz its like so cool and hyped ( i know - what crap lah) and I got my wish when a customer ( i was working part time at a pub) offered me a job at his company.

Then there was this David Beckham mania, i was obsessed with him (I still like him) My room was full of his posters and how I wished i can meet him in real life and lo behold ! Manchester United decides to tour Asia and I met him from afar at the Shah Alam Stadium. A few years later, he came to the Cheras Badminton Hall for a promotional tour for his new team (Real Madrid) and i met him again (closer this time).

Seems like all that i wished for ALWAYS come true hey ???


I now WISH for a husband that looks like this:

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Kimi wins in Shanghai

Congratulations Kimi !!

The title is now thrown open.

I will be rooting for you to win the Brazilian Grand Prix...
looking very very good on the podium although a bit tired but still very very handsome....
i like the way you try to flatten ur spiky blonde hair :D

(as if kimi comes and read this blog)

Manchester United 4 - Wigan 0


Didn't waste a single-minute-of-my-sneaking-out-time from a wedding dinner to watch the match.

*keke* ShhhHHHHhh...!! It was a boring dinner lah.... i dunno the couple at all, i juz went coz my friend wanted some company, perhaps he didnt want ppl to ask when's his turn and all the usual questions other couples feel they need to ask because they are so blissfully happy in a relationship and think it's a crime to be single....

OKAY....umm.... a lil carried away post will be about that...(maybe)

To be honest i thought they were heading for another one-nil win especially with the injuries to Vidic & O'Shea but Pique & Simpson were brilliant. Nice goals from Tevez, Ronaldo (2) + Rooney.

I'm so glad the momentum's back. I hope Vidic's injury not that serious but on the bright side, we have a 2 weeks break from the EPL so by that time, hopefully MY handsome Hargreaves will be back to score his first goal for United. I will be waiting patiently.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

The week that was

I'm still enjoying my "work-less" Saturday today. I got up at 9am, slept back till about 1130 then went out to buy my breakfast/lunch and watched another 2 episodes of "The brink of law"

It's currently raining cats & dogs here - PERFECT !
I will enjoy my afternoon nap in a bit :D

This week marks the start of my new job, there's loads of changes to get use to. I now work from 0830 to 1700 and i realise the morning traffic is worse when u leave the house earlier. But it's alright, coz i dunt get stuck at the evening traffic. I'll probably start my yoga classes again the week after next. Previously i have to slog till like 1900 (sometimes later) and that leaves me with little time to get to Hartamas Yogazone. By the time i reach there, i can only join one class. I'd much prefer to go for 2 classes in one go.

I've also been sitting at the office learning the new products, getting to know my new collegues. It's quite boring to sit in front of the computer for such long hours. How do the admin/accounts people do it ? It makes me so sleepy that I downed 2 cups of coffee each day. I'm also a little hesitant to engage my new collegues in long chit chats in case they got things to do. On my first day, i actually didn't speak after lunch, abit of a culture shock there.

But so far so good.

Here's the result of the Champions League match that was played on Wednesday. I didn't watch it but I'm glad they won and i heard Rooney scored a wonderful goal, which i have yet to check out from Youtube.

The only thing that didnt change from my usual weekly schedule was the squash session on Thursday. It was great and my left thigh felt OK, the pain's gone.

I feel more relaxed, of course the pressure of work will not kick in so fast, probably in another 3 weeks, but it's so nice to have so much spare time.

Cookie's teasers

I've juz finished watching a tvb drama - The brink of law, it's so addictive. I'm up to episode 4 and you know what's the best thing ? I dunt have to work tommorow and any Saturdays anymore......woooooooooo hoooooooo..........

update more tommorow....wanna ZzzZzzz now...

btw i know Sats are usually for surfing net... happy working Aaron !!! kah kah kah....

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Hunger Anger

Do you feel angry or impatient when ur hungry ?

I notice that during this fasting month, tempers flare easily.

The roads are terrifying. There's an accident almost every other day. There's also an increase in road bullies. I've encounter some who can't wait to get home that they tailgate you or won't let you to their lane even after you have flashed them the signal and because of this i'm forced to detour.

I also saw a road bully running after 2 guys trying to punch them just outside the 2nd entrance to Subang and because I was busy-bodying looking, i nearly got into an accident myself...

Thank god this road nightmare will end next week.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

A Cookie's Saturday

I slept till about noon today... shocking isnt it ? I actually woke up at 9am lah but feeling dehydrated from the whiskey last night and slightly dizzy i went and slept somemore. Luckily Zan called me at 12pm otherwise I would have been much, much later for our lunch appointment at Bakerzin Bangsar Village.

After a quick shower, i drove to Centrepoint, met up with Zan and went to Bangsar Village to meet the others. I was damn hungry by this time - no breakfast mah, but it's not like i eat a heavy breakfast everyday, just coffee normally. I guess I just felt I deserve a treat. When we arrived at the Zin, i ordered my favourite Seafood Pasta. This time they added a small lobster or big prawn, whatever that is lah....see from the photo below:

u see that big thing with shell one - what's that thing call?

The others ordered the lamb cutlets:

and also the fish milanese:

Jenn & Elaine had soups + pasta + cakes. Their cheesecake was not nice today. It melted too quickly and the taste is not so good. Maybe last night's cakes.

When i came back i browse through some of my friend's blog and came across this saying:

"to be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it"

hmm.......that makes sense and i felt a lot better. So i took a nap - ha ha ha, woi... it's the whiskey lah....i dunt normally pig like this...yeah i do like to nap but i seldom get the chance...usually wen i "snake" (a malaysian term for truant) i go for a loooong coffee session with the other "snakes". Why do we have to use the term "snake" anyway.....god i hope i really dunt have Voldermort's genes.....noooo nooo....must not snake anymore.....

Anyway still nursing the mild hangover from last night, I decided to stay home and watch the match and Manchester United won 1 - 0 (goal scored by C.Ronaldo) so yeah, my week is ending with a high note of good vibes and it will continue to better starting from TODAY :)

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Birmingham v Manchester United

Date: 30 September 2007
Time: 0015

Another one of United's own, Steve Bruce's team against Manchester United this week. It should be the same line-up as the one that faced Chelsea last weekend, with Hargreaves only making the bench. I want to see goals ! goals ! goals!
A 1 - 3 for United.

A very personal thought

i'm having a lousy week so far - the worst in 2007. I do not know how i am feeling now, whether should i feel angry/fear/anxiety. I just do not understand humans sometimes. I guess we are a complex subject......

well im thankful i did not have any recurring nightmares about snakes - that's the good part of this week. I've always hated snakes, maybe i'm brought up to think they're evil and they sort of crept into my sub-conscious memory and make me dream about them. I hated those nightmares. There will either be one very big snake like those anaconda type trying to eat me or a few hundreds of them, sometimes talking to me (what the hell? ) or sometimes biting me or sometimes i just escaped them. Well, whatever these dreams symbolize, I have given up trying to interpret them.

I have tried to be optimistic. A friend commented that I have lost quite a bit of weight (shouldnt I be happy?) and that I look really bad. She's right. I guess the stress is showing isnt it ?

I am just dissapointed. It will pass.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

My neck/shouder hurts

They say its stress + sitting in front of the PC too long + wrong pillow.

All correct.

There's a tussle going on at work which is causing some stress in my life this week, but after much thoughts coupled with some sleepless nights with nightmares, I say to hell with it.

To make a long story short, the management went back against their word. IF after stating my arguments and offering to help, they still want to burn the bridges, then so be it.

Well, I guess this is quite common scenarios to being an employee so I've actually put it behind me and slept quite well last night.

So what's causing the pain then? Hmmm ..... must be the pillow !!

I should get a new one.

Any recomendations? like those dunno-what animal feather type ?

Not those contour pillow please.... Not relaxed at all lah...

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Cookie's teasers

Best to zzz earlier tonite - hope i dunt get a crazy man chasing me this time, but if he looks like brad pitt then ok lah.

Monday, 24 September 2007

A nightmare

I am so sleepy now coz I had a nightmare last night. I went to bed around 2.30am and woke up at 4.30am dreaming that a crazy woman (who look like a ghost from those cheap horror movies - she has long hair, dressed in white with blood oozing out from both side of her lips) chasing me all the way to from PJ to KL ... if i remember correctly she dunt have a gun (or i would have been dead and the nightmare could have ended sooner - damn), i think she had a "parang" ... ???

And when i dozed back, my alarm rang and it's time to get ready for work. Sigh ...

OooooOooOO...i juz checked the dream intepretation diary (yeah im very free) and this dream means i have "life stress". Whooooa.... ??!

Mooncake Gathering 220907

Had a mooncake gathering on Saturday with some lelongers and their families. It was really nice to meet the person behind their nickname. The most talkative award had to go to Ceo who bluffed that he drove a mercedes when we went to re-park our cars. He got me there for a moment...!!!

Vivi made some jelly mooncakes and I love it !! It's shaped exactly like a mooncake and there's even an egg yolk colour in the middle.

Can you guess who is who from the photos below? There's jennwah, lunaticg, bai1101, ceo684, henrytb, scorgio, alancheah, vivienlpl, zeebra, jimmychoo & huannchin :D

After eating so much on Saturday I went to Telok Gong on Sunday and ate about 7 dishes + some beers. My weighing machine is now hidden deep underneath somewhere. No way am i going to see how much I weigh now.

I grabbed the photo below from Vivi's blog, i really like the color and background (ignore the two models please) I think Vivi can give the photographer maniac (you know the guy who keep snapping our photos that night) a run for his money.

Almost forgot, Jennwah brought a cake specially for this gathering (selective memory - MORE KGs added thats why i conveniently try to "forget" about it). Thanks Jennwah :)

Manchester United 2 - Chelsea 0

We won !! We won !!

Tevez got his first goal for United, Saha converted from a penalty.

A well deserved 2 - 0 win against the blues. For the first time this season, I finally see some good attacking passes and full points to Carrick, who produced two accurate passes to Giggs. We are now second on the table behind the Gunners who's having a good start to the season as well.

Anyone miss mourinho and his mouth ?

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Manchester United v Chelsea

LIVE on 23rd September 2007, 2300 M'sia time

Hargreaves & Neville are both still out. SAF should try to start with 2 strikers, Rooney + Tevez or Saha. With the moaner gone and the new coach taking over, it won't be easy as Avram Grant will be looking to score some points with the fans and what better way to do it than to beat Manchester United at home in his first game in charge for the blues.

I heard Chelsea will be without Lampard & Drogba.

Prediction: United to win 3 - 1 (i really wanna see some goals)

Thursday, 20 September 2007

The Moaner is Gone

Will anyone miss the Moaner? Need to think? Let me refresh:

'Please don't call me arrogant, but I'm European champion and I think I'm a special one' - Mourinho introduces himself to the English press after arriving from Porto in summer 2004.

'In the second half it was whistle and whistle, fault and fault, cheat and cheat. The referee controlled the game in one way during the first half but in the second they had dozens of free-kicks. I know the referee did not walk to the dressing rooms alone at half-time' - Mourinho claims Sir Alex Ferguson had unduly influenced referee Neale Barry at half-time during a Carling Cup semi-final against Manchester United in January 2005. He was fined £5,000 by the Football Association for improper conduct.

Bye Bye Special One. I will not miss you.

Sporting Lisbon 0 - Man Utd 1

Overall nothing spectacular about this match except Van De Sar's fantastic goalkeeping and Ronaldo's goal. The special moment was when the Sporting fans all stood up and cheered for Ronaldo when he was substituted. Rooney's still lacking match fitness, but he was hardworking and it's good to see him back.

Cookie's teasers

Insomnia nights are not hard to get by when you have a match coming up in 10 minutes :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Sporting Lisbon v Manchester United

Champions League Group F First Phase
Wed, 19th September 2007

The first Champions League game for United this season. Nani & Ronaldo returns to their old club while we welcome back Wayne Rooney and another 2 no match fitness strikers - Tevez & Saha.

Hargreaves is out :(

Good Luck lads.

A Coffee Break Joke

Nowadays I come across lots of umm ... "funny scenarios" ...

this is a REAL live MSN conversation:

A Guy says: Some crazy chick tried to pick me up tat nite...

CookiE says: who?

A Guy says: I osso dunno. d bachelor intro wan.

2 weeks later:

A Guy says: nothing happened la, better not

CookiE says: y? she got bf already?

A Guy says: yup

CookiE says: and...?

A Guy says: too aggresive

CookiE says: u mean she's pursuing u ?

A Guy says: thats wat it seems like

CookiE says: sure or not one? dun't bluff here lah.....y she got bf but still after u?

A Guy says: ya man...
A Guy says: she said still not married ma

CookiE says: this conversation is too good to be true

A Guy says: wat "too good to b true"?
A Guy says: give me some credit la... i still hav good looks
A Guy says: hahahaha

Can someone please pass me the bucket ? QUICK !!! *lolzzz*

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Cookie's teasers

its 2345 and this evil chipster is staring at me...

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Kimi the Spa-Master

Congratulations Kimi - looking as gorgeous as ever :)

Curtin University

A trip down memory lane for all Curtineers.

The parking lot. The cars here are all quite cheap and affordable, if ur not particular. We bought a 1982 Holden for A$1K and it lasted us for the 2 years we were there. We are also required to purchase a semester parking pass otherwise we will get a "summon" not unlike those we get from MPPJ. I was lucky to meet a HK friend who scanned and printed the fake passes for us :D

Building 407 - the business building, where we have most of our lectures and tutorials. It's a 15-20 minutes walk from my house in Bentley.

The "Gazebo" connecting building 407 & 402. A great meet-up place to chit chat or smoke or just the place to meet up to go for classes or somewhere else. Our lecturers smoke here too!

Inside the 402 building where all the computer labs are located. I spent lots of nights (especially nearing semester ends) finishing my assignments and chit chatting on IRC. Last time IRC was very popular and we even had a dedicated local asian channel, "garbo". I made lots of friends here. Sometimes we dunt leave till 6am, sometimes we meet here and go for supper together. I also met the charming Mark Swain here, hmm....i wonder what happen to him. Should send him an email.

The library cafe, another great place to meet-up for those group marketing assignments discussions.

One of the tutorial rooms. I had Economics in this theater and our class was at 10am. Mostly we try to cramp all our lectures and tutorials to 2 days so we get the rest of the 3 days free. It's so good coz we get to choose our own timetable.

The cafeteria that sells the best kebabs. I will do anything for a chicken kebab now.

Thanks again to Brett for all these photos :)

Cookie's teasers

I've been sneezing quite a bit today. I hope I'm not coming down with flu ??

Everton 0 - Manchester United 1

ya lah ya lah...another single-goal triumph but it's good enough to take them to third place and it's good enough for all the Man Utd fans all there, considering there was no striker to finish all the perfect crosses from midfield. Well, it's not as perfect as when David Beckham was there, but they did conquer the midfield, as the possession percentage will tell you.

It's also not much difference from the first 5 games. They needed a set-piece to score, this time from a corner and Vidic (so handsome btw) headed it in. Tevez did have a moment when he could have scored a magnificent goal from far away and make up for all his crappy performances earlier. To be fair to him, I guess he made a difference in the midfield. We do conquer the midfield. But we need strikers. Saha was brilliant when he came in. Nice control.

Our defence was great. Rio, Vidic, Brown & Evra & Van De Sar - Nice

Saturday, 15 September 2007


The city which gave me so many memories:

Of course i didnt take the above photo. Where got the camera or skills to do that? Besides, when i was there, i was too busy enjoying my freedom away from home doing things an overseas student will do....freedom mannnnn....nobody to nag u.....

My uni friend, Brett Green took this and he sent me quite a number of Curtin photos as well, which brought back so many fond memories.

I'll post them up later coz it's time for my afternoon nap now :D

Everton v Manchester United

Venue: Goodison Park
Time: 1200 UK time/1900 KL time

Ronaldo & Rooney's back. Hargreaves/Giggs are both doubtful.
Although i do not fancy sitting through another 90 minutes watching them creating chances after chances with no finishing, i'll still be there.
I am hoping for a goal feast. Perhaps a 3 - 1 win to Man Utd ?

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Mourinho has possessed Benitez

some excerpts:

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez today expressed his disappointment at the Premier League fixture list, insisting it was 'impossible to prepare a team properly' following an international week.

Benitez went on to question the treatment of sides who compete in midweek in Europe and said the vagaries of the fixture list could cost teams a shot at the title.

'We had the same problem with the Champions League games; we were playing on the Wednesday, then kick off on the Saturday and normally away. I think it's not fair and in the end you have more problems winning these games.

This is too funny.
How come MU, Arsenal & Chelsea can win the title while still playing in the Champions league and also i would say they have a whole team of international players as well ?

Cookie's teasers

this morning i weigh myself and found out ive put on an extra 2kg. Oh oh ...

time to exercise more & eat lesser

England 3 - Russia 0

Way to go England !! 2 goals from Michael Owen and a rare one from Rio Ferdinand saw England thrashed the Russians and they now require only 5 points from the remaining 3 matches to qualify for EURO 2008.

Another nice one from all the English boys.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

England v Russia


2nd match at Wembley later tonight. Mclaren will field the same players as he did against Israel. I heard from the radio that Roman Abramovich offered bonuses to the Russian players to beat England.

Any England fans still want to support Chelsea ?