Saturday, 13 September 2008

The dentist

I know I said I wont go to the dentist but u see, I woke up last nite at 3am to the thunderstorm and felt like a lump on my gums. Seeing that I am awake, I got up and googled what this thing is about and the image results made me wish I didn't do that.

This morning, I quickly went see the dentist.

You know why I am scared of dentist? They put u in the middle of the room on that “chair” with all the long and sharp equipments beside there. For gods sake. They should put some fresh flowers or pictures to distract people's attention lah! Maybe a TV. Nooo, all u get to stare at is the light and the empty ceiling on top of u. So intimidating!

She checked my teeth (normal procedure) and told me I have 2 small holes at the side of my big teeth. Yeah whatever. So what’s the gum swelling or lump's about ? She explained a lot of things. Said that my teeth have lots of dirt and bacteria residing there which will causes the gums swelling and if I dunt cure it, my teeth will all fall out. Great !

So what do I have to do ? Her advice is to do a "scaling" where she will polish and clean them.

Me: Do what ? Scaling? What's that?

Doc: We use this thing (she show me a long thing) and clean out all ur tartars. They are all the dirts which have hardened. This is what causes ur gum pain. If you are not careful, it may be filled with PUS and we have to do a small surgery where we punch a small tiny hole into the lump and drained the pus out.

When she was talking about draining the pus out, I immediately thought of Seamus Finnigan during the Herbology class, where they have to drained out the bobutuber pus. Its kinda funny.

Me: So if i clean the teeth, the bacteria will not have a place to reside in and die ?

Doc: Yes. You will then have healthy teeths. If you dunt cure it, it may result in this (showing me a picture which says gingivitis & pointing to a teeth).

Me: Is it painful ?

Doc: Not at all. (all docs say that - Liars!)

Me: How much is it?

Doc: RM80

Me: How long does it take ? (I look at my watch to pretend that I am on a tight schedule – actually I am still thinking whether I shld do it. Scared lah woi)

Doc: 20 mins.

Me: OK, please just do it NOW before I change my mind.

The procedure was quite okay. No pain (except the part where I had the swells) and now I have clean teeth (tartar free and stain free).

I’m quite happy. Plus, my gums is slowly becoming normal. The swell has gone down =)

I have to go back to do the "filling" for my 2 small holes. Maybe in 6 months time.

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