Thursday, 25 December 2008

It's Christmas again

This year X'mas I spent it working and watching paint dry (my uncle decided to re-paint the house on x'mas day) but I have no complaints coz I've sort of celebrated it earlier with my friends & colleagues.

It's really my favourite occasion of the year.

My mini tree @ work:

My X'mas presents =)

A little red devil gift from my neighbour colleague (one of my favourite present)

Ok I admit it, I love Christmas coz of the presents. ha ha !

Sunday, 21 December 2008

United conquer the World

LDU Quito 0 - Manchester United 1

United set the seal on an historic year by becoming the first British side to win the Club World Cup to end 2008 as the best team on the planet.

Rooney won the gold cup for the best player of the tournament (comes with a Toyota), Ronaldo the silver cup.

Not a very good match as Vidic was sent off but a good goal =)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The result


a draw............

:( :( :(

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Spurs v Manchester United

Spurs is one of my other favourite teams in the EPL but MU's gotta win.

I really do not like to see Liverpool up there...

C'mon lads !! I've bet RM50 with my boss who is the no 1. Spurs fan....

Win it ! WIN WIN WIN !

Friday, 12 December 2008


Me & Colleague was chatting animatedly about CSI latest season. I am still watching Season 8 with 3 more episodes to go and she decided to give me the spoiler by telling me that Warrick DIED !!!

OMG !! WHY ???!!

Why they killed off Warrick's character ? I love him....his smoldering eyes................and that BODY.....................

Look at that. Both are my favourite. Warrick & Nick.

First they killed off Sara's character. Now Warrick. What is happening to my LV CSI team? *sobs*

Anyway....we were quite into it....chatting about some episodes...the miniature doll killer....etc etc......

Me: Was it that stupid fat guy that killed him? That strip club owner...I knew it....
C: No, it was a tall thin guy.....hahahhaha......suspicious leh....
Me: Who is it ?! ( i demanded)
C: You watch it tonite and you will know......



Someone's calling my direct extension....

Me: Hello ?
Customer: Hi. Is this Sunway CSI ???

Bloody hell????
I did not reply (stunned)

Customer: Hello? CSI ??
Me: laughing. No, this is not Sunway CSI.

Colleague was giving me funny looks.......

Customer: Oh sorry. I meant SNI......
Me: Laughing...

Colleague: What the F....??!
She was staring at the engineers place looking for the culprit....
(We thought it was our engineers playing a trick on me, they like to do these kind of stuffs....)

Customer: Sorry Sorry, I must be watching too much CSI. I am actually looking for SNI.
Me: It's okay, I was juz toking abt Warrick when u called....
Customer: HA HA HA... i must have scared u...
Me: I was going to answer: Yes, this is Corinne Willows. Where is the 419 ???



Everyone around us had a good was good to release our stress....

Thursday, 11 December 2008


For Selangor ONLY.

But KL folks are so jealous that they start calling us as early as 9am, apologising to disturb us on our holiday but they need the clarifications URGENTLY so my team are forced to work.

To think I had such a fun time laughing at all my frens working in KL last evening

Now it's karma.

I made the mistake of changing my status on MSN:

Almost immediately, the person I taunt the most last evening msg-ed me:

I wish to turn off my mobile but I need the PO.


Nevermind, work lah......

*Switch to Positive thinking mode*

It's only a day. Imagine the thrill of my team if we get this early X'mas present next week.

A bad day by the jokers

I do not know if you want to be subjected to their singing but this is one of the better efforts...after a few warm ups and drinks =)

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I'm almost afraid to sleep because of all the laughter I went thru today...they say if u laugh too much b4 sleeping, you will get nightmares.....

Perhaps it was because I'm in a more relaxed mode after the submission of my final tender for the 2008 year? (i pray it's the final tender that i hv to go thru - no more please !!)

But seriously, all the responses to my questions.....

I'm sorry I can't reveal what my questions were but the best response I got was:

"Is it the GAY" ??!


To Aaron & Jason

Missing matches weekly...

One goes to Indo every week..

One goes on a cycling tour every week...

And you call urself a FAN ??!

*tsk tsk tsk*

Did you know, the both of u msg me at exactly the same time on Sunday to ask me the score?

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Some time to myself

I'm very happy today. I've finally finished all my outstanding workload and now I have the time to blog about my past 2 weeks events.

A funny thing happened today during lunch. Halfway eating, the radio started playing Jason Mraz's I'm Yours......

Colleague A: Oi Corinne, ur phone's ringing! Pick up lah. Damn noisy...!!

Huh??! I look at my phone. It is lying very still on the table and no sound was coming out from it ???

Me: You work on tender until mad already ar? Where got ring?? (waving my phone in front of him)

B: HA HA HA ! Her ringtone is some girl singing. The song is coming out from the radio. HA HA HA !

A: Oh yeah. Shit... You lah, when we call you, we have to listen to that song.....

Me: (laughing along) Ya ya. I keep getting missed calls from my mom coz she thinks she is calling a radio station.

I do not know why when people call me, they are subjected to Jason Mraz's song. I did not subscribe to those caller ringtones thingy. Anyway I called Maxis and corrected it. Heard we have to pay for those songs. I hope they didn't charge me.

And speaking of Jason Mraz, we had a karaoke session last Monday. Take a listen:


Lord knows what they're singing??! Please forgive the blurred images as I was shaking with laughter.

After that, they did improve their singing, not a bad effort from the Westlife of my company. Here's a bad day coz everyone was having a bad day at work:

Hmm...I am having some problems uploading videos. I'll upload in the next post. I do hope my earlier video turns up.

Last long weekend, I had lots of alcohol (sake & tequila) and nice Jap/Korean/Western food. Although I couldn't really eat much (stomach indigestion problems) but I still enjoyed myself.

Now i'm having problems uploading photos. Is it my browser or my laptop?

Monday, 1 December 2008


My favourite month of the year is back. How time flies.

I'm happy with the derby result last night but what did Ronaldo think he was doing?

Anyway I want to crawl into a hole to hibernate because its been a bz bz 2 weeks. More meetings and events to come this week and I do not have time to blog about it.

Overall it's been a hectic week, I missed a rainbow by seconds (my collegues told me there was a rainbow juz a few minutes before it dissapeared).

But i can't take it slow. Everything is urgent. Everyone wants that quote yesterday. Suppliers are all in holiday mood and takes ages to reply to our request while we get chased by customers. My phone has been ringing non-stop since last Monday. My battery can't even last a day.