Monday, 30 July 2007

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Review

After 10 years, this is the END. This is not a kiddie book anymore, it's all action, action & more action in the adult world of good & evil. I guess most HP fans have already read the book so it wouldn't hurt to reveal some spoilers here....umm...right ??

Not surprisingly I finished this book within one day. The introduction of many new characters, Harry, Ron & Hermoine's adventures, some deaths, some laughter all made me flip from pages to pages almost without any break-time.

It all started with Hedwig being hit by the Avada Kedavra's spell to Harry's shout of "Accio Hagrid" to Bill & Fleur's Wedding and to their "holiday" to find the hocruxes and the finale at Hogwarts. Along the way, their friendship was tested, some truths revealed about Dumbledore & Snape and why wormtail will regret the day Harry set him free at the Shrieking Shack. I still do not know why it is so important for Harry to have Lily's eyes but I would take a guess that it is because of its influence on Snape.

I like the ending and I am looking forward to read all about Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius (what a name)

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

The final of the Harry Potter series. I have been waiting for this book eagerly for almost 2 years. Well from my first post you know that I've won the book but when the book was released on 21st July 2007, i couldnt resist buying a copy of my own first. The best thing is Carrefour/Tesco was selling the book for RM69.90, so much cheaper than buying from the major bookstores - RM109.90.

So i went to Carrefour Subang Jaya but it was sold out and the next shipment will be in two weeks time. Ok nevermind there's still MPH at Subang Parade. I walked across in the rain, yes it was raining quite heavily...and when i reached MPH (all drenched and water dripping from my clothes) there was a notice pasted on the glass window that they are not selling the book as a boycott to those hypermarkets selling it at a much cheaper price. %$#@!&.... !!!!!!
One salesguy approached me and ask me to sign a petition for the boycott and I told him ill sign if he can sell me the book there and then. No can do.
Fine fine, I went home, made a few calls to borders to check and all of them have sold out their copies of Harry Potter..... die lah....i wanna read the damn book !!!! Where did all these potter fans come out from anyway.....??

I finally got the book from Tesco in Puchong. I think I'll leave my review for the next post. This post is getting too long. Didnt know that I'm so long-winded.

Oh by the way, I got my free book last Wednesday, the 25th July. The copy i bought from Tesco have already been sold to a nice guy who bought me ice cream. And, those major bookstores have lifted the ban and started selling the book.

Who's Who

Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix

It's a little late for this review but better late than never. I watched this on opening day without any high expectations coz movie 4 was abit of a dissapointment. And it was great !! One of the best movie ive watched in 2007 so far. I know those transformers fans will argue with me on this but well, transformers was never one of my favourite cartoons... in fact i hv bad memories with transformers coz my 2 elder brothers bully & chase me away from the tv when it's time for "transformers - more than meets the eye" (tune playing on my head now) I must say the transformers movie was very good too....

Ok... back to the review, the best thing about this movie was how well the relationship with those close to Harry was shown. The loyalty between the friends, the care from his godfather etc. I love all the spells shown and the final part when Voldermort possesed Harry and he had flash memories of his friendship with the other two. The common room scene was my favourite.
I'm watching it again tommorow. Cineleisure at Damansara has some nice cut-out posters. I manage to capture a few on my mobile:

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Friday nite at The Curve

The trio of us went to La Gourmet House at The Curve for a nice quiet & catch-up dinner. The other two recommended the "lamb shank" as Chua ate that the last time and was full of praises for it. hmm...why wasnt i there that time....oh yeah.... had to be the receptionist of the day at office. Shortage of staffs. It was a fun & quiet dinner & also sort of a "make-up" session due to some misunderstanding that occured at the "zin" but being mature ppl (ha ha i know ur laughing there ...*slap*) we have buried the past & dump it to the recycle bin and emptied it too...

.......OMG !!! wat kind of line was that with the recycle bin...??? i think i shld get out of the IT industry......

Anyway, I trully enjoyed the delightful companionship tonite :D

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Cheesecakes at Bakerzin

New York Cheesecake

I reckon Bakerzin sells the best cheesecake in town. So far ive tasted cheesecakes from Itallianis, Secret Recipe, some other bakery restaurants, shops & hotels and they all cant be compared to those at Bakerzin. Actually I'm not a cake lover but I love cheese. I must thank Andrew for introducing me to this wonderful indulgence. Please go try it if you love cheesecake, they are located at One Utama (New Wing)@ Petaling Jaya and Bangsar Village @ Bangsar. Oh i must warn you...they are only good for their desserts. Their food menu doesn't really taste that good, except for their Seafood Pasta. Try their New York Cheesecake & Cookies & Cream cheesecake. Stay away from their Walnut Cheesecake :)

Korea v Iraq

How did i end up at Bukit Jalil to watch two teams i dunt support? hmm.....I guess I miss the EPL so much that this is like an appetizer to the charity shield next week ? :D

Ok let me try to review the game was not an exciting match but it has its moments. Both teams played to a scoreless draw and Iraq won on penalties.

There were many Korean supporters around and they were fantastic. All dressed in RED (my fav team color) so naturally I was silently cheering for the korean team. Too bad they lost..oh wells...try again in 2 years time or issit 4 ? I have no idea.

What ???!! dunt look at me like that. I told u I only follow the European teams....I'm ENGLAND & Manchester United all the way....

Actually the plus point of the entire match was when Vincent blows this horn thingy which he bought from outside the stadium and if u look at the photo on the left, he was making quite a lot of noise with the "ING" orange balloon thingy....

After the match we went for BKT at Sri i had chicken rice for lunch and now rice again for making myself fat :(

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Hop on Hop off

This is the Ireland's hop on hop off city sightseeing bus. I tried to sit at the top deck but could onli last for 5 mins coz it was freezing and i was afraid my ears & fingers will drop off...

I saw a similiar bus at KLCC today and i was shocked !! A hop on hop off bus at our KL city ?? Of corz the top deck was not open like the ones in Ireland, you will prolli faint from the bright sun and heat or drenched with our unpredictable weather...I am juz wondering, with our bad traffic, how long does it take to tour the entire KL City ? I must take the bus one day and see where they take us. I am very curious.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

the die is cast

Nothing eventful happen today as alwiz on a Monday work day unless u count passing by the greenish Carlsberg factory as something to shout abt... Its funny...ive alwiz tot they were located sumwhere in the PJ area like nearby State there....hmm....but my fren (working in there) confirmed that its alwiz located at Shah Alam....anyway, something he said made me wanna write it down...u see i was on my back from Klang to meet a new potential customer & he ask me if the customer was a gangster or ah beng type...

ok so wats with the stereotyping of ppl born in certain areas for ? like if u say....i wanna intro a fren to you and he is fr kepong...immediately u will visualize an "ah beng" type of guy.....right or not ?? can anyone tell me why we get these pictures formed into our mind ??

so how does a person born in Petaling Jaya look like in ur mind ? id relli like to know...

Sunday, 22 July 2007


i didnt realise it was this date till i checked & saw an email wishing me a happy 20072007. There was spose to be a mini forum gathering to meet the elusive mr Cloud7, one of our favourite forumer and also the AHPUM (Association of Humsup Poor Old Man) president having taken over from Ccek. Ccek was the one to organised the gathering and we were to meet at Bella Itallia at ss2 at 6pm & later move on to coffee bean at 9pm. However we received a call that Cloud7 & his Lavagirl had a last minute appointment and he can onli meet us at coffee bean later. So a few of us and some non-forumers went for dinner, the mozarella cheese bread was quite nice and the pizza so-so. Because it was an early dinner, we had some time to kill so we went to Songbird for a few drinks & to sing a few. Alex humour us all with his rendition of "American Pie" & some other umm...old songs...

9pm came and finally the elusive mr Cloud7 arrived and we met him at Mongkok Char Chan Teng as Lavagirl wanted to have some bites. Perhaps it was the first time & also quite a short meeting, there was not enough time to break the ice and for everyone to warm up. There were moments when Cloud7 displayed his "personality" from the forum. Overall it was a nice enjoyable gathering.

Later a few of us went back to have a few drinks & supper and we onli went home around 3am. It's amazing how you can have so much fun at a place call "ss2". We practically spend the entire evening, night & morning there.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Online diary?

Today's one of my lucky days in July so I thought "hey..y not start this blog thingy"

Why is today lucky? First of all i won the latest Harry Potter book (Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows) from Mix FM at 9am. YaY!! I've neva won anything that i relli want in all my years on earth. And this is a nice start to a Thursday after having to endure a stressful & disturbing 3 days at work & home (i was having the worst sore throat ever & my boss chose this week to hv his "period")

Anyway, feeling very ecstatic, I went in to work & there was my boss looking at his watch (i was late) but what the heck, i wasn't going to let anything spoil my day. So i ignored him and did some chit chatting with my collegues and some err....paperwork. by afternoon I decided to check my GP for the month and i realise that WOW !! i onli need another RM200.

So here i am. i thought I should mark this day.

This is what I won: