Monday, 30 March 2009

Earth Hour

A colorful night at Long Bar, One Utama, in conjunction with the World's Earth Hour.

I didn't purposely photoshop those colors in. It's the lightings at Long Bar =)

Quite a romantic place actually....quiet & very nice ambience. It's difficult to find a place like this to hang out anywhere in PJ/KL. ...

OK. OK. I may have exagerated (i cant spell this word) slightly....there's always places like these everywhere but it's actually who you are with that's most important ^_^

Initially we wanted to hang out somewhere at Sunway. My cousin was quite 'thirsty' and surprisingly my Libra boy was okay to accompany him. We went to Borneo RainForest. Their service was terrible. There was nobody working and when we asked for service, the waiter almost 'threw' the beer-soaked menu to us. Libra boy then suggested we go to Long Bar. There's really no thinking twice. Who in their right mind would pay for an expensive bottle of vodka with services like that? Who knows where they get their mixers from.......they may add some drain water in it since they do not look like they wanted to work that night.

I'm very glad with the change of venue. We had loads of fun, service was excellent, food was good (we picked the onions out fr the pizza with my cousin looking at us disgustedly) & the lightings helped me to create a new photo album.


Went for dinner at TGIF last Friday with my Libra boy. Ordered my favourite baileys+kahlua+don't-know-what-else drink (The Ultimate Mudslide) and a few other very cheesy appetizer & main course.

This is what I meant when I said both of us do not like vege:

I truly enjoyed dinner that day. Apart from the laughs and talking from A-Z, I feel something different. I noticed it happened after my trip to BKK.

Everytime I see him, he somehow manages to make my feelings for him grow a little more. Is it the way I feel that he truly cares or it's because we are somehow very similiar in character? Can this really be happening since they always say opposite attracts. Nobody ever said similiar attracts *LOL*

It's weird..... No it's not weird..... It's somehow nice. I do wonder how much feelings can grow into...

Friday, 27 March 2009

Fight to the finish

I'm beginning to worry when i see the fixtures list. Many tough games coming up.

Good luck MU !!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Some things in common

Over lunch today my Libra boy asked me:

"Have you adapted to the idea of having someone around you?"

Hmm....... Good question....

With "ex-es", there's usually a period of time to slowly adjust to each other's activities. Especially when both have different interests.

I never really have to try hard to adapt with him. He is easy to be with.

The major plus point is of course the fact that we are both MU fanatics. I do not have to feel like I am the "MALE" in the relationship. It's just weird when your bf sits next to you and tries to understand what's going on at the match and naming some famous players like Ronaldo or Rooney. After a month or shorter, they will usually start to get bored and change channels during half time. HEY! I wanted to hear what the football focus people say and check out the other team's result!

At the 2nd month, it gets worse. They will read some magazines (flipping the pages LOUDLY) and give you dirty looks once in a while. After every 15 minutes or so, they will ask "How long more?". Why can't they see the time on the top right or left hand corner of the screen? Actually come to think of it, I think that they do know but are just hoping that by asking, I will stop watching and let them watch their HBO or some crappy taiwanese game show.

Give and take, sometimes I will have to miss matches. But now I don't have to re-schedule my weekend nights ever just because my bf doesn't watch football. I must say, it is a very nice change to be able to post mortem about the match or share the joy of a victory.

Other plus points includes the fact that both of us do not fancy much vege and likes happy hours. This is really great. There's nobody nagging me while I eat or drink!

So yeah, it's kinda nice and I am looking forward to see what other suprising things we have in common.....

Friday, 20 March 2009

Why I Hate School Mates Gathering

1. The Venue
After exchanging like 50 - 100 emails, nobody can decide on the venue. Everyone wants to have it their way. One of the worst excuses I ever heard:

"My bf/hubby/in-laws will not allow me to go that far..."

2. The time/day
This is as bad as the first. Some want to accompany their families during weekends so they make it a weekday but the other career women are just too tied up with work and are only available after 10pm. If someone propose a time like 7pm, there will be havoc on the venue and the traffic jams. People in PJ will complain about the traffic in KL and vice versa.

3. The topic
It's always about comparing successes be it personal or work.

It is already very difficult to please a large group of people; it is even harder to please a large group of girls who each think they are more successful than the other. Of course not all of them are like that but there's a couple of them whom I would really like to take a cane and smack them on the head. Whatever places or timing that was suggested, they will be the first to make noise. Hence the 50 or so emails...

I have been "reading" the progress of the current proposed gathering with interest because the last one ended quite dramatically with one of my close friends brawling with an acquaintance. You know how it is in school - you are close to A who is close to B who is close to C and so forth...that's how so many people ended up on the list.

It has been 2 weeks and still no time/venue is confirmed. The last reply was:

"Shall I bring my children...?"

It's kinda tiring to go into my hotmail daily to delete the replies. C'mon.... Decide already!!! Whoever can make it just turn up..!!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Who's better?

So........after 3 days, those Poo fans are still ecstatic about their "thrash" which is understandable as they have not won the title for so long, a thrashing of the MU team must be their best moment in the EPL history.....

Original posted by micht at 2009-3-17 06:52 PM
"Aiyah don't be so angry lah .... Liverpool better than Man U this season so don't get angry lah !!"

I am not even angry. Embarassed by their performance more like.

But take a look at the table:

I rest my case =)

Monday, 16 March 2009

Packing to BKK

I'm finally going to Bangkok this Saturday !!

I have been waiting for this trip since last year October. I am so looking forward to it, although of course I will miss a certain someone...

Anyway I have a problem.

I do not know which bag to bring and what to pack !!

I'm always very bad with packing. I tend to over-pack with clothes I do not need. This time I'd like to make sure it won't happen. I am just going to pack what I need to wear. To hell with looking good. I am just going to eat and shop =)

But then, I would like to take lots of photos, so hmm...have to pack some nice tops. Since I will be there for 4 days, I guess 4 tops should be enough. And a skirt. Plus a jeans. Oh and a dress for that cruise dinner. Also, 3 night tops and shorts. Or should I wear back the same top and shorts for 2 nights. Maybe. But i can't. I do not like to wear back the clothes that I have worn. And my hair !! I can't use those hotel shampoos and conditioners. I like my hair clean. Have to wash everyday. Maybe I'll pack a small shampoo and conditioner and a small shower gel. Hmm what else.... My makeup stuffs, comb & toothbrush?

Actually a few people have been scaring me with the horror stories of Bangkok. The worse one is where they drugged you and take your liver. OK, I am not drinking a single drop of alcohol there. I promise.... And I also promise that I will stick close to my friend like a glue even if I see this gorgeous dress that I want to try on. If my friends says no, they want to go elsewhere, I will follow them.....

Or....... I can pull their hair to the shop that sells that gorgeous dress........ That will be an easy task since all of them have long hair....

Thursday, 12 March 2009

A special trait

One of the qualities I liked about my Libra boy is his humour & intelligence which makes him so damn cute! Ok, that's 2 qualities...

Yeah yeah. I know I am still at the top of the clouds up there and whatever he does is funny and cute but it's different. And you can always tell that it's different when it is.

I can never guess what he is thinking or what he will say next which is a nice surprise. Being too predictable is boring right? Yes, sometimes I do know what he is up to next but even during these times, he can still manage to twist the actual turnaround of events !! God knows how much I need these kind of laughters in this section of my life after the horrible stuffs I have to put up with during my 9-6.

He is turning out to be someone very special to me indeed.

Oh! Did I mention he is an MU fan as well? LOL

Through to the Quarters

Manchester United 2 - Inter Milan 0.

Mr Jose Mourinho... u were saying.... ???

Monday, 9 March 2009

Marley & me

My first movie date with Libra boy.....!

I wasn't expecting this to be a movie about a labrador. If i had known........
(*note!!! spoiler ahead - stop reading if u havent watch the movie*)

......that Marley will die at the end, I would have watched Seven Pounds.

See, I have this thing about dog dying in's because I love dogs and whenever I see a dog dying in the movie, my tears will flow automatically.

So embarassing...!!! First movie date somemore.. ....but of course i diverted my attention abit, trying not to concentrate on what Owen Wilson or Jen Anniston was saying or watching their facial expression, or else I will need more than a pack of tissue....and come across as a bloody emotional freak.....not to mention my ruined mascara....

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Cupid in town


how to write out my feelings....

i miss him even tho its only abt 12 hours since we last met..

i am even checking out our horoscope compatibility, something which only kids do....ha ha ha

Leo Woman & Libra Man

This match has very good possibilities for lasting love. Your creative sides will work well together, as the Libra boy has a true flair for the dramatic. He is also the most romantic of all the male zodiac signs. A Libra boy will make a big deal about Valentine’s Day and you can expect him to come up with all sorts of creative ways to let you know he cares. He will put you at center stage, and you will love it. Your generous, affectionate nature also matches well with his strong need for attention. Truthfully, you are both attention addicts, but you should be able to satisfy each other’s needs. You also share a strong physical chemistry that makes that side of your relationship sizzle. A great love match for you.Leo girl and Libra boy don't just walk into a room, they OWN it. Between your collective good looks and social charms, you're a true power pairing. Your best strength as a team lies in your ability to communicate with each other on virtually any topic. It's a rare relationship gift, so treasure and protect it.

die.... i think i m falling fast............