Thursday, 30 October 2008

Wireless surfing

I finally have wireless @ home.

It all started last weekend when I saw 2 black cats crossing the road. I know I'm superstitious but bad things always happen when I see black cats. The next day at about 4am I heard a funny sound.


Ignoring it, I tried to sleep back but the images of those cats kept fleeting through my mind. I immediately got up and saw that my Acer laptop is drowning in a pool of water leaked by my lousy air cond. Of course it is spoilt now although I tried to bluff myself that not much water went in.

Anyway, now i have to use my office laptop and after a few days of frustration trying to connect to Streamyx using different modems and configuration and talking with lousy technicians at the 1300 88 1515 number, I decided enough is enough. I'm going to get myself a new modem with wireless router and ask my engineers at work to configure it for me so that all I have to do is "PLUG and PLAY"

Voila! I now have wireless.

No horrible cables all around my room.

I can surf anywhere in my house.

Downstairs, upstairs, outside, kitchen, toilet etc etc.

YaY =)


Aaron Tan said...

shitting also can surf!

Soba said...

How much it cost you huh?
I want to get one too

Corinne said...

juz buy a wireless modem router..mine is rm190 =)