Friday, 31 August 2007

UEFA Champions League Draw

United are drawn into:

Group F
Manchester United
AS Roma
Sporting Lisbon
Dynamo Kiev

Tough Draw.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer's Retirement

The baby faced assasin who wears the no.20 shirt at Manchester United has announced his retirement. He was one of my favourite player and one of those that has been around since the day I started supporting the team. Solksjaer's most memorable moment must be at Nou Camp, 1999 during the Champions League Final when he headed the winning goal in.
Thank You for all the goals and contribution for United. We will miss you and good luck at your coaching career at Old Trafford.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Manchester United wins their first match

"Phewwww " must be the sentiment on most of the MU fans around the world after the final whistle blew at Old Trafford last night. It has been a terrifying 90 mins after all the top 3 teams have won their matches on Saturday. I don't think I can bear to hear another taunt why my team is lying at the bottom of the table after 4 matches.

United started the game at 19th place (CAN YOU IMAGINE ?? 19th PLACE !! )

The first half didn't produce any heart stopping on target attempt, probably because of the lack of attacking force we currently have on the team, OR it was because Tevez is still crap. Dunno why, I'm not taken by him. And if the press/rumours is right, I will welcome Berbatov, though when Rooney is fit, I do not know what will happen then.

This 1 striker thingy does not work. How many times have I sat through the matches over the past few years, fuming & at the end frustrated at this formation. It may work for Arsenal (coz they had the brilliant Henry) and other European teams, but it's a no no for MU. Yes, there's currently no strikers because Saha is still having his long injury holiday (how many matches have this guy actually played? ) but maybe can slot in Eagles to partner Tevez, see how that will turn out?

Nani was not really brilliant, some exaggerated play acting (flashes of Ronaldo when he first played) but nice goal indeed. And Thank You.

We needed the win badly.

Up next is Keano's team. I'll stand by United of course, but damn, Keano was one of my favourite.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Horror Date No 1

Being single is quite fun. You get to go out any time, any day, anywhere, everything's just so flexible and you do not have to report to your other half or ask for permission to go out somewhere....

And the best thing is you get to blog about your horror dates :D

This is a classic horror date.

i met this "Singaporean" at one of those boring seminars and after some small introductory chat he asked if I will be kind enough to take him out for dinner as he doesn't know anybody in town blah blah blah. Since I wasn't relishing the idea of going back at 6pm with the traffic out there, I agreed.

We went to Matrix at Phileo Damansara. He ordered a bottle of Chivas and some food and here's some conversation:

S: I have my own accounting firm.
C: Oh thats great. And you're still so young.
S: If you want, you can come and work for me. i wanna open a branch at JB. I'll provide you with a car and condo. How much are you earning now?
C: around 8k (bluff one lah - he boast mah)
S: i can give you double the amount. I'll pay you in Sing Dollars.

does he think he is with a 16 yr old girl ???


C: Thx for ur offer but im happy with my job here
S: (pouring a noticeable large amount of whiskey to my drink) I'm serious you know. If you want we can discuss this later .

I don't believe this. Does every Singaporean thinks that Malaysian girls will fall at their feet when they hear the word "condo" or "car".

Then, he keep pouring more and more whiskey on my drink and keep boasting about how successful he is.


C: Are you taking the flight back after the seminar?
S: No i came here by bus.

WHAT ? So succesful with own accounting firm, own a few properties, a few cars but still got to take the BUS ????

Accurately predicting my thoughts he said:
S: I can afford anytime. I've been to Europe, USA and practically everywhere. It's the time taken to travel. It's easier to take the bus to Malaysia.

Hmm....perhaps. But STILL ???

After about one hour or more I couldn't stand his boasting anymore and he kept trying to get me drunk, the idiot. I made some crappy excuse to leave. He was staying at East-In hotel and i had to show him the way to go back. During the walk, this creature possesed him:

Damn..!!! You wouldn't believe where his hands travelled. I quickly shoved him off and left. He shouted:

S: Hey, don't you wanna come up for coffee?

What the %$#@ ?? Is this some kind of TVB drama ? Is someone filming this ?? I didn't bother to answer and kept walking to my car, nervously glancing back to see if he was following. When i reach my car, my mobile rang. It was a private number.

S: Hey, it's Singaporean. You left "something" with me.
C: What is it?
S: Come to my room. I show you
C: Goodbye

2 minutes later, he called again. This time i didn't pick up. And he kept ringing. He even used the hotel phone to call me. I recognise the "7954 XXXX" number.

What a nightmare. Next time, give me the traffic jam.

Monday, 20 August 2007


its the manchester derby nite...and MU hv lost 1 -0 to a much improved Sven Goran Erickson's team....tevez & nani played badly but on a small consolation, hargreaves played very well....

Anyway, i remember how i came to support MU....
and i remember after every win and after every loss.....
especially matches involving arsenal & liverpool and at one point, the derby matches matters too...

it doesnt help that playing on the radio on my drive back home....
"someday u will pay the bills with the guitar.....and we will have the life we want...???

it juz relli hits me now at this hour.
but time to move on....ages ago actually....

this one's for u... CHEERS :)

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Which language did you chose?

Did u ever notice that the first language you use to communicate with another person will be the primary language for future communications ?

Blessed we are at this multi-lingual country, no matter what, when you first speak to someone using English, it will be your choice of language when you next spoke to him/her even when both of you are speaking a different language to other people in a group. You can even mix and use rojak language, English + Canto + Malay etc but when you turn to face him again, it will be English.

Funny isnt it ?

Friday, 17 August 2007

Jaya Supermarket closing down ?

Jaya Shopping Centre (formerly Jaya Supermarket)

I had an appointment at sec 19 earlier and as it finished early (plus im lazy to go back to office) I went to Jaya wanting to buy a replacement grip for my squash racquet.

When i arrived there, I was shocked to see the shop's no longer open. And loads of others like Glad Sounds, Pineapple Computer Shop all closed.....WHAT HAPPEN? Is Jaya closing down? That cant be coz i saw a newly opened Adidas sports shop there.


Anyway i started walking around and memories came flying back to me. Suddenly i was transported back to a long, long time ago when this naive teenager with ponytails and in her school uniform was walking around laughing and joking with her friends at these very same floors EVERY FRIDAY.

I remember eating cheeseburger at the MCds opposite before going to Jaya for a few rounds of bumper cars. I remember meeting my "date" from bukit bintang school on a friday and going to the sports shop coz he wanted to buy some stuffs. I remember going to Glad Sounds with some of the youth church members and buying presents for a Christmas event.

I guess they're revamping the place.

Well I hope it will create the same memories for the current PJ school students like it did for me. Or are they hanging around at Mid Valley nowadays ??

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Manchester United draws their first two matches


Manchester United 0 - Reading 0
Portsmouth 1 - Manchester United 1

And to top it all, we have lost Rooney for 2 mths and Ronaldo for 3 matches. It's no wonder this poll was created on soccernet today:

Next match is with Manchester City without our top two players, with tevez who still need time to fit in and hopefully, hopefully Owen Hargreaves can start this Sunday.

c'mon the derby !!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

To all the avid fans of this blog there will be updates by this weekend. No, I am not extremely busy with work or going clubbing nightly... im juz lazy to upload the photos and compile them nicely... I have written drafts for the "complicated love" and "bday celebration" and also a blog abt "nosey ppl" & i promise ill publish them by this weekend. Sorry for the long wait.

- Author of Cookie's Quill -

*mr patrick, u may stop sending sms/email to my personal account/email to my work (oi ...wanna die ar ? later my boss thinks i blog wen im spose to be processing orders..summore put the FONT so not blind !! ) .... :D

Saturday, 11 August 2007

A year older

it's my birthday and ill smoke if i want

i went to work as usual (yes i work on saturdays...bummer...) and i found this waiting for me:

with a packet of chee cheong fun & indocafe coffee (ran out of nescafe). Thks a lot guys :D

then around 11am i received this:

thank u for remembering :)

My lunch was spent with a nice fren who treated me to the la gourmet house. This time i had the lamb stew and duck bruchetta and foot long sausage - pls go try them - highly recommended.

We also had my favourite Caramel Macchiato coffee at Starbucks gossiping away.

After the fattening lunch my long term buddy called me:

E: Have you decided where we are going tonite??
C: Subang Jaya
E: huh?? which club is nice there?
C: (gave her my house jalan and no)
E: %$#@!!! let's go bangsar lah
C: lazy lah....i wanna zzz
E: i will be arriving at 7pm
C: come lah... i'll be wearing shorts only
E: suit u...dunt blame me when the guys ogle at ur topless attire.
C: %$#@!!
E: thou shall not swear on ur birthday HA HA HA

In the end, a couple of us went to a friend's place and on the table were all my favourite food: kFC, nachos with loads and loads of cheese, salmons with loads and loads of wasabis and lots and lots of WINE

i love spending birthdays with some of my favourite people in this world.

Thank You :)

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Falling in Love Part I

It's so easy to fall in love when you were in school or college. Here's why:

John met this cute girl in the school bus. Her name is Jane.
Jane caught John looking at her and smiled shyly.
They talk. Numbers exchange.

During a telephone call:
John: Want to go to Jaya (section 14) tommorow?
Jane: (giggling) OK.

During the date:
John: Are you coming to our campfire this saturday?
Jane: (giggling) Yes.
John thinking to himself: such a cute girl when she giggle.
Jane thinking to herself: OMG he is so cute.

During another telephone call:
John: I got something to ask you.
Jane: (pause) what ? ask-lah
John: (pause)
Jane: ask-lah
John: I like you.
Jane: (giggling) I like you too (giggling)
John: So we go steady ar?
Jane: (giggling) ok lor.

So simple.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Carrot Juice

Never in my life will I eat any type of greens when it is not necessary. I'm a "carnivore". When my mum or grandma nag, I'll entertain them by taking one small miserable leaf and when i eat it, my face will look like its the most horrible thing i have ever put into my mouth. Hey, theyre bitter OK...The only type of greens i enjoy eating are Cauliflowers & Brocolli. I think they're cute looking.... i'm not mad...My body juz refuse to allow me to eat the other types of veg. (a lame excuse).

Therefore, it is with great surprise and to the astonishment of even myself that I ordered this glass of carrot juice yesterday night. I have been been totally off cigarettes for almost a week now. And i am eating alot more plus i am eating vegetables. Can you imagine ? What is happening to me ? Carrot juice ? i remember when my fren ordered that in mamak 10 years ago and i looked at it disgustingly thinking how anyone can drink that. All my frens now think that i am dating a health gym instructor or something (and for the last time to all my well meaning frens, I am NOT seeing a health freak so geroff my back pls....) They can't believe this. I dunt blame them. Neither can I ...

Monday, 6 August 2007

Manchester United wins the CHARITY SHIELD

Edwin Van De Sar saved all three of Chelsea's spot kicks as the REDS lifted the Community Shield on a sweltering day at Wembley. The Dutch stopper showed strong arms to beat out efforts from Claudio Pizzaro, Frank Lampard & Shaun Wright Phillips before Wayne Rooney tucked in United's third to cap a strong performance. Rio Ferdinand and Michael Carrick also converted from 12 yards. The win gave United a 12th Community Shield victory and the Reds' first since 2003. (excerpt fr

its a very very SWEET revenge for the FA Cup finale last the entire MU staff was onli in t-shirts and shorts while Mourinho was in formal attire - tie & he was expecting an easy win and to lift the trophy later.....i dunt care if its a "charity" shield....a win's a WIN.....:D

and no i do not relli care the taunts from other team's fans that it will b the onli cup we will win this season ..... say watever u want...the moment's ours at this time...

Welcome to Old Trafford again to Owen Hargreaves ( i am still so looking forward to watch u play), Nani & Anderson.....and Tevez ?

Friday, 3 August 2007


Isn't it a great feeling when you got back in touch with a long lost friend? There's just too many things to catch up on.

Ironically I have been going through some old stuffs a couple of weeks ago and was thinking where and what you are doing.

When my friend casually mentioned about this handsome sweet talker guy she met yesterday I immediately knew it had to be you coz let's face it, there are not many with your name and those corny lines you dished out....ha ha ha....sry mate there goes ur reputation....