Monday, 19 May 2008

A snake in my house !!

I was in my room, trying to read when i heard the commotion. There were shouts everywhere and i heard kids gleefully running about. Umm ... it's like 11pm ? What happened? Is there a fire or what ? And suddenly, the shouts became louder and i heard a man calling out to my grandmother : "Aunty, pls open the door, we saw a snake went into your house! "

I immediately felt a cold chill. What the ............. ? A SNAKE ??! SNAKE ??! Did someone juz shout SNAKE ? I must have heard wrongly. Why in the world will a SNAKE appear out of nowhere (there's no jungle near my house). Okay, i have to stop writing the word in capital letters. It creeps me out. But like i was saying, a snake in a house ? How ? Why ?

You know how i feel about snakes !!!!! It's my biggest fear !!! I quickly dialled my mobile downstairs to my grandmother but i think she couldn't hear it ringing over the shouts. Yeah, i know it's quite pathetic of me but i am really & truthfully extremely scared of snakes. I decided to sit on my bed and wait there with a few clothes hanger ready to beat the crap out of the stupid snake should it slither into my room. I also had all my perfumes ready to spray it blind. The only sharp object in my room are my tiny eyebrow scissors (fat load of help that will do) so i decided that i may need to sacrifice my Irish Whiskey. All i have to do is break it (sobs) and ta da !, i have a sharp glass to cut the thing into pieces. If all this fails, I am jumping down from the balcony. I have already opened the door.

Anyway, after about 5 minutes, the anxiety was killing me, so i chanced a walk down the stairs (only halfway) and called out to my grandma (still hoping that maybe it's not a snake - i must have heard wrongly). She was apparently too excited to even hear me and the kids were all still screaming: " snake!! snake!!" With all the courage I could muster & also I am particularly worried about my grandmother getting bitten or something (my mum will never forgive me if anything happen to her), I walked slowly to the entrance of the kitchen. I saw my neighbour struggling with the grills and finally i think he caught it and threw it to the plastic bag. Don't ask me how it look like. The moment i saw my neighbour's hand on that thing, i ran for it.

Anyway, i stood in the middle of the stairs waving and gratefully thanking my neighbours, all the while keeping my eyes away from that "thing" . One look out of the window, i saw the entire street of neighbours all watching the "action". For gods sake, what time do people sleep nowadays ? It's like 11pm ??!

Dun't ask for pictures. No way am i getting close to that "thing". I hope they killed it. I dun't want any nasty surprises on top of my car or underneath. Oh crap. Now i'm gonna have a nightmare later.

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