Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Why long time never blog ?

A few people messaged and ask why they are still reading the 'water in the ear' post.

Because : I AM VERY BUSY !!

My work load is never ending and amazingly piles up more and more when the clock nears 6pm.

Here's how my typical work day looks like:

9am - 12pm - @ office finishing some quotes, check emails or training/meeting/seminars

12 - 2pm - Lunch, sometimes with customers, sometimes out with bosses to 'strategize' or 'plan' or at some seminars networking

2pm - 6pm - meetings/training/seminars/quotations/proposals/emails

6pm - 9pm - if i am lucky i get to go to the gym, otherwise it is meeting/proposals/quotes/emails.

10pm - reach home, check emails one last time before going to bed. (There seems to be a new mail every 5 minutes)

At my last job, I usually reached home at 5.30pm! What a huge difference huh?

But so far I am enjoying my job, there is definately job satisfaction though in sales, it's unpredictable. The best thing I can say is I no longer have some aunty breathing down my neck every second and complaining why I am always late or creating stories for personal satisfaction. I'd rather work like this then to ever ever face that aunty again.

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Aaron Tan said...

good for you ler. hehe...