Thursday, 10 July 2008

Please do something nice for your IT department !!

Some of the big corporations in KL have a really sad IT department. They are all popular companies with millions of profit. I do not understand why they permit their IT staff to work at those type of environment. Almost all of them are located at an isolated spot of the company or at some back alley and most of them are filled with old furniture and A4 documents sky high. I saw one with this really old fashioned cabinet (from the 80s) which is probably filled with white ants and spiders and perhaps cockroaches.

I know they are the back end people, but please, they are the ones who keeps your applications running smoothly so that you can do your daily work and troubleshoot your IT troubles. Have some respect for them.

I was so glad to be rid of the department and back to my own office. Although it is nothing to shout about, at least it is clean.

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