Wednesday, 2 April 2008

My knee injury

This is how my knee look like one week after the squash injury. Looks horrible doesn't it ? Whenever i look at it, I reminisce about my childhood. You know how when ur a kid, ur always falling down on tar road and having wounds like this. Then, a few days later when u go out to play games like "police & thief", u will fall down at exactly the same spot making the wounds even worse & sometimes filled with pus. That was what happened to me. No lah, i didn't play "police & thieft" but i was being so very careful trying not to hurt my wounds that i trip on the office stairs and BAM! direct hit on my injuries.

However instead of screaming with pain, I was actually laughing remembering my childhood friends and the fun we used to have. My collegues were asking if I hit my head during the fall. But yeah, its funny that a thing like this can happen after so many years. Anyway the wounds are healing fine and right now I am itching to peel off the black layer. First of all, I will peel off bit by bit at the side then slowly move to the center... Now, isn't that the fun part of falling down ? he he...

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