Friday, 11 April 2008

Blood for Sale

The throbbing pain on my neck is always a tell tale sign that I am highly stressed. The first time I got it i thought it was because of too much time spent in front of my lappie, which was partially true coz i was spending 10 hours on proposals, quotes and network diagrams and when i go home, I log on to chat with my friends. However, over the years i noticed that whenever I am stressed, I get very little sleep, which doesn't help coz it will only magnify ur stress levels 10x. I learned to balance this with relaxation stuffs like yoga, squash, shopping, massages or simply gossiping with my girlfriends.

Why am i stressed ? Is it too much work? YES !!! There's so many all day meetings & loads to do. But you know what is the worse part - I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE MY MARCH SALARY !!!!! There's bills to pay and allowances to family. They have been pestering and planting negative thoughts on my mind.

"Why they havent pay you? Are they going bankrupt?"

"How can like that? It's already half month. Will they pay your April Salary together? How about your commision?"

"Why you so bad luck join this company? Better go look for another job lah, quickly go apply now"


I asked my collegues and apparently this delay is normal . They are already immuned to not getting their salary for 1 - 2 months. OH MY GOD !!! 1 - 2 mths !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to sell my blood. Any takers ?


SR215 said...

I'll take a pint or two. :D

sr215 @

Corinne said...

1 pint = rm2000
1/2 pint = rm1000