Monday, 9 June 2008

My Thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo

Speculation has been rife over the winger's future with quotes attributed to him claiming he wants to join Real Madrid.

After helping Portugal to a 2-0 victory over Turkey in their opening game at Euro 2008, Ronaldo again reiterated his desire not to discuss his future until after the tournament.

"I haven't decided yet about my future," he insisted. "I'll only do that after the European Championships are over."

I'm getting kinda sick of reading this ronaldo leaving or staying news.

First there was Heinze who wanted to join Liverpool (of all teams ??! ) and now another one.

If he wants to leave, just go. Leave now !!! Ask Real Madrid to fax a copy of his new contract for him to sign and kindly deposit the sales $$$ to MU.

MU don't need this kind of player. From the time he pushed Rooney (yep, i've not forgiven him), we can see what kind of person he is. Actually come to think of it, from the time he wore the no 7 jersey, I've not liked him. He took Beck's number !! Let's groom another no 7 legend. This one, better sell off quickly. Portugese - Big headed & big mouth (like Mourinho). GO QUICKLY !

Such disloyalty.

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chilicandy said...

ya... i'm tired of this guy also..
He's got no loyalty in his blood at all...
Beckham is way better than him !