Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Increase of Petrol Price

I am fuming. Not because our PM announced that our petrol price will be increased to 2.77 per litre. It's because of the long bloody queue at each petrol station in the entire PJ area. C'mon you people. I am sure most of you do not have a bloody empty tank. BUT I DO !!!

Is it not enough that there's floods everywhere in PJ today causing a massive jam all over? Where do you guys find the patience to wait again? Gimme a break. I have an almost empty tank and I have an early event to attend tommorow. I can't even make a single wrong turn near any of the stations. God knows how long I will be stuck there.

I really can't believe how KIASU people have become. Yes, I know it's a hell lot of increase but really! You can only save like half or one tank. What will you do after midnight ? Don't use the car anymore?

Now i have to wake up one hour earlier tommorow just to feed my car. %$#@ !!

And you know what, everything else will increase after tommorow. Food & drinks & air tickets & etc etc. Why dun't you people go stock up quickly at Carrefour or Tesco too ??

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