Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Gym Part 1

I've joined California Fitness !

With all the food I've been eating since last Monday, I thought I better join a gym.

I've already been warned by many people that they will try to sign u on the highest package. The consultant I am supposed to see was sick so they assigned Miss Nice Salesgirl to show me around. Then they did a Body Composition Analysis on me and I found out that my arms are "weak"plus I have a fitness score of 71% which is considered "GOOD" but not "Excellent". I also have 28.8% of fats in my body which is OVER THE NORMAL distribution. So yeah, I need to do lots of stretching and dunno what type of training lah (forgot d)

Anyway, she quoted me rm192 per month for the Platinum Package where I can also exercise at their other branches. Wow, that's way too expensive!! I dun't need to go other branches. It will be a miracle if I can make it 3 times a week to this current branch.

She then offered to reduce to rm160 per month but have to pay joining & processing fee. I called my colleagues and they told me not to sign up coz that's expensive and they're suppose to have a corporate rate for us. So i told Miss Nice Salesgirl I am not joining and she said :

"If you dun't join today, the price will increase the next time you come in"

I replied:

"You already said got promotions every month wot, who knows maybe next month u all decrease to rm60 per mth??! "

She say there wont be any gyms offering such a low price, bla bla bla....

I told her NO. I will come back another time.

Abit desperate, she told me: "Ok lah, I give u this very special "student" discount. No joining or processing fee. Just pay RM129 per month, but the catch is you can only go on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun or Tues, Thurs & Sat"

I was thinking that I won't go the the gym everyday so why not ? I signed up. I asked for the free bag but she refused saying it's only for their long term customers. The only thing I got was a water bottle. Lucky she gave me red color.

So here I go. From 1 July, I'm gonna work out and burn those fats !

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