Friday, 6 June 2008

My Food Schedule

Let me summarise what I have been eating/drinking during my first working week.

Milo Ais + Egg Sandwich for breakfast, Wan Tan Mee for lunch, Toasted bread & Milo Ais for tea.

Nandos Chicken with Potato Salad & Fries & a cup of COKE

Nasi Lemak & Milo Ais for Breakfast, Melaka Chicken Ball Rice with Black bean Soup for Lunch. Milo Ais again for tea. Coke & 100 plus while waiting for customer.

Cookies & 2 cups of teh tarik for breakfast. Nasi Lemak for coffee break b4 lunch time.
Penang Curry laksa at newly opened outlet at 1U for lunch.

Fried meehoon with egg & Milo Panas for breakfast. Lunch was a bun with lots of butter, Chicken soup, Lamb Chop with Fries & Cheesecake + 2 cups of teh tarik.

OK I NEED TO SIGN UP TO A GYM ASAP. The problem now is, True Fitness @ USJ or California Fitness @ Pyramid ???

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Aaron Tan said...

fuck true fitness. it's singapore biggest scam of the century! just join california in pyramid lah.