Saturday, 27 October 2007


I dont like cats. Especially black ones. There's a myth that if you see a black cat it's bad luck.

I don't find them friendly or loyal at all. They roam around day and night, where is the relationship bonding with their owners? You can't take them out for walks either, they like to climb things. Show offs...!! I think they're lazy, arrogant, proud & sort of evil. It's the look they have on their face, you know what i mean ?

There was this incident which heighten my dislike for them. I brought my puppy (he was 3 mths old) to the playground for a walk and let him have a free rein. 10 minutes later I saw him running back to me and there was this cat chasing after him. What the.....??! He was still loyal and brave enough to stand in front of me apparently trying to protect me but this cat was so much bigger size and kept hissing at my poor puppy who must be wondering why his "friend" makes funny noises. That time my puppy's bark was like a mouse , soft and high-pitched. I guess it didn't have any impact on her at all (Maybe she thought my puppy was a white cat)

Anyway, I tried to "shoo" the cat away but she was not afraid of me either. She kept wanting to claw at us and all the time hissing. WE KENA BULLIED !! In the end i had to throw a stone, not at her, but aiming at her direction to scare her away. She was pregnant lah, otherwise I would have thrown it directly at her.

Last nite, i was going up to bed when I heard some scratching noise outside. I turn on the lights and to my annoyance I saw this:

The nerve of that cat. Just lying on top of my car happily licking and "showering" itself. We stared at each other for a full 10 seconds. It continued to lie there and only went away SLOWLY after I threaten to go outside (just jingle the house keys abit).

See how arrogant and proud they are?

p/s: i dunt like kittens either but i'm ok with tigers & lions :)


T!M said...

Pregnant animals have a tendency to protect their unborn offspring lah. By the way, I suspect your puppy is gay ... find a boyfriend so the poor little one can learn some manhood!

I hate cat's defiant look too!

Keith said...

I don't like cats too. I think cats are like some lady. Arrogant and proud. No offence ya cookie ;-) you are not some lady.

I think dog are better. More loyal and obedient.

Even you feed the cat. When you call for them sometime, they won't come to you. What give?

My house got some stray cats too. Bloody hell got one even sit on my car and scratch it. Ouch! My car. I haven't send for polish already kena. Damn pussy!

Anyway, I don't like pets :P very ma fan one.

Corinne said...

yes, pets are quite ma fan and their doctor's fees is sky high but the reward is you have a best friend who is always there for you,someone who welcome you home happily everyday and stays loyal to you :)

i think i wanna go spca and adopt a puppy spitz...hmmm..

if anybody got any white spitz puppy pls let me know :)

Keith said...

go go go Corinne. There's a lot in SPCA but don't know got pup or not.

Pup is like baby. It's fun to play with when belongs to other people. Haha. But I don't mind the trouble if it's my own kid.

Amanda said...

corinne...u want puppy??...there's one for adoption...interested? else i will cook it...