Sunday, 16 September 2007

Everton 0 - Manchester United 1

ya lah ya lah...another single-goal triumph but it's good enough to take them to third place and it's good enough for all the Man Utd fans all there, considering there was no striker to finish all the perfect crosses from midfield. Well, it's not as perfect as when David Beckham was there, but they did conquer the midfield, as the possession percentage will tell you.

It's also not much difference from the first 5 games. They needed a set-piece to score, this time from a corner and Vidic (so handsome btw) headed it in. Tevez did have a moment when he could have scored a magnificent goal from far away and make up for all his crappy performances earlier. To be fair to him, I guess he made a difference in the midfield. We do conquer the midfield. But we need strikers. Saha was brilliant when he came in. Nice control.

Our defence was great. Rio, Vidic, Brown & Evra & Van De Sar - Nice

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