Friday, 20 March 2009

Why I Hate School Mates Gathering

1. The Venue
After exchanging like 50 - 100 emails, nobody can decide on the venue. Everyone wants to have it their way. One of the worst excuses I ever heard:

"My bf/hubby/in-laws will not allow me to go that far..."

2. The time/day
This is as bad as the first. Some want to accompany their families during weekends so they make it a weekday but the other career women are just too tied up with work and are only available after 10pm. If someone propose a time like 7pm, there will be havoc on the venue and the traffic jams. People in PJ will complain about the traffic in KL and vice versa.

3. The topic
It's always about comparing successes be it personal or work.

It is already very difficult to please a large group of people; it is even harder to please a large group of girls who each think they are more successful than the other. Of course not all of them are like that but there's a couple of them whom I would really like to take a cane and smack them on the head. Whatever places or timing that was suggested, they will be the first to make noise. Hence the 50 or so emails...

I have been "reading" the progress of the current proposed gathering with interest because the last one ended quite dramatically with one of my close friends brawling with an acquaintance. You know how it is in school - you are close to A who is close to B who is close to C and so forth...that's how so many people ended up on the list.

It has been 2 weeks and still no time/venue is confirmed. The last reply was:

"Shall I bring my children...?"

It's kinda tiring to go into my hotmail daily to delete the replies. C'mon.... Decide already!!! Whoever can make it just turn up..!!

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Soba said...

Ha Ha
Somehow they have all become fickle. Its a disease you know :-)