Sunday, 29 July 2007

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

The final of the Harry Potter series. I have been waiting for this book eagerly for almost 2 years. Well from my first post you know that I've won the book but when the book was released on 21st July 2007, i couldnt resist buying a copy of my own first. The best thing is Carrefour/Tesco was selling the book for RM69.90, so much cheaper than buying from the major bookstores - RM109.90.

So i went to Carrefour Subang Jaya but it was sold out and the next shipment will be in two weeks time. Ok nevermind there's still MPH at Subang Parade. I walked across in the rain, yes it was raining quite heavily...and when i reached MPH (all drenched and water dripping from my clothes) there was a notice pasted on the glass window that they are not selling the book as a boycott to those hypermarkets selling it at a much cheaper price. %$#@!&.... !!!!!!
One salesguy approached me and ask me to sign a petition for the boycott and I told him ill sign if he can sell me the book there and then. No can do.
Fine fine, I went home, made a few calls to borders to check and all of them have sold out their copies of Harry Potter..... die lah....i wanna read the damn book !!!! Where did all these potter fans come out from anyway.....??

I finally got the book from Tesco in Puchong. I think I'll leave my review for the next post. This post is getting too long. Didnt know that I'm so long-winded.

Oh by the way, I got my free book last Wednesday, the 25th July. The copy i bought from Tesco have already been sold to a nice guy who bought me ice cream. And, those major bookstores have lifted the ban and started selling the book.

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