Thursday, 10 February 2011

Why men do not post any of their wives photos?

I just wonder why some men do not post any photos of their wives on their facebook page. It is not that they do not know how to, or not bothered to post photos as I see their photo albums full of their children's photos. WHY?

Are they ashamed of how their wife look like now after giving birth to kids? Or they do not want any of their friends to know how their wife look like? Obviously, they can't escape the fact that they are married (coz of the kids photos). Perhaps they want to be known as the "single father"?

Or maybe it is their wife's requests?

I just wonder. Anyone?


Soba said...

Are you talking about me? He He I do not have my wife's pics on facebook. Suddenly i felt that you are talking about me. Perhaps you are talking about men in general..I dont know. As for me I have some conflicts with her and it saddens me because I dont feel I deserve such a right. Its all because of me and my foolishness that it became like that and she is such a true and wonderful women. She bore my children and they have grown to be such wonderful kids and they carry all the characteristics of their mum and I do feel ashamed. I did not even put her name in my facebook. She is wonderful so wonderful......I am sorry I cant say more. Perhaps someday I can share with you more. It hurts Cookie....

SOBA said...

Hi Cookie

Its been sometime now...i hope you are keeping good and that you are enjoying your married life and may God Bless you richly and for all the days to come filled with cheer and good vibes. Happy Easter. Take care

SOBA said...

Cookie can I be added to your face book? Can you tell me your user name in FB. Dont worry I am not a stalker. Just want to be frens.